September 2013 Horoscopes- Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius


Happy birthday virgin, it’s your time to shine! A new moon in your sign on the 5th is beautifully angled to Jupiter in your house of hopes and dreams, suggesting that any  ventures you begin will benefit you for a long time to come. This is extra true if your birthday (or a planet in your natal chart) falls between 8 and 18 degrees of Virgo. Your ruler, Mercury, moves into your second house of income on the 10th, giving you an edge in all matters relating to finances. Be careful on the 9th, when Mars in your 12th house of secrets squares saturn in your 3rd house of communication. You might say something you don’t mean (or do mean, but regret saying). Another day to watch out for is the 16th, when your ruler Mercury in the 2nd squares Uranus in your 8th house and Pluto in your 5th. Love and money won’t mix, and Mars in the mix in your 12th suggests a secret (yours or your lover’s) will be exposed. A full moon in Pisces on the 19th brings your partner front and center. You might make it official or break it off, but with Mars in the 12th just make sure you’re not in a toxic relationship! With Pluto going direct on the 21st, love matters will definitely become more clear. One more day to look out for is the 20th, when your ruler Mercury squares Jupiter in the 11th house. If you lent money to a friend, don’t expect it back. As my dad always says, never lend out anything you can’t live without, because you probably won’t get it back (he has a Scorpio moon, can you tell?) Luckily, the month ends on a high note, with Venus in your 3rd house (Scorpio) beaming lovingly at Jupiter in your 11th. You might get a new car, hear wonderful news about a sibling, sign a contract, or perhaps just take a romantic trip out of town. Sounds like a good time to me!


Rest. It’s a good thing. A new moon on the 5th in your 12th house means that this month may see you laying a little low. Read a book, take a bath, and drink some wine. You have cosmic permission to recuperate and retreat. Because this new moon is so beautifully angled to Jupiter in your 10th house, Libras in a creative profession have a great edge. This would be a great time to finally write that novel you’ve been thinking about. You may not feel like anyone thinks you’re anything special right now, but trust me- important people are watching you and your time will come soon- perhaps even next month! Your ruler, Venus, moves into your 2nd house on the 12th, suggesting now’s a good time to focus on your earning power. Time for a new job? A full moon in your 6th house of work on the 19th might make this a real possibility. Just keep an eye on your health, as you may feel run down around this time. Mars moves through your house of friendship all month and squares Saturn in your income house on the 9th. Money matters might be discouraging at this time (what’s new), but by the end of the month (9/26) your ruler in the 2nd will smile at Jupiter in the 10th, suggesting that you’ll finally get the money and title you deserve. I’m not gonna lie- mid month will be tough for home and partnership matters. On 9/16, Mercury in your sign will oppose Uranus in your partnership house and form a t-square with pluto in your house of home. Yikes. Mars will be fanning the flames from the sidelines like a drunk asshole at a football game. Remember that whole book/wine/bath advice? Yeah, this is a good day for that.


A new moon on the 5th ushers in a fun-filled month of social gatherings. Been planning a trip? This moon is wonderfully angled to Jupiter in your 9th, making it a prime time to travel with friends. Applying to the college or grad school or your dreams? Do it now and make the most out of these gorgeous aspects! On the 9th, Mars in your house of career squares Saturn in your sign. Things may not go according to plan on the work front. Adding to the work stress is the t-sqaure mid month (9/16), when your ruler Pluto in the 3rd will t-square Mercury in your 12th and Uranus in your 6th house. Yikes! Communication with co-workers will be stressful and you might feel like you’re underperforming. Luckily, your ruler, Pluto, goes direct on the 21st, and any slowdowns you’ve been experiencing should speed on up. Also, on the 14th, Venus in your sign will trine Neptune in your house of true love, making love matters melt any work worries away. Even better- the full moon on the 19th in your house of true love crystallizes a matter close to your heart! Is an engagement on the way? Venus will conjunct Saturn in your sign, and sextile your ruler, suggesting this is a  real possibility. Enjoy!


Look at you, big shot! A new moon on the 5th might see you get that long-deserved promotion or perhaps at least some fancy press. Jupiter, your ruler, in your house of other people’s money, tells me you’ll get a nice big fat bonus to go with it. Things might get busy, as mars in your 9th will bring lots of travel. Be careful on 9/9, when mars squares Saturn in your 12th house of secrets. Something could go wrong on a trip. Additionally, mid-month could get a little tricky on the friendship and love front, as mercury and uranus oppose each other and square pluto in your house of income. Luckily, you aren’t in the direct line of fire so you may escape unscathed. Be sure to lend a shoulder to cry on for your not so lucky zodiac pals- Aries, Caps, and Libras, and to a lesser extent Cancers and Leos will feel the heat from this one. On the 20th, friendship and money don’t mix, as mercury in your house of friendship will square your ruler in the 8th. Alternatively, a friendship might go through a radical transformation. A full moon on the 19th will bring a home related matter to conclusion. Are you buying a bigger, better house with your newfound wealth? With Venus in your 12th house trining Neptune in your house of home earlier this month, you may be bidding a bittersweet goodbye to a beloved house. It can be hard to let go of the past, but it’s all for the best. Pluto goes direct on the 21st in your house of income, making money money matters more straightforward.

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  4. […] September 2013 Horoscopes- Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius […]

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