September 2013 Horoscopes- Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo


The new moon on the 5th occurs in your fifth house of true love and creativity. What fun for you! Looking to get pregnant? This is a wonderful aspect. With Jupiter in your 3rd house holding hands lovingly with this new moon, perhaps it will be a sibling who announces a pregnancy. Alternatively, you may have a brilliant idea for a creative project. Trust your hunch and get to work on it. At the very least, this aspect suggests you take a wonderful trip (not too far!) with your love. Why don’t you find a cute little B&B in a nearby town and get to work on that baby making! Mars in your 4th house of home indicates that there’s a lot going on at Chez Bull. Whether it’s renovations, family in town, or just some temper tantrums with your roommates, expect it to last all month. On 9/14, your ruler, Venus, in your partnership sector, makes beautiful music with Neptune in your house of hopes and dreams. Is an engagement on the way? With all the activity involving your home, love life, and family, it’s a serious possibility.  Not to mention the full moon in this same hopes and dreams house on the 19th which will bring something very important to you to a climax. On the same day as the full moon, your ruler Venus will conjunct Saturn in your partnership sector and sextile Pluto in your 9th house. Travel will be divine on this day, and if you’re traveling with a partner, you may just end up with a ring on it! Just be careful mid-month, as mercury in your house of work and health will oppose Uranus in your house of closure, and both will be squared by pluto in your travel house. Work could be stressful, especially if there’s travel or higher education involved. You may feel like you’re underperforming, or a co-worker could be plotting against you. Mars in your house of home is egging it all on and not helping things one bit- you’re feeling the pressure on all sides. The end of the month is a mixed bag. On 9/26, Venus in your partnership sector (I’m focusing on Venus b/c it’s your ruler) will trine jupiter in your 3rd house, and this could be the day you two make things official. Yet on the 28th, mars in your home sector will square venus in your partnership sector, indicating that there may be some arguments. Instead of fighting with your love, why not take that passionate energy and use it between the sheets? My advice? Make love, not war.


The end of August was good for you- your ruler Mercury in your house of home smiled at Jupiter in in your house of income. Perhaps a home loan came through or you got an offer for your house. The home luck continues as a bright new moon on the 5th- arm in arm with Jupiter- illuminates this same sector, making your prospects even brighter.  Watch your tongue on the 9th, when Mars in your communication sector squares Saturn in your work sector. You might have it out with a co-worker or client, or a deal could go awry. Also, watch your damn driving, who are you, Danica Patrick? Mars can make you a bit aggressive on the road rage front, so reign it in. We want to keep you healthy to enjoy the rewards that await you at the end of the month. But first, you gotta get through Sept 16. This day will be tiring for just about every sign. Your ruler, Mercury, will oppose Uranus, pitting your houses of love and friendship against each other and squaring Pluto in your house of other people’s money. Make sure everyone’s paying their way in your world- you’re not an ATM. Luckily, the full moon on the 19th in Pisces brings a career matter to a head. Aiming for a promotion? You just might get it, especially after the kiss Venus in your work sector gave to Neptune in your career sector a few days earlier. This is a big deal- new title, new money. Perhaps some fancy press. This is what you’ve been waiting for.  Just be careful on the 20th when Mercury in your love house squares Jupiter in your money house. Mo money mo problems, amirite? And don’t rub that promotion in too hard with your co-workers. A fight at the end of the month between mars in your communication sector and venus in your work sectors could have colleagues seeing green. Haters gonna hate, enjoy it while you got it!


Lucky little crabby, current star of the zodiac. Early in the month, Jupiter, currently in your sign, links up with the new moon (your ruler!) in your 3rd house of communication. Methinks someone might have their eye on a new car. This would be a great time to sign any contract on the dotted line. Or perhaps a nice little out-of-town jaunt is in order. At the very least, this new moon will serve to make sure your world is going smoothly on a day to day basis. Hey, these days, that would be enough for me. Mars spends the month in your 2nd house, driving up expenses, and on the 12th, venus moves into your house of true love, increasing your chances of meeting someone special. He may not end being Mr. Right, but there’s nothing wrong with a little Mr. Right Now (hubba, hubba). Why not say what the hell and agree to that Jamaican vacation with your new beau? On the 14th, love and travel will be delightful when Venus in your love house beams over to Neptune in your travel house. Good thing too- you’ll need a  distraction from the tug of war going on between your home and career houses mid-month. If you have an S.O, chances are they’re none too happy with the hours you’re spending on the job. Not getting paid what you think you should? Perhaps it’s time to look for another gig. With Jupiter in your sign, this is a great year to branch out. Pluto goes direct on the 21st, which should make partnership matters in love or business a little more clear, and the full moon on the 19th brings a travel or education matter to conclusion. If you applied to the school of your dreams, this might be the time you get your yes or no. With some lovely aspects between your love and partnership houses at the end of the month, your Mr. Right Now just might turn out to be…GASP…Mr. Right.


This months sees to it that you have energy to spare! With Mars in your sign for the first time in years, you have more energy than you know what to do with. How about channeling some of that energy into making some more bones (moolah, scrilla, you get the picture). With the sun (your ruler) in your second house of income for most of the month, you’re in prime position for some cold hard cash. On Sept 5, the new moon in this house makes beautiful music with Jupiter in your 12th house, suggesting money comes from a creative endeavor. Alternatively, lions working in the health sector might get a raise. Just watch out for the 9th when mars in your sign will square saturn in your house of home. Yikes. Mars has a tendency to make you a teensy bit more aggressive than you intend, so be extra sensitive around family members. Another explosive day to watch out for is the 16th, when Mercury in your 3rd house opposes Uranus in your 9th, making travel or education plans go unexpectedly awry.  Pluto in your 6th squares the pair, bringing your workplace or health into the situation. A deal could fall apart at work, or illness could interfere with a vacation. With Mars tripling the power of this t-square with a strong beam, personally I’d hide in bed all day. On the 19th, Venus in your house of home conjuncts Saturn, relieving any tension left over from earlier in the month. Any home decisions at this time will be beneficial. Money is back in the picture on the 19th, when a full moon in your 8th house brings an influx of cash. A bonus or inheritance might be coming your way. On the 26th, Venus in your house of home trines Jupiter in your house of closure. If you need to rest or work on a creative project by yourself, this is a lovely aspect.

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