October 2013 Horoscope- Sagittarius

Sagittarius, the Archer

Sagittarius, the Archer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It appears you’re wrapping up a home-related issue. Did the full moon last month complete a move? If so, your aspects continue to be good in the first few days of October. Mercury in your house of completions trines Neptune in your house of home on the 3rd, so you might be finishing up some last minute paperwork. A new moon on the 5th is proving to be quite a headache for all signs this month. For you, the new moon occurs in your house of hopes and dreams. It’s also the house that rules friendships. Normally this is an excellent place for a new moon- it’s full of happy light energy- anything is possible! Unfortunately, this moon is a real ball buster, opposing Uranus in your fifth house of love, children, and creativity, and squaring Pluto in your house of income. You might be suffering from unnecessary drama in a relationship or fighting about money with a friend, lover, or child. Sagittarius is known for being vocal with their opinions- perhaps you’re getting called out on your tendency to dominate conversations. Another option could be that you’re finally striking it out on your own-perhaps starting your business or deciding to write a novel- instead of falling back on job after job working for “the man.” New endeavors take time, so take any difficulties in stride. None of these are particularly new influences. Pluto entered your income realm in 2008 and has seen to it that you don’t get complacent in money matters. Your financial situation has probably gone through massive ebbs and flows. Additionally, Uranus has been stirring up all kinds of trouble in your 5th house since 2011. Perhaps you got unexpectedly pregnant, or have found yourself falling easily in and out of love. Since June 2012, these two planets have been in a screaming match with each other, bringing these matters to a climax. Luckily, Venus moves into your sign on the 8th, giving you charm in spades. On the 17th, Venus will trine Uranus in your 5th house of true love, making for a sexy fun time with a special beau. If you’re single, you might meet someone out of the blue. Coupled up Sags might be surprised by a romantic gesture from a loved one. This is also a great time to upgrade your wardrobe or appearance- just make sure you do it before Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st. Mercury will be in your 12th house, so you may have to go back and address a previous health or mental issue. Because Mercury rules your 7th and 10th houses, issues with your spouse or employer may come up. Watch out for the 13th, when the Sun in your friendship house will square Jupiter (your ruler) in your house of other people’s money. You may have problems with the financing of a long-term project, or perhaps you’ll have to lend money to a friend. The lunar eclipse on Oct 18th sees a love or creative project come to a climax. You might break it off with a honey or on the flip side, get engaged. Alternatively, you might discover or announce a pregnancy! Mars enters your career sector on the 16th, giving this area a boost of energy. You may get some press or be extra busy impressing VIPs. Watch out on the 20th, when Mars will oppose Neptune in your house of home. Mars stirs the pot, while Neptune casts a fog, so things could get confusing. You might be so busy at work that you’re overlooking things on the home front. The end of the month- Halloween specifically- brings good news, as Mars in your career house will trine Pluto in your 2nd house. You might end up with bonus or raise. Happy Halloween indeed! Just watch out for the Pluto/Uranus square  going on between your 2nd and 5th houses, an influence that will go into November (and ebb and flow until 2015!). You may argue with your love about money, or perhaps find that a child is costing you a lot of money.

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