October 2013 Horoscopes- Scorpio

The Sting of the Scorpion

The Sting of the Scorpion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you know that when food is scarce, scorpions have the ability to slow their metabolism down enough to survive on only one insect a year? Perhaps you’d heard that researchers discovered they were able to freeze a scorpion overnight, only to watch it thaw out and walk away the next morning. Your sign is a survivor, Scorpio, and it’s known for its ability to navigate the dark side effectively. This skill will come in handy this month, as the new moon in the darkest part of your chart, the 12th house of secrets and closure, will be harshly angled to Uranus in your house of work and health, and Pluto (your ruler!) in your house of communication. You got a taste of this last month, but because this month is powered by a new moon, things will get even messier. You might be having problems at your workplace, or having it out with an underhanded co-worker. Or maybe YOU’RE the underhanded co-worker, and your mis-deeds are finally biting you in the butt. Alternatively, you might be having transportation or health issues. If your issues are work or health related, they should be resolved by the 18th, when a lunar eclipse in your 6th brings things to climax. Know your chart? See if any planets or points fall at 25 degrees of Aries. If so, keep an eye on that area of life. Luckily, the beginning of the month starts off on a better note. On the 3rd, Mercury in your sign will trine Neptune in Pisces in your 5th house of true love. Pisces is a fellow water sign that blends beautifully with yours, and things seem to be going swimmingly in your love life. When the Sun moves into your sign near the end of the month and signals Pisces in the same way (on the 26th), things will get even better. Watch out for the 13th, when the Sun in your 12th house will square Jupiter in your 9th. Travel or education matters will go wrong on this day, or you may have problems with a publishing or broadcasting project. Also, we need to talk Mercury for a second, cause this little bugger is causing problems all month. Not only will the stinker be going retrograde on the 21st, but he’ll also be conjuncting Saturn in your sign TWICE- on the 8th and the 30th- which could cause problems with your money or friendships since Mercury rules these areas. Things should straighten out next month when Mercury goes direct on the 12th, although you have to deal with Mercury hitting Saturn in your first house of self one more time on the 26th of November. Saturn in your first house has been putting pressure on you since October 2012, and will continue to do so until 2015. October born Scorpios are finally coming out from under Saturn’s glare, but those born in early November are currently feeling the burn. Don’t fret- although it can feel rough now, any changes you’re going through are ultimately for the best. Mars enters your friendship house on the 8th, so you can expect lots of activity in that area all month. On the 20th, Mars will oppose Neptune in your 5th, making for some uneasiness surrounding love and friendship. You may have gotten friend-zoned (we’ve all been there), or perhaps you were the one who had to break the news to a lovestruck friend that you just want to be pals. Alternatively, a creative project may go awry this day. Luckily, on Halloween, Mars will trine Pluto (your ruler) in your house of communication, smoothing things over.

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