2013 October Horoscopes- Capricorn

Under Capricorn

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Just when you thought you’d put your career troubles behind you, they decided to pop out again to say hello- just in time for Halloween! Saturn spent 2 1/2 years in your career sector, leaving in October of last year. The pressure lifted, but it’s coming back briefly this month as some cosmic storms come rolling in. The new moon in your 10th house of career on Oct 5th will oppose Uranus in your house of home, and square Pluto in your sign. You might get the job offer of your dreams…but it’s located across the globe. Your career and home seem to be at war with each other, and it’s hard for you to know which direction to take. This isn’t an entirely new influence- Uranus and Pluto have been doing a complicated tango since June 2012, trying to get you to put down roots and figure out where you want to be. It can be exhausting, and unfortunately this influence will last until 2015. It’s especially tough on you, as you’re one of the cardinal signs (along with your Aries, Libra, and Cancer buddies) that these large outer planets are traveling through. Don’t feel too bad- all signs are feeling the heat from the Uranus/Pluto square, just in different ways. One specific day to watch out for is the 13th, when the Sun in your career house will square Jupiter in your house of partnerships, and the needs of your career may be at odds with the needs of your personal life. If it’s a housing or home-related matter you’re dealing with, things should be resolved by October 18th, with the lunar eclipse in Aries in your 4th house. This is especially true if you have any planets or points at 25 degrees Aries, Capricorn, Libra, or Cancer, or if you were born around January 18th. Eclipses can be felt up to one month before or after the eclipse date, so you may have already experienced a major development, or one may not happen until November. Going back to the beginning of the month for a minute- on Oct 3, Mercury in your house of friendships will trine Neptune in your house of short travel. You may go on a fun trip with friends, or perhaps a writing or communication project will come to fruition. I want to emphasize that this beneficial influence is only good on this date, however, as the sky will be too chaotic later in the month for travel. Mercury will conjunct Saturn twice this month in your friendship house- on the 8th and 30th- before going retrograde on the 21st. Mercury rules your 6th house of work and health, as well as your 9th house of travel and publishing. You may experience set-backs at the office or decide to change your diet or health routine. Additionally, you might be re-assessing your personal philosophies and beliefs to make sure you’re living your life in a way that reflects your true values. Be careful while traveling after the 21st, as Mercury can cause all kinds of delays and breakdowns. With Mars moving into your 9th house of travel on the 16th, it could be tough to avoid. Just keep your eyes open and plan for contingencies. Another way Mars in the 9th may manifest is if you are dealing with a foreign company, or if you are pursuing higher education. You might find you have three papers due on the same day, or perhaps a client in another country is causing problems. Heck, you may just decide to do a deep dive into some books on Buddhism or take a yoga and meditation workshop. Just be careful on the 20th, when Mars will oppose Pisces in your 3rd house of communication and transportation. Mars wants to GO GO GO while Neptune wants to RELAX MAN, and they’ll be in a stand-off in your communication and travel houses. You may want to move forward with a project or plan, but something appears to be blocking you or obscuring details. Luckily, the end of the month sees Mars trine Pluto in your own sign. Although Mercury will still be retrograde (until November 12th), you should be able to make progress on this day.

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