October 2013 Monthly Horoscopes- Aquarius

Aquarius, the water-bearer

Aquarius, the water-bearer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

September proved to be quite a moneylicious month for you, and October 3rd seems to put the finishing touches on whatever money-making scheme you were cooking up. Mercury, which for you rules other people’s money, is in your 10th house of career, and on this day it gives a friendly ping to Neptune in your income house. If you were waiting on funding for a business or other venture, it may hit the bank on this day. Enjoy it while you can, cause now I gotta ask you to strap on your seat belt- this ride’s about to get bumpy. October 5th brings a new moon in your travel and publishing house that’s harshly angled to Uranus (your ruler!) in your transportation house and Pluto in your house of completions and secrets. You might experience some serious breakdowns while traveling, or a contract might go awry. Did you experience any setbacks in this area in mid-September? The same axis is activated, so it may be a continuation of that issue. Pluto has been in your 12th house since 2008, drudging up mental issues and perhaps messing with your health. This is an odd placement for an Aquarius- your sign is light and airy- you love a good mental discussion, and you’re all about hanging out in groups. The 12th house is dark and asks us to retreat and recuperate- to dig deep into our psyches. You’re stuck with Pluto here until 2023, so embrace what he’s asking you to do. Additionally, Uranus, your ruler, has been zinging around your 3rd house since 2011. Writing and communications projects may have gone through ups and downs, or perhaps a sibling has been all over the place. A lunar eclipse in Aries on the 18th will highlight this house, and a contract may be completed at this time, or perhaps you finish a big writing project. Alternatively, you may find yourself purchasing a new car. Know your chart? Look for any planets or points at 25 degrees Aries. This is an area that will be illuminated for you. And don’t forget to read the horoscope for your rising sign! Your rising sign is just as important as your sun sign, and you should always read for both. Don’t know your ascendant? I recommend going to Cafe Astrology to get your full chart. You’ll need your exact birth time. Moving right along…the Sun in your house of travel will square Jupiter in your 6th house of work and health. A publishing project could go awry, or you might have an issue with a foreign client. Speaking of work, you’ve had quite a go of it since October 2012, when Saturn entered your career house. This month, Mercury travels this same house and conjuncts Saturn twice- on the 8th and the 30th, and goes retrograde on the 21st. Since Mercury rules your 8th house of other people’s money, as well as your 5th house of love, creativity, and children, you may experience delays or set backs in these areas. Luckily, on the 26th, the Sun in your career house will trine Neptune in your income house, and a bonus or raise may come your way. More good news- Venus will enter your 11th house of friendships on the 8th. Sparks may fly with a friend, or perhaps a pal will set you up on a fun date. On the 17th, Venus trines Uranus in your 3rd house. You might find unexpected love on a short trip with friends, or even at the super market! Make sure you’re out and about on this day! Mars enters your 8th house of other people’s money on the 16th, so keep an eye on your credit card. The good news about Mars in the 8th? Your sex drive will sky rocket. Even better, on the 31st, Mars will trine Pluto in your 12th house of secrets.  The interplay between these two ferocious planets in your most mysterious and sexy houses means you might want to stay in this Halloween. In bed that is. Grrar.

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