October 2013 Monthly Horoscopes- Aries

Image of Aires the Ram, for Aries (astrology),...

Image of Aires the Ram, for Aries (astrology), reworked from old astrology chart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One is the loneliest number, so they say, so it’s lucky for you this month is focused on two. Granted, it may not be the easiest partnership, as there’s a difficult new moon on the 5th in your 7th house of partnerships. The new moon is opposed to Uranus in your own sign and squaring Pluto in your house of career. There seems to be a war going on between the needs of your partner and your career. You may be finding your personal and work demands are interfering with each other, or perhaps a business partner that once seemed solid is turning out to be a pain in your butt. These are tough aspects, and because you’re a cardinal sign, you’re in the thick of it. It bears mentioning you’re an old hat at this by now. Uranus has been tearing through your identity house since 2011, bringing lots of changes as you constantly re-invent yourself. Pluto has been transforming your career sector since 2008, making you push yourself there as well. Since June 2012, those planets have been tangled up in the same degrees, causing even more tension in these areas. The 10th house also rules your marriage sector, so you may have broken free of a marriage, or perhaps committed yourself to one. Better settle in with some popcorn, cause this show is sticking around until 2015. Although changes can be stressful, they are necessary for growth. Sure, it’s easy to stay at the same job and have the same weekend routine for 20 years, but is that really the life you want? You’re an Aries- a fire sign full of passion and energy- so I seriously doubt it. In fact, I think out of all the signs of the zodiac, you’re the most equipped to handle the Uranus/Pluto square. When life gets difficult, Aries doesn’t hide under the covers. Aries tackles a challenge head on- BRING IT ON WORLD- and comes out even stronger because of it. So keep that in mind if the waters get a little rough this month, especially if you’re an Aries at 11.5 degrees or born around April 5th. Specifically, watch out for October 13th, when the Sun in your partnership sector will square Neptune in your 12th house of closure. A secret may come out on this day or a partner may need you by their side. Venus moves into your 9th house on the 8th, indicating that a luxurious or romantic trip might be on the agenda. Usually this aspect is lovely, but unfortunately Mercury is going to try to spoil your fun. Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st, making for delays and breakdowns. Mercury rules your 3rd house of transportation, so you can see how this could mess up any travel plans. If you must travel, try to do so before the 21st. A great day would be the 17th- although it’s still a little closer to retrograde than I would like, Venus in your travel house will trine Uranus in your house this day, giving you divine aspects. Publishing projects or foreign clients will also prove beneficial on this day. Watch out for Oct 10th, when Venus will square Neptune in your 12th and something involving foreigners or publishing could go wrong. Mercury also rules your 6th house of work and health, so its retrograde may cause you to go back and review any issues in these areas as well. Saturn has been making its way through your 8th house of other people’s money since October 2012. You could be dealing with tax or credit card issues, or maybe money is just tight. Alternatively, you could be digging deep into your psyche or finding yourself going through a transformation of some kind. Mercury conjuncts Saturn in this sector twice this month- on the 8th and 30th- and again next month on November 26th. Health, communication, or transportation issues might hit a snag on these days, or you could have trouble with a client at work. Work seems to be a big emphasis for you this month, as your ruler Mars, moves into Virgo on the 16th. Last month’s friendly new moon may have seen you get a new job or work assignment, and with it, possibly a new housing situation. Mars ensures the work keeps coming all month and into next. On Halloween, Mars will trine Pluto in your house of career, so you’re sure to have some good news in this realm on this day. Your identity comes up for close inspection around October 18th, when an eclipse falls in your sign at 26 degrees. Luckily, this is a pretty easy eclipse. Something important to you will culminate, especially if you were born on this day.

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