November 2013 Monthly Horoscopes- Leo, Virgo, Libra



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The Sun joins Mercury and Saturn in your house of family and home this month, and seeing as it’s the start of the holiday season, the timing couldn’t be better! The big news this month is the solar eclipse in this same sector on the 3rd. Unlike last month’s crappy new moon, this eclipse is nicely angled to other planets. Mars is sextiling from your 2nd house of income, and Pluto is sextiling from your 6th house of work assignments. If you are planning to buy or sell a house, or if you work in real estate, these are really excellent aspects. Additionally, any work performed from or on the home gets a positive boost. Saturn will be conjunct the eclipse, giving stability to whatever venture you begin. It’s not ideal that the eclipse happens during Mercury retrograde, but luckily Mercury goes direct on the 11th- welcome news for any Lions experiencing delays on the home front. On the 12th, Mercury will trine Neptune in your house of other people’s money, and funds might come in the shape of an inheritance or home loan. Even better, the following day, November 13th, the Sun in the 4th will trine Jupiter in your 12th house of closure- an excellent aspect for closing a deal on a new housing situation. I’d save any key initiatives for this day. One thing you’ll have to contend with is Jupiter’s retrograde on the 7th. Over the next few months, you may have to re-do any creative or health work you’ve been tending to, just to make sure you’re getting it all right. Also, watch out for the 6th when your ruler, the Sun, will conjunct Saturn. This could be a somber time for some Lions, especially those whose birthdays fall around Aug 6. Venus spends the month in your 6th house of work and health and trines Neptune on the 8th. Funding for a work assignment may come through or perhaps you’ll find a lower rate on your health insurance through the new health exchanges. Watch out for the 15th, when Venus will conjunct Pluto in your work house- this could be a healing influence, but Uranus in Aries will be squaring both planets so make sure you keep your eyes open in regards to any travel that comes up. There’s a full moon in your 10th house of career on the 17th. Think back to any discussions set in motion by the solar eclipse in this sector back in May- developments may culminate now.  Jupiter is nicely angled to the full moon, so you should like what you hear. Perhaps a promotion is in order? A few days later, on the 19th, Mars in your income house will also sextile Jupiter, so your salary may get a bump along with your title. Why don’t you use your new funds to buy the family turkey this year? Bet your mom would appreciate it!

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This month sees you scurrying around like a busy little bee, as the Sun joins your ruler, Mercury, and Saturn in your 3rd house of communication. Emails, correspondence, and errands seem to pop up like crazy- and here you were thinking Thanksgiving would be a vacation! The eclipse in Scorpio on the 3rd takes place in this same sector, and is nicely angled to Mars in your sign, and Pluto in your 5th house of true love and creativity. This is a great time to sign a contract, and anything you hear about a sibling should be blessed with good fortune. The eclipse will be conjunct Saturn, which is known to be a planet of limitations, however in this instance, I think Saturn will be like a strong set of muscles helping you implement whatever action you wish to take. However, I would wait until November 12th to initiate anything. On this day, the Sun in the 3rd will trine Jupiter in your 11th house of hopes and dreams, giving you the best luck of the month. Additionally, your ruler, Mercury, will have gone direct again by this time. Welcome news for many virgins who may have felt a little topsy-turvy over the last few weeks. In other news, Venus spends the month in  your 5th house of true love, adding a little oomph to your love life. Mars is still in your first house, giving you drive and energy in spades! Sounds like a pretty sexy month to me! When Venus sextiles Neptune in your partnership house on the 8th, you may even feel like a school kid in love again. Just watch out for the 6th, when the Sun will conjunct Saturn and you may find yourself with your foot in your mouth (again). Also, Jupiter goes retrograde on the 7th for a few months, forcing you to review any longterm goals and make needed changes. On the 15th, Venus will conjunct Pluto in your partnership sector. You may reach a turning point in a relationship. It should turn out alright, but with Uranus in Aries squaring the pair, it’s likely that money will part of the conversation. The full moon in fellow earth sign Taurus on the 17th falls in your house of travel and broad thinking. If you applied early to college or university, you may hear back on this day, or perhaps a publishing or writing project will come to an end. Jupiter in your house of dreams and longterm plans is nicely angled, so you should hear good news. A few days later, Mars in your sign will signal Jupiter in the 11th, giving another punch of luck to the situation. Hopefully you will have exciting news to share with your family by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. One day to watch out for is the 25th, when the Sun moves into your 4th house of home and squares Neptune in your 7th house of partnerships. You may squabble with your partner over a home or family issue, or you may squabble with a family member over your partner! Because the Sun and Neptune are both in mutable signs, and because you’re also a mutable sign, you’re likely to feel this influence most (along with Pisces, Sagittarius, and Gemini). Oh Virgo- how do you always find yourself in the middle playing mediator? Make a bargain with your partner- Thanksgiving with your family this year, and with theirs next year. Better yet, why not gather both families together and make a new tradition in a new location? Mexico perhaps? Sounds like a good solution to me!

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You’ve been extra focused on money for the past year, Libra, and this is because of Saturn’s entry into your income house last October. Things may have felt tight, and unfortunately, Saturn is here to stay for about another year and a half. The good news is that there’s an eclipse in this sector on the 3rd, and it’s beautifully angled to Mars in your 12th house and Pluto in your house of home. Perhaps you’re looking to sell your house for a profit, or begin a job as a real estate agent. Your prospects are looking great for both of things things. Alternatively, any work you do from home should bring in extra funds this month. You may not feel the full effects until next May, when there’s a full moon in this same sector. A great day to initiate any money making schemes is the 12th, when the Sun in the 2nd will trine Jupiter in your house of career. You may get a bonus or raise, or even a new job with a new title! Mercury will have gone direct by then (on the 11th) so you’ll be in the clear to start any major initiatives. Venus, your ruler, spends the month in your 4th house of home. Any hardships you’ve been experiencing on this front should be smoothed over. One day to keep an eye on is the 15th, when Venus will conjunct Pluto in the home. Generally, Venus is a healing planet, but sometimes a conjunction can end up having harsh effects. Additionally, Uranus in your house of partnerships will be squaring the pair, so you may have some trouble on the home front or with a spouse. The full moon on the 17th falls in your house of other people’s money. There may be a chunk of money going in or out, but because Jupiter in your career house is nicely angled, I think this will end up in your favor. Two days later, Mars in your 12th house  will gently ping Jupiter in your 10th, and you may hear more good news about your career. This is especially true for anyone in a medical or creative field.  On the 23rd, your ruler Venus will sextile Saturn, and your home and income houses will see a boost. Sounds like the perfect time to host Thanksgiving at your place!

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