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In 2013, it seems you’ve been focused on home and partnership matters. Jupiter has been blessing your relationship house since July, and will continue to do so until July 2014. Uranus has been shaking up your home sector, and some of you may have moved last year. In fact, your identity may be tied up in where you live, due to Pluto in your own sign’s dance with Uranus over the last few years.

Uranus and Pluto will continue to tango in 2014 (and 2015!), and you may find your home life undergoing even more shifts.

In January, the new moon in your sign has a yelling match with planets in your home, marriage, career, and partnership sectors. This could manifest in a few different ways. You may decide to get married, and if so, you may have to follow your spouse to a new state for their job. Alternatively, you could be the one taking on a new job that requires relocation. Mars’ lengthy presence in your career sector indicates that this could be the case. The full moon in your partnership sector in January will be supported by your ruler, Saturn, in your hopes and dreams house, and appears to bring the matter to a close favorably.

February brings a well-supported new moon in your income house, and the presence of Uranus indicates that it may come from the home. Later in February, a full moon in your commission house smooches Mars in your career house, and you may finally receive a bonus for all your hard work.

March brings a lovely new moon in your communication sector that’s supported by Jupiter in your partner house and Pluto in your sign. If you’re thinking of getting engaged or married, this new moon could usher that along. Alternatively, you could sign a contract with a new company or client, and if so, you’d have good aspects. Just be careful- Neptune is conjunct the new moon, and Neptune can conceal details, so be sure to go over any paperwork with a fine toothed comb. Neptune also rules artistic ventures, so if your business has anything to do with that, you get a double dose of a good luck!

On March 23rd, the north node leaves your 11th house of friendships for your 10th house of career. Over the next few years, this spiritual guide is asking you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and focus on your career. You may find amazing benefits come to your professional life during this time.

April will be a tough time for all signs, and because you’re a cardinal sign, you’ll be feeling it the hardest (along with your buddies Aries, Libra, and Cancer). What’s new right? The squares going on between all these heavy hitter planets (Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, and sometimes Mars and the Sun) have been hitting you on and off since June 2012. You might be undergoing a profound transformation, and in April this will especially be true of your home life. The new moon will conjunct Uranus, so whatever comes up may take you off guard. The lunar eclipse in Libra this month indicates that a career development will be involved. Shortly after that, there’s a solar eclipse in Taurus and your 5th house of love, creativity, and children that’s conjunct Mercury and sextile Neptune in your contract house. You may be hired for a creative writing project, get engaged to your boo, or perhaps initiate an adoption process.

In July, Jupiter moves in to your 8th house of other people’s money. You may see an uptick in the money coming in, or perhaps receive an inheritance or tax refund. Additionally, you may find your relationship undergoes a deep transformation, and you become closer as a result. Jupiter in this house will also protect you if you go through any kind of misfortune, such as a loss or break-up (I hope that’s not the case however!).

In August, you may receive unexpected funds from a family member around the full moon on the 10th. Unfortunately, Mercury will oppose the moon from your 8th house, and Saturn will square it from your 11th, so you may encounter some obstacles in getting it. Alternatively, its existence may ruffle the feathers of someone close to you.

In September, Jupiter will trine Uranus in your home, and you may suddenly find you have the necessary funds to buy your dream house. The lunar eclipse on October 8th is a real treat. Taking place in your home sector, it forms a golden triangle with Jupiter in your money sector and Mars in your house of closure. A home sale could yield great returns, or you may close escrow on a new house.

October brings a solar eclipse as well, this one taking taking place in your 11th house of hopes and dreams. It will conjunct Venus and sextile Neptune in your communication house. You may make an important commitment at this time, or even sign a contract of some kind. Any contracts you initiate (or personal commitments) will be steeped in good fortune. Watch the next six months to see what happens.

Even better, Saturn will be leaving this same 11th house on December 24th, relieving any pressure you’ve felt in this area. The sky’s the limit on what you can achieve. You may reconnect with some friends or find socializing a lot easier after this time.  All in all, 2014 looks to be a great year!

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  1. […] Capricorns are lucky in that the end of the calendar year corresponds to the end of your personal year. Indeed, it seems that something will be coming to an end this month. Early in December, the Sun in your house of endings will friend Uranus in your house of home. You may decide to move, or hear unexpected information about a family member. On the 3rd, Mercury in your house of hopes and dreams will sextile Mars in your travel house, and you may go on the trip of a lifetime, or perhaps hear good news that involves foreign clients or writing projects. Friday the 13th is a beauty as well, as on this day Jupiter in your partnership house will trine your ruler, Saturn, in your house of hopes and dreams. You may get engaged or get a new business partner on this day. The full moon on the 17th occurs in your house of work and health, and a job may come to an end. Watch your health, as you may feel sick around this time. Venus is currently in your sign, and it goes retrograde on the 22nd. Love relationships may transform over the next few months. Venus also rules your career house, so you may go back and review matters of these nature as well. The big news this month is the movement of the Sun into your sign a few days before Christmas! Now and in to January, you appear to be launching new initiatives. On Christmas Eve, the Sun in your sign will sextile Neptune in your house of contracts, and you may sign on the dotted line. Alternatively, you may hear big news from a sibling, or perhaps treat yourself to a new car for the holiday! This month also sees Mars move out of your travel house and into your career house. For the next 8 months (yes 8 whole months!) your career will be on fire! Christmas might be touchy, as Mars will oppose Uranus in your house of home, and your home and career needs may be at odds. The 10th house also rules marriage, so you may have a wedding to plan or a lot going on with your spouse! The end of the month is chaotic, and your sign is smack in the middle of it. The Sun will conjunct Mercury and Pluto in your sign, and all will oppose Uranus and Mars in your home and career houses. You seem to be going through a profound career transformation, especially if you were born between December 30th and January 8th, or have Capricorn rising at 11 degrees. This trend will continue into January. Read your 2014 horoscope here. […]

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