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Lucky crab, you’ve been the star of the show since last summer! 2014 will continue to go in your favor, as you have the beneficial Jupiter transiting your sign until next July.

The year starts out on a funky note, with a new moon in your opposite house of Capricorn conjunct Pluto and Mercury, and squaring Mars in your 4th house, Uranus in your career house, and Jupiter in your sign. Yikes. Because you’re a cardinal sign, you’re probably gonna feel this one. You might have problems with a spouse or employer- perhaps your company needs you to move and you don’t want to- or perhaps you and your boo aren’t on the same page about marriage. Maybe it’s your partner who gets an opportunity that requires a relocation, but you quite like your life here thank you!

The end of the month sees a full moon in your sign, with Saturn supportive from your love house, so it should be resolved by then. Something close to you may come to an end or culmination.

February is smooth sailing, with a new moon in your money house trining Jupiter in your sign. You may get a bonus or tax refund at this time. The end of the month also emphasizes money, with a full moon in your income house that’s supported by your house of home. If you’re selling or buying your house, expect a great deal.

March is lovely too, as there’s a new moon in your house of broad horizons that’s conjunct Neptune and supported by both Jupiter in your sign and Pluto in your partnership sign. You may begin a new education project or work with foreign clients. March also sees the north node of the moon move into your house of home. Events may transpire over the next year to bring you closer to your family.

April is messy- Mars, the moon, Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and the Sun will be battling all month, peaking on April 21st. Your career seems to be the focus here, and you may encounters problems from the home or any partnerships. Perhaps you’re spending too much time burning the midnight oil, or maybe career news unexpectedly interferes with family plans.

April also has two eclipses. One is lunar, and occurs in your house of home. The other is solar, and occurs in your house of hopes and dreams. It’s conjunct Mercury and sextile Neptune in your house of broad horizons. You may begin a new project that has an element of travel or foreign partners, or you may begin to write a novel or screenplay.

In July, Jupiter moves out of your sign and into your 2nd house of income. Profits may begin to roll in from projects started last year or in early 2014. You just need to jump over one money hurdle that will come in August with the full moon in your 8th house of resources. The moon (your ruler) will oppose Mercury in your income house, and square Saturn in your house of fun and love. A child or creative project may eat into your funds, or perhaps you argue with your boo over moolah.

If you’re having problems with a partner, things should go more smoothly come September, when Pluto will go direct in this sector. September is just gorgeous, and you may hear glorious career news this month as Jupiter in your income house trines Uranus in your career house.

Even better, the lunar eclipse on October 8th will form a golden triangle in these same houses, bringing in Mars from your work house as well. The eclipse will conjunct Uranus, so whatever comes up may be surprising. You may get the job offer of a lifetime!

Another eclipse occurs on October 23rd, and this will be a solar eclipse in your 5th house of true love. It will conjunct Venus (which rules your home and wishes houses) and sextile Neptune in your house of broad horizons. You may begin a creative writing project or course of study, or perhaps discuss moving abroad with your partner. Alternatively, you may discuss having a child.

On Christmas Eve, Saturn will move out of your 5th house, and onto your 6th (only to return briefly in 2015). If you’re single and have had a hard time dating over the last few years, this will become easier. If you’ve been having problems with a child or found yourself knee-deep in diapers, this pressure will begin to lift as well. In general, all Cancers will start to feel the fun and joy return to life.

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  1. […] After a month focused on love, play, and romance, the universe is now turning your attention to your work situation. Early in December, the Sun in your work and health sector will trine Uranus in your career house, and you may get an unexpected promotion or job offer. Nice! The new moon that occurs just after this is telling me the exact same thing. You may start a new job or a new project that will bring you press or prestige. Alternatively, you could hire a new assistant, move offices to a fabulous new space, or see a new co-worker you like come to work for your company. On the third, Mercury in your 5th sextiles Mars in your 3rd, and you may sign a contract for a new creative project, or perhaps even pick up a marriage license or adoption papers. Friday the 13th is lovely, as Jupiter in your sign (yay!) will trine Saturn in fellow water sign Scorpio and your 5th house of true love. If you’ve been hoping for a baby or engagement, these are amazing aspects. If you’re single, go out this night! You just may meet the love of your life (or at least the love of your week). The full moon on the 17th occurs in your 12th house of endings. A chapter of your life seems to be coming to a close. Whether it’s in love, business, or friendship, don’t fret- Jupiter in your sign will protect you. Venus goes retrograde in your house of partnerships on the 22nd for a few months. If you’re in a relationship, you may still have some communication issues to work out. If you’re single or dating, that all may change over the next few months. On Christmas Eve, the Sun in your house of partnerships will sextile Neptune in fellow water sign, Pisces, and your house of travel. You may go on a trip with your love or perhaps do work with a foreign company. If you’re a writer or work in publishing, you may enter into a partnership at this time. Also this month, Mars moves into your house of home, where it will stay for 8 long months! You may decide to move or revamp your current space, or perhaps you’ll be seeing a lot of your parents for a while. On Christmas Day, Mars will oppose Uranus in your career house, and you may feel that all this focus on family is pulling you away from your career goals. Or perhaps it’s the other way around- your career goals might be pulling you away from the home. Things may come to a head at the end of the month, when the Sun will conjunct Mercury and Pluto in your partnership sector, and square the planets in your home and career houses. You may fight with a partner about your home or career, or perhaps you two are on opposite sides of the whole “marriage” thing. This trend will continue into 2014, unfortunately, so try to work things out civilly! To read your 2014 horoscope, go here […]

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