January 2014 Horoscopes- Pisces

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New Years is all about spending time with friends, so how appropriate that a cluster of planets are currently partying together in your 11th house of friendship? Just be careful, cause this party could get a little out of control. The new moon that occurs on the first day of the year is conjunct Pluto and Mercury, and squaring Mars in your 8th house of money. Over the next week or so, an issue might come up with a friend- possibly involving money. Perhaps you find a ¬†friendship or two going through a profound transformation. This house also rules both technology and your hopes and dreams for the future, so keep an eye on these areas as well. With Mars in your financial house, you may hear bad money news. Uranus is ALMOST squaring from your 2nd house of income as well, doubling down on this possibility. On the second, the sun will exactly conjunct Pluto, so this might be the day the issue comes up. On the 3rd, Mercury in the 11th will oppose Jupiter in your 5th house of love, fun, and children, and creative projects may stall. Alternatively, a friend may need your help and this could conflict with plans you had with your love or a child. It’s more of the same on the 5th, when it’s the Sun’s turn to oppose Jupiter. The sun rules your house of work and health, and Jupiter rules your career house, so work and career matters may prove fuzzy on this day. On the 7th, Mercury will conjunct Venus in your friendship/hopes and dreams sector. You may hear good news about a writing project, or perhaps receive a love letter that fills you with warm fuzzies. With Venus retrograde in this sector, you may be noticing that a certain “friend” of yours is looking…rather…attractive? Could that person be more than a friend to you? You have the whole month to figure it out, as the potential for romance should become clear by the time Venus goes direct on February 1st- just in time for Valentine’s Day! Watch the 11th as a day when romance could soar! The Sun will conjunct Venus, and sextile Saturn in your 9th house of travel. Sparks could fly on a trip with friends. Unfortunately, the 9th is day that may prove to be a headache, as Jupiter in the 5th squares Mars in the 8th. You may fight with your love about money, or a child could have a big expense. The 16th sees a full moon in Cancer at 25 degrees, in your 5th house of love and fun, and Saturn will be supportive from your 9th house of travel and publishing. You might make it official with a beau, or learn of a pregnancy. Any fishes with creative publishing or writing projects may hear news at this time. If you have a grown child, they may hear news about university or travel. Also on this day, Venus will square Mars, so whatever comes up could get expensive. Towards the end of the month, planets will migrate to your 12th house of rest and retreat, and you may find things slow down. Mercury heads there on the 12th, and this would be a good time to work on any creative writing projects you’ve had rattling around your brain. The Sun follows on the 21st, and on the 29th it sextiles Uranus in Aries and your 2nd house of income. You may hear good money news on this day, especially if you work in a creative or medical field. On the 31st, Pluto in your house of friendships and long-term goals will oppose Jupiter in your 5th house of fun and love. You may be wrestling with how to both play on a team and stand out from the crowd on your own. Perhaps you want to strike out on your own with a creative project, but find yourself wrapping up group collaborations or previous commitments. Keep forging, Pisces. It will be easier to move forward with any creative or romantic endeavors when Jupiter goes direct in March.

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