January 2014 Horoscope- Capricorn

capricorn januaryThere seem to be HUGE, transformative changes going on in your life, Cappy Cap, as a host of planets build up in your sign and make all kinds of chaotic aspects! Some of these changes may prove difficult for the time being, simply because all changes require us to let go of something close to us. For you, the changes seem to be home and career related. The new moon on the first brings Mercury, the Sun, Pluto, and the moon together in your first house of self, squaring Mars in your career house, Uranus in your 4th house of home, and Jupiter in your partnership house. That hits ALL of your angles, so you seem to be feeling this more than most! You may begin a new career venture that requires you to move, or perhaps a surprise move will interfere with career plans. Partnership matters may also prove fuzzy, as you’re torn between what’s best for ME and what’s best for US. On the 11th, the Sun will conjunct Venus in your sign and sextile Saturn (your ruler) in your 11th house of friendships. A dream may come true, or a friend may prove instrumental in a plan. On the 16th, a full moon occurs in your 7th house of partners, and it will also trine Scorpio in your house of hopes and dreams/friendship. Jupiter has been in this sector of parters since July 2013, bestowing grace and fortune in this area, so watch what comes up around the full moon. On the 12th, Mercury will move into Aquarius and your second house of income, and the Sun will follow on the 21st. Both will sextile Uranus in your career house, indicating that a surprise assignment or source of moolah will flow your way. The new moon in your income sector ¬†at the end of the month brings gorgeous aspects, and you may begin a new career path or income stream at this time. Just be careful, as Pluto and Jupiter will continue to be in opposition. Pluto in your sign has been turning you inside out since 2008 to make changes so that you can live your best life. Now Jupiter is bestowing good fortune on a partnership matter, and the two sides of your life can at times feel at odds with each other. We all know how strong the mighty goat is- always trudging up that hill no matter the circumstance- so have faith that you will pull through any challenges and emerge victorious!

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