January 2014 Horoscopes- Aries

aries januaryBig changes appear to be brewing in your life, Aries, as planets crowd into your house of fame and career, possibly bringing new opportunities into your world. Unfortunately, there may be times when you wish the offer never came up! An opportunity may interfere with home plans, perhaps requiring a relocation to a new city or taking your valuable time away from your family. Your partner may be a little peeved about it, as well; perhaps they have no interest in moving or resent your time away from home. Uranus in your sign since 2011 has been encouraging you to forge your own path in the world. Unfortunately, that’s recently become tougher with your ruler, Mars’, entry into Libra and your 7th house of partners. You’re so focused on a partner these days that you can’t possibly find the hours to focus on yourself! You’re not Superman! This dance will continue through 2014, as you work to find a balance between ME and US.

The full moon in Cancer on the 16th will bring a home matter to fruition, and because it’s well angled to Saturn in your 8th, I suspect money will be involved. Perhaps you get the home loan you applied for so that you can finally buy your dream house. Or maybe you’ll receive a bonus or inheritance and decide to use the funds to decorate your digs. Got a house on the market? You have good aspects to make a little profit! The end of the month brings a new moon in your house of friendship and hopes and dreams, that’s beautifully angled to Uranus in your own sign. You may begin a project you’ve always wanted to start- perhaps a website or iphone app- or you may meet a powerful new friend who can help you in ways you never imagined! With planets in your home and career sectors opposing each other, beginning a home-based business is ideal! You’re needed in both places, so why not combine them?

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