Leo February 2014 Monthly Horoscope

leo februaryLove, love, love…february is all about coupling up (hello, Valentine’s Day!), and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing this month. Late January saw a new moon in your partnership sector holding hands with Uranus in your travel sector. What a beautiful aspect for you! You may begin a new chapter with your sweetie- perhaps planning a vacation or going on one now. You may even decide to make a deeper commitment to one another, either becoming exclusive or even deciding to get married! Single? Perhaps the new moon brought a new business partnership your way, maybe one that has to do with publishing, broadcasting, or the travel industry.

Take advantage of the good energy in the first five days of February, cause after that things may get a little sticky. Mercury goes retrograde in this same sector of partners from February 6th to March 1st. You or your partner may seem to be acting a little distant or off, and you may have to review the details of your arrangement to make sure they work for both of you. Watch out specifically for February 11th, when the Sun in your partnership sector will square Saturn in your house of home. You’re gonna feel this one, lion, as not only is the Sun your ruler, but also these planets are on the fixed sign axis along with you. You may fight with a partner about a housing matter, or perhaps  a family obligation will interfere with romantic plans. If it’s an employer or business partner you’re having problems with, perhaps they feel you’re taking too many days off for personal reasons. A similar aspect will occur on Feb 19th, but this time it will be Mercury who angers mighty Saturn. I think you’re gonna feel the burn more on the 11th, simply because the Sun is your ruler.

Luckily, Valentine’s day was tailor made for you! A full moon occurs in YOUR sign, and a dream close to your heart may come true. Even better, Mars will reach out to your ruler, the Sun, with a beneficial signal from your 3rd house, giving communication and transportation matters a lucky boost. Normally I would say this is a great aspect to sign a contract, but don’t forget about that pesky old Mercury retrograde. Try to hold off signing any official paperwork until after February. Sometimes we can’t do this, so do what you have to do, but keep in mind that terms and conditions might reveal themselves to be a little different than you thought come March.

The 22nd could be an interesting day, when the Sun conjuncts Neptune in your 8th house of other people’s money. It’s a little tough to know how this will play out, as Neptune can be both beneficial and deceitful. Having Neptune in your financial house worries me a little bit, because Neptune casts a fog and conceals details. However, Neptune can also inspire and soften and heal, so you may hear good news on this day. You’ll have to wait and see!

Switching gears to work news, Venus goes direct in your 6th house of work and health on February 1st. If work assignments seemed confusing or a job situation was unclear, it should all straighten out now. If you want to get a new haircut or color, or some kind of cosmetic or medical procedure, try to do it in the first few days of February when you have the protection of Venus in this house. Just make sure to do it before Mercury goes retrograde on Feb 6th. Otherwise, hold off until March 1st. Another way to make use of Venus’s energy in this house is to decorate your office. Heck, you may even ask out that co-worker you’ve had your eye on!

On the 24th, Venus will reach out to Saturn in your home sector, and you may get an assignment that allows you to work from home. Alternatively, you could get a job that has to do with real estate or your family business. Watch out for the 25th, when Jupiter in your 12th house will square Uranus in your travel house. You could become ill around this time, and any travel will probably become a nuisance.

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