Libra February 2014 Horoscopes

libra februaryLucky Libra! February’s is looking like it’s all about love for you, so how appropriate that Valentine’s Day is coming up!  The month starts off strong with a new moon in your fifth house of true love sextile Uranus in your 7th house of partnerships. Wowy! You may begin a new chapter with your love- perhaps making a stronger commitment to each other. You may decide to become exclusive, or if that’s already the case you may get engaged! Already married? This aspect might bring a happy pregnancy announcement! In fact, these are the best pregnancy aspects you’ll have all year- so make like bunnies and get at it! Adding to the good news, on February 1st, Venus (your ruler!) goes direct in your house of home. It seems that since Christmas, you’ve been reviewing housing or family matters- perhaps your renovations are taking longer than usual to complete, or you’re having a hard time moving or selling your place. Things should be much easier after the 1st.

Take advantage of the good energy in the first week of February, because Mercury will go retrograde from Feb 6th to March 1st, a bad time to make any major decisions. This time, the  retrograde will take place in your love and child sector. You may review a matter that has to do with a child, or perhaps an old love calls out of the blue wanting to reconnect! This would also be a good time to dig out any old creative projects you’ve abandoned and go back to work on that. Maybe you’ll be re-inspired!

One day that will not be so great in matters of the heart is February 11th. On this day, the Sun in your love and child sector will square Saturn in your income sector. You may fight with your love about money, or find that a child has a huge expense. Perhaps a hobby or leisure activity costs way more than you thought. Luckily, Valentine’s Day will be lovely for you, with a full moon occurring in Leo and your house of hopes and dreams, and sextile Mars in your own sign! This could manifest in a few different ways- Leo also rules your friendship sector, so you may decide to do a group thing for V day this year. Or, a project or personal accomplishment may come to fruition at this time. Leo is a fire sign that blends wonderfully with your air sign, so you should have a fine time.

The 22nd could be a great day, when the Sun conjuncts Neptune in your work and health house. If you work in a creative field, these are great aspects. You may hear good news about a project or get a key new employee or co-worker. March will bring more good news to this area of life, so whatever comes up may be a precursor of bigger things to come. On the 24th, your ruler,Venus, in your house of home will reach out to Saturn in your income house, and you may see income come from work performed from or on the home. You may get the opportunity to work from home, or perhaps a family member will call with good money news. If you’re trying to sell your house, you might get an offer on this day. Just make sure to hold off closing escrow until after March 1st, when Mercury goes direct!

One day to watch out for is the 25th, when Jupiter in your career house will square Uranus in your partnership house. All those nights at the office might finally start to wear on your partner, or perhaps you’ll get into a disagreement with your employer. Not to worry- March brings the very best aspects for your career- Jupiter in your career house will work with planets in your work house to ensure you get the success and accolades you deserve! Enjoy it!

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