Virgo February 2014 Horoscopes

sagittarius februaryA gorgeous new moon in your work house arrived at the end of January, arm in arm with Uranus in your 8th house of shared resources. You may have gotten a bonus, or even a new job with a better salary! If an offer came up that you’re considering, try to act before February 6th, because at that point, Mercury will go retrograde until March 1st. Mercury is your ruler, so you tend to feel its retrograde more than most signs. Mercury will retrograde through your 6th house of work and health, which is the house your sign rules, so this is an important month for you. Are you doing what you really want to be doing? Are you passionate about this work? Do you need a new office? It would be good for you to use this Mercury retrograde to review your existing processes or job duties and make sure they’re all up to speed. Once Mercury goes direct on March 1st, you have the go ahead to make any changes you so please.

One day that will be definitely gloomy at the office will be February 11th. On this day, the Sun in your work sector will square Saturn in your third house of communication , and you may get into an argument with a co-worker. Watch for the ol’ foot in mouth syndrome, and try to not sign any contracts on this day. Watch your health as well, and be careful on the road! The 3rd house also rules transportation, so you may have problems getting from A to B…especially if you’re traveling for work. Be sure to leave in plenty of time and prepare for Plan B. A similar aspect will occur on February 19th, when Mercury will square Saturn. Since Mercury is your ruler, you may feel this energy more strongly than the 11th.

Venus goes direct in your love sector on February 1st, straightening out any problems you may have had with your S.O. If you’ve been thinking about which direction to take a relationship, you should have clarity now. Valentine’s Day might be a private affair this year, as on this day a full moon occurs in Leo and your 12th house of secrets and closure. Why not plan a quiet, candle-lit dinner for two at home and see where the night takes you? If you’ve recently called it off with a partner, this could be a hard time for you as you may feel sad or run-down- or even sick! Ain’t no shame in chugging wine by yourself and writing terrible poetry in your diary this year! Next month brings the best love aspects of the year, so no matter what your current status is, you’re in for a treat in March.

Mars zooming through Libra (your 2nd house of self-worth) and aspecting your ruler, Mercury, in your 6th house of work on Feb 15th indicates that you simply may be more focused on work than play this Valentine’s weekend. Luckily, you seem to be getting some sort of payout or income boost- sure to raise your mood! If you need a do-over day for Valentine’s, why not choose February 22nd? On this day, the Sun will conjunct Neptune in your house of partnerships, and love matters should be downright magical. The 24th will also be lovely, as Venus in your love sector makes waves with Saturn in your communication sector. You’ll know just what to say to make your love smile, and you may even make a stronger commitment to each other.

Just watch out for the 25th, when Jupiter in your friendship sector will square Uranus in your money house. You may fight with a friend over money, or a long-term project could hit a financing snag. Alternatively, you may just realize that all these dinners and drinks with friends are adding up and straining your budget!

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