Cancer Horoscope March 2014

cancer marchSummary: A month focused on travel, study, and broad horizons. A project or trip may come together mid-month. Home and family issues may come up for review and need your attention.

Extended Horoscope: Foreign people and places are well-starred for you this month, dear crab, and it seems you’re really expanding your horizons! The new moon on February 28th occurs in this sector, and it comes perfectly aligned with Jupiter in your own sign. You may go on or plan an eye-opening travel experience, expand your business internationally, or take on an important overseas client. Other crabs may be going on trips of a more intellectual nature- perhaps starting higher eduction or undergoing some sort of training or study.

Even better news, Jupiter in your sign goes direct on March 6th, giving you the maximum strength of its good-luck energy. It seems that whatever is going on with you is extremely important to your identity and brings you a lot of joy. Additionally, Mercury goes direct in your 8th house of money on March 1st, ensuring you have the cash to fund whatever adventure your heart desires.

A full moon occurs in your 3rd house of short distance travel on March 16th. You may take a short trip, perhaps with a child, or perhaps with a new romance. Alternatively, you may sign a contract or purchase a new car. Some cancers may even hear that a sibling is pregnant!

Saturn has been traversing your 5th house of fun, romance, and children since October 2012, making for a somewhat sobering time. Coupled up Cancers may have found their romantic spark to be a little, ummm…flat, lately. Single crabs may be having trouble on the dating scene and wondering how things got so dire. Has it really been 6 months since you went on a date? Still others may have have had a child recently and been introduced to just how hard it is to make time for romance when you’re constantly changing dirty diapies!

Saturn goes retrograde on March 2nd, bringing some of these issues up for you to resolve. If you want that spark, you’re going to have to work for it over the next few months (until July 20th). Make time for date night, and if you’re a new parent, try to keep the poo poo conversations to a minimum. Single cancers might be better off focusing on themselves and their own interests for the time being. You never know- that special someone might just come along when you stop looking so hard.

Mars is another planet that will retrograde, and it will do so on March 1st in  your 4th house of home. Renovation plans may hit a snag, or you may encounter difficulties with a roommate, landlord, plumbing, or home wiring issue. This would not be an ideal time to move, as you may find the conditions are not what you were hoping for. If you’ve been working from home, you may encounter difficulties at this time as well, perhaps finding the environment is no longer conducive to getting work done. You may encounter unexpected familial news at this time as well.

Mars goes direct on May 19th, so try to hold off on any major initiations until this time. April is an especially chaotic month to make big moves, as planets in your houses of home, career, partnership, and self will clash. Your sign is right in the thick of this square, especially if your birthday falls close to July 5th. It seems that any issues that have been building up will come to a head in the third week of April, possibly around the eclipse on April 15th.

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