Leo Horoscope March 2014

leo marchSummary: A month focused on inner peace, quiet, and creativity. Positive financial developments may occur. A home matter may need to be revisited.

Extended Horoscope: With planets forming beneficial aspects between the two most mysterious houses in your chart, the 8th and 12th, March is a dreamy and inspired time to be a Leo! The new moon and Jupiter work together on February 28th to urge you to dig within your own psyche to uncover your deepest desires, fears, and truths. Why not channel this energy into painting, writing, music, or acting? You may be surprised at what you can create when you allow yourself to truly feel your emotions.

Leo is a pretty gregarious sign, so this energy might feel a little daunting to those of you who prefer to keep it light (umm, most of you). Laying low may feel a little unnatural, but if you do this creative work now, you will benefit enormously when Jupiter comes to visit your sign this July for a whole year. Luckily, Jupiter goes direct on March 6th, making its march (no pun intended) towards Leo even closer! So get cracking. Overnight successes don’t happen overnight- it takes years of hard work- often done in solitude- to create something that’s worthy of recognition. So shut the doors, turn off the lights, and let that magnificent brain of yours create a masterpiece.

The new moon may reveal itself in other ways as well. Some of you could hear positive developments in the health of yourself or a loved one. Surgery is well-starred. You may even find your libido goes up about five octaves, making you go all Christian Grey on your partner.

The new moon may also bring you some unexpected cash- perhaps in the form of a tax refund, work bonus, or inheritance. Alternatively you could sell a creative idea, or sell a company or project and be paid nicely. If you work in an occult field, religious field, medical field, or creative field, this energy will benefit you the most.

Positive financial developments are also indicated by the new moon on March 16th, which falls in your 2nd house of income. It seems you may have a new income stream, or perhaps receive funds from a family member or through a home sale. Perhaps a work-from-home opportunity finally pays off. The 2nd house is associated not only with income, but also with family, stability, and self-worth, so the full moon’s connection to Saturn in your 4th house of home doubles down on the possibility that family matters will be prominent this month.

Saturn seems to have been putting pressure on your home life ever since its entry into this sector in October 2012. This month, Saturn goes retrograde on March 2nd, illuminating these issues even more brightly. If you are trying to move or re-decorate or renovate your home, you may encounter setbacks at this time. Alternatively, you may find your housing situation to be less-than-ideal. Roommates could be troublesome, or family members could give you grief. I hope that no one in your family is experiencing an illness, but this is a possibility. Saturn will go direct on July 20th.

Mars is the second planet that will retrograde this month, and it will do so on March 1st. You may suddenly find yourself having trouble getting from A to B. You may experience mechanical breakdowns, travel delays, or communication problems. Make sure your car is filled with oil and gas, and get those tire checked! Some of you may be thinking of purchasing a new car, so this may be the time you do some research and narrow down your options. Others may hear of issues having to do with siblings or contracts. Next month brings turbulence in this area, as there’s not only an eclipse in this house, but there’s a four-way square between planets in your travel sectors and health sectors. Use Mars’ retrograde to prepare now. Mars will go direct on May 19th.

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5 comments on “Leo Horoscope March 2014

  1. Arun says:


    Great read with regards to this months outlay for the Leo, two questions I hope you can help me with.

    Firstly, I’ve found the months outlay (and even the year to some extent) bang on the head. But when it comes to weekly horoscopes, it doesn’t seem like “me” and/or I definitely don’t feel able to relate to it. Especially when it comes to information on “love” and relationships. Could this be because I was born right near the start of the Leo threshold?

    Secondly, how do I go about getting the job I’ve been working all my life towards?

    I hope you get back to me, if not, thanks for the horoscope anyway!

    • positivelyastro says:

      Hi Arun,

      Thanks for reading! Your experience makes a lot of sense. The monthly horoscopes tend to describe the energies of that month, which almost everyone experiences, while the daily/weekly scopes are a little more precise. For the most part, you feel precise energies only if you have planets or points on those exact degrees, or making a significant aspect to those exact degrees.

      You may want to try reading for your rising sign, in addition to your Sun sign. That may fill in some holes for you. You can find a link in the upper right hand sidebar for that.

      The degree you were born at definitely makes a difference as to where/when you would feel the energy.

      I don’t know how to get you a job, but you do have a great year coming up this July, Leo!

      positively astrology

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