Aries Horoscope March 2014

aries marchSummary: A month focused on endings, recuperation, and family. Mid-month, a work or health matter may culminate. Relationships come up for review.

Extended Horoscope: If you’re looking to move or close a chapter of your life, this is a beautiful month to do so, with the new moon on February 28th in your house of endings in perfect alignment with Jupiter in your home and family sector. You may move out of a long-time home, or say good bye to a family member who is moving away. Jupiter goes direct on March 6th in your home sector, bringing good luck to this area until July.

The new moon will also reach out to Pluto in your career sector, indicating that your move may have to do with a new job, or perhaps a job comes to an end. In fact, this seems to happen on or around March 16th, when there’s a full moon in your work and health sector well-angled to Saturn in your money house. You may get funding for a company or project, or perhaps land or begin a new job, one that seems to have a good bonus structure. Alternatively, you may end a job or sell a project, perhaps even getting a nice payout for your time.

The full moon could indicate that a health matter comes to fruition, especially since it’s well-angled to Saturn in your house of surgery. Guard your health closely, as you are more prone to getting sick around this time.

With all of these planets moving around in your health sectors, be sure to take it easy this month and leave lots of time for rest and recuperation. Since March is the month before your birthday (and in fact some of you will have a birthday this month!), try to tie up all the odds and ends of the last year, in preparation for initiatives next month. Next month will be a tough one for all signs, but especially for you, as Aries will be right in the thick of all the planetary tangles. Do all you can to build up your strength now.

It seems you’re going through some kind of transformation. Saturn has been in your house of shared resources, death, and sexuality since October 2012. You may have had financial worries, suffered some kind of loss, or on a more existential level, found your personal views and beliefs completely transforming. This month, Saturn will go retrograde on March 2nd, bringing these issues back up for review. You may have to confront some uncomfortable emotions, but luckily Saturn will leave this sector on December 24th (although it will return very briefly in 2015) and it won’t be back for 29 years! Saturn goes direct in this sector in July.

Additionally, Mars, your ruler, has been in your house of partnership since December 2013. It seems you’ve been majorly focused on a love or business relationship, perhaps a little too focused in your opinion- Aries is pretty independent after all! Mars will retrograde on March 1st, bringing partnership issues up for review. If one of you is giving or taking too much, work to find a better balance. Since Mars is your ruler, you will feel its retrograde more than other signs. Things may come to a head on or around April 15th, when there’s a lunar eclipse in this same sector of partners. One week after that, planets in your home, self, career, and partnership sectors will all clash, indicating much upheaval in your life. So use Mars’ retrograde to figure out exactly what you want. It will return to direct motion on May 19th.

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