BONUS- Daily Horoscopes- March 1st, 2014

march dailyAries: If you’re looking for a new place to live, lady luck is on your side! The new moon may just sweep a wonderful real estate opportunity into your life, while also giving you the strength to let go of your current situation.

Taurus: Why not grab some friends and get out of dodge for the weekend? The gorgeous new moon today makes it a fine time for a fun trip with your best pals.

Gemini: Today is one of the best career days you’ve had in a while! The new moon may sweep in the promotion of your dreams, with a magnificent salary to boot!

Cancer: Travel is well-starred today, and you may plan or go on the trip of a lifetime. These are also beautiful aspects if you’re applying to college, grad school, or for some kind of training program.

Leo: A behind-the scenes project may bring in a boost of money today. Money could also come from an inheritance, or the sale of a creative idea.

Virgo: A new chapter begins in your relationship today, and an engagement or marriage may even be on its way to you! Jupiter’s presence in your house of hopes and dreams indicates that it’s everything you ever wanted.

Libra: A new job or work assignment may present itself today, much to your excitement. It seems to be an upgrade in title or prestige, lucky you!

Scorpio: Today is all about love and romance for you, dear Scorpion…travel may even be part of the picture! If you’re trying to have a baby, today will bring you good luck.

Sagittarius: You seem to be looking for a new home, and if that’s the case, you’ll soon find good news headed your way.┬áIf you’ve recently applied for a home loan, you may hear word that it went through!

Capricorn: Today is a great day to take your one and only on a trip to a nearby B&B. If romance isn’t in the picture for you, you may get the opportunity to take on a new business partner. You have the go ahead to sign any agreements today!

Aquarius: Today may usher in a new financial chapter for you. You may begin a new, better-paying job, or perhaps get a raise at your current job.

Pisces: A lucky new moon in your sign indicates new beginnings in romance and creativity. Tell your crush how you feel about them, and you’ll be surprised at the results. Single? Go out and mingle.

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