Aries Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 2, 2014

aries march 2Sunday 3/2– You may fight with a partner or spouse over a career or marriage issue today, as your ruler, Mars, is angry with Venus. Perhaps you’ve been so busy at work that your partner feels neglected. Alternatively, you may take issue with your employer or salary. Take whatever comes up seriously, as it could bubble up to something larger next month.

Monday 3/3– Today is a great day to work on a creative project, as the Sun in this sector will reach out to Pluto in your career house. Alternatively, you may end a job, and if so it seems to be for the best.

Tuesday 3/4–  If you’re letting something go, today brings a healing energy, as Chiron conjuncts the Sun in Pisces. Trust that anything you’re sweeping out now is part of a larger plan. Once you’ve cleaned out the cobwebs in the attic, you can make way for new and better beginnings.

Wednesday 3/5– Today is a pleasant day, when the moon and the Sun are at peace with each other. You may take stock of your life and where you’re at and feel happy. Money matters may prove to positive.

Thursday 3/6–  Jupiter goes direct in your house of home, straightening out matters of this nature. If you’re looking for a new place, Jupiter’s energy will give you renewed luck and motivation. Difficulties with family tend to be smoothed over now.

Friday 3/7– Venus entered your house of friendship yesterday, making for a fun time with friends. If you’re single, you may  even discover you have romantic feelings for a good friend. Venus in this sector also promises good fortune for long-term goals and plans, especially of a romantic nature!

Saturday 3/8– Mercury turned direct earlier this week in your 11th house of technology and long-term plans. Why not use this energy to work on any dormant writing, internet, or communication projects? Mercury will leave this sector on March 17th, so get to work now.

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  1. reena says:


    Kindly post Aries daily horoscope for this week.


  2. reena says:


    Kindly post Aries daily horoscope for this week.


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