Capricorn Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 2, 2014

cap mar 2Sunday 3/2– Your career has been turned up to full volume these days with Mars zooming through this sector. Additionally, Venus has been gliding through your first house, giving you charisma for days. Today, these two planets fight, indicating that a superior may feel threatened by your newfound self-confidence. If he/she can’t handle how bright your star is, maybe it’s time to start looking for another job? Use Mars’ retrograde to evaluate your options.

Monday 3/3– Today is a great day to sign a contract, as the Sun in this sector will reach out to Pluto in your sign. Commitments of all kinds are favored, as are transportation and sibling matters.

Tuesday 3/4– With Chiron conjunct the Sun in your 3rd house of communication, you may find the words to smooth over a disagreement. Chiron is a healing influence, but it can illuminate old wounds. If something from your past has been eating at you, give yourself permission to move on.

Wednesday 3/5– Today is a great day to get out of town with your love. Why not make it an early weekend? The moon wants you to have fun and play today!

Thursday 3/6–  You may feel a distinct energy shift today, as Jupiter goes direct in your partnership house. Romantic endeavors may move much more quickly between now and July, and you may even find yourself engaged or committed to a love in the near future. Alternatively, a business partnership could bring lucrative benefits down the line.

Friday 3/7– Venus enters Aquarius and your income house, indicating a nice raise for Señor or Señorita Capricorn. Romance begun during this time has a strong potential to be long-lasting.

Saturday 3/8– Has a partner or family member been ill? Mercury’s return to direct movement last week should have brought some healing. If you’re a writer, musician, or artist, use the energy of Mercury in your 12th house to create a masterpiece. You should be full of inspiration.

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