Taurus Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 2, 2014

taurus march 2Sunday 3/2– Mars fights with your ruler, Venus, today in your work and travel sectors, indicating that an unexpected (and unwelcome) work trip may pop up. Alternatively, illness could interfere with a vacation, or a publishing project could hit a snag. While this energy is temporary, the planets indicate more turbulence in these areas next month, so do what you can to smooth things over now.

Monday 3/3– Today is a great day for travel, especially if you’re with a group of friends, as Pluto in your travel sector will reach out to the Sun in your house of hopes and dreams. Long-term projects, especially broadcasting, publishing, and writing projects are well-starred as well, smoothing over yesterday’s energy.

Tuesday 3/4–  Today, healing Chiron conjuncts the Sun in your friendship sector, so if you’ve been having any difficulties with friends, today might be the day you bury the hatchet. Take stock of your friendships, and give thanks for those close to you in your life.

Wednesday 3/5– The moon in your sign today is in pleasant aspect to the Sun in your friendship, bringing more good news to friendship and long-term goals. You have an extra sparkle today, so why not put the good energy to use and go out on the town?

Thursday 3/6–  Jupiter goes direct in your communication house today, and writing and communication projects are all set to go full steam ahead. If you’ve been having car troubles or travel issues, you may now be able to more effectively sort them out. Siblings may call with good news.

Friday 3/7– Venus entered your 10th house of career yesterday, bestowing good fortune on this sector. Professional pursuits are well-starred at this time, and authority figures look on you with respect. If you’re single, you may even find love on the job.

Saturday 3/8– Mercury went direct in your career sector earlier this week, and since Mercury rules your income house you may hear word about a salary increase at this time. Mercury also rules your creative sector, so if your profession has to do with writing or the arts, this is a fantastic time to get lots of work done.

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