Capricorn Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 9th-15th

cap march 9Sunday, March 9th: Your ruler, Saturn, has been retrograde in your house of friendship since early this month. You may be having sudden problems with a friend, or perhaps even re-evaluating your social circle. Alternatively, you could be trying to work it out with a friend with whom you had a falling out. Saturn won’t go direct until July, so you may be dealing with this issue until then.

Monday, March 10th: Money may be an issue today, as Mercury in your income house fights with Saturn in your goals sector. A long-term project may encounter a financing snag, or perhaps you find you don’t have the money to complete a long-held dream. Thursday may bring relief to your problem.

Tuesday, March 11th: The moon joins Jupiter in your partnership sector today, and you may feel sappy or sentimental about your love (in a good way!). Try to push any concerns you may be having about a personal project or housing matter out of your mind today and just focus on the connection you have with your love.

Wednesday, March 12th: With Saturn retrograde in your house of hopes and dreams, you may be re-evaluating the direction of your life. It seems something you wanted so badly a few years ago suddenly doesn’t seem so important. Perhaps you’re finding yourself moving in a whole new direction. Listen to what your heart is telling you to do.

Thursday, March 13th: The Sun trines Saturn today, bringing good news to contracts or long-term projects. Any misunderstandings or arguments from earlier in the week should clear up, and you may hear even better news tomorrow.

Friday, March 14th: Mercury in your income house trines Mars in your career house today, indicating a possible raise or secondary income stream. This is great news after the financial hurdle you encountered earlier this week. Despite the good news, you still seem to be encountering changes on the job.

Saturday, March 15th: With Mars retrograde in your career sector, you may be looking for a new job or re-evaluating your position at a current one. Perhaps you are even thinking of changing careers? Use the time until May 19th, when Mars goes direct again, to research and re-think, and try to hold off on any new initiatives until then. Since Mars rules your home house and is currently in your career house, your career may be tied up in your housing situation. Next month may bring answers.

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