Pisces Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 16th

mar 16Sunday, March 16: Partnership matters will come to a culmination today, and you may agree to become exclusive with a new romance. If you’ve been dating a while, you may even get engaged or married! Saturn’s pleasant involvement indicates that you may decide to take a far away trip together, or even decide to move abroad. There’s a possibility you will break-up an existing relationship. If this is the case, trust that better things are on the way for you.

Monday, March 17: Mercury enters your sign today, giving you the gift of gab. Even better, Mercury reaches out to the North Node in Scorpio, filling you with imagination and big ideas. Put pen to paper and get to writing- you may find you can’t stop! Mercury also rules your house of relationships and your house of home, so matters of this nature just may be on the brain.

Tuesday, March 18: Today is a good day for love and money, with Venus sextile Uranus in your income house. You may get a raise, which in turn boosts your self-confidence. Why not take some of that cash and spend it on your sweetie?

Wednesday, March 19:  You may be in a dreamy mood today, as the moon spends the day in Scorpio and your 9th house of faraway thinking. With the moon making a positive connection to your love house, you may be feeling good about romance or hobbies, although there is a possibility you hear a secret today that surprises you. If you’ve been keeping a romance under wraps, today you may begin to wonder why that is.

Thursday, March 20: The Sun leaves your sign and enters Aries today, and any personal projects you began earlier this month may begin to see some dividends. With some upcoming turbulence between planets in your financial sectors this month, be sure to proceed carefully.

Friday, March 21: Mercury conjuncts Neptune in your sign today, which could manifest in a few different ways. If you’re creative, like so many Pisces, today may bring wonderful news to a project. Alternatively, you may find yourself full of inspiration and able to get a lot of creative work done today, or perhaps a beneficial offer or contract is presented to you.  If you do not work in a creative field, beware of any contracts or commitments. If it seems way too good to be true, it probably is. However, if you read the fine print and find no alarms, go for it!

Saturday, March 22: The North Node leaves Scorpio for Libra today, and you may find your focus shifting to your financials, especially as the Sun is now lighting up your other financial house in Aries. You may need to rely on a partner or benefactor for money at this time, as it seems there will be some turbulence in your income house in about a week. The North Node will stay in this sector for about a year and half, encouraging you to get creative about income streams. If you’re used to a slow and steady income, this period my prove difficult at the outset, but by the end of the transit, you should feel much more comfortable asking for financial help. If you want to read more about the north nodes, check out my favorite book on the matter, Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller.

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