Taurus Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 16th

taurus mar 16Sunday, March 16: A beautiful full moon occurs in your 5th house of true love, and it’s hand in hand with Saturn in your house of partnerships, indicating that you may become exclusive with your one and only at this time- perhaps eve getting engaged! It’s hard to get better aspects than this, my dear Taurus, as you are so well-starred in romance and fun today. If you’re already engaged or married, you may learn of a happy pregnancy at this time, or perhaps hear good news about a child. If none of this applies to you, it may be that you are taking on a creative partner at this time, such as a writing partner or band member.

Monday, March 17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today, Mercury enters your 11th house of hops and dreams, giving the edge to long-term projects and goals. Additionally, today and tomorrow, Mercury reaches out to the North Node in Scorpio and your 7th house of partnerships, a beautiful aspect to make a commitment in love or business. You may partner up for a business idea, or perhaps embark on a life goal with your one and only.

Tuesday, March 18: Your ruler, Venus, currently gliding through your 10th house of career, makes beautiful music with Uranus in your 12th house of closure today, a great aspect for creative projects, or any jobs in the medical or institutional field. If you’re wrapping a project, you may hear good news about it at this time.

Wednesday, March 19:  The Moon spends the day in your partnerhip house and reaches out to Jupiter in your commitment house, indicating that you may be feeling very good about any partners or contracts in your life, whether that’s personal or professional. While you may have some concerns about a career matter, this seems to be a passing influence.

Thursday, March 20: The Sun leaves your social 11th house and enters your 12th house of secrets and closure, shifting your focus to aspects of your life that you are interested in closing out. While the next week should see a boost to this area, keep your eyes open wide and address any concerns that come up, as the end of the month may bring some hiccups. The new moon in your 12th house at the end of March will battle with your travel and communication houses, and next month may bring unexpected news regarding a job, work assignment, or health matter. Tie up any loose ends as quickly and painlessly as possible, so that you can create new beginnings at the end of April, when there’s a friendly solar eclipse in your sign.

Friday, March 21: Mercury conjuncts Neptune in your long-term goals house today, which could mean great news if you work in a creative or artistic field. Since Mercury rules your income house, you may even see money come in from the sale of a creative project. On the other hand, conjunctions can bring unexpected news, and Neptune is known for its deceptive and sneaky ways, so be sure to enter any agreements with your eyes wide open. March 26th would be a much better day to sign a contract if one comes up, as Mercury will trine Jupiter in your 3rd house at this time.

Saturday, March 22: The North Node enters Libra and your 6th house of work and health today, encouraging you to get organized and focus on business. If you’ve been neglecting your health, now’s the time to focus on eating right and exercising. If you’ve been playing fast and loose with processes at work, now’s the time to put it all in order. At times over the coming year and a half, you may encounter setbacks in health matter or creative matters, as the South Node travels through your 12th house of closure. If you’re hiding anything, it may come out over the next few months. To read more about north node astrology, check out my favorite book on the subject, Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul.

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