Cancer Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 30th

cancer mar 30This week could see changes brewing in your career, as there’s a new moon in this sector on Sunday. Unfortunately, on Monday, the Sun is cross with Jupiter, and news that comes up may not be the kind you want to hear. You may fight with your employer or hit a snag on a work matter. Maybe a planned promotion does not come through. Tuesday may bring another twist, as the Sun now meets with Uranus, planet of sudden news. To top everything off, Wednesday could drag a partner into the matter, as the Sun makes a difficult aspect to Pluto in this sector. You may argue with a boss, or your honey could give you a hard time about those long hours at the office. Thursday you may want to just hide from everyone and meditate in your office for 8 hours. Luckily, things shape up by Friday, as Venus makes a positive connection between your home and money houses. A home loan may come through or you could be gifted some money by your family. On Saturday, Venus moves into your travel and higher learning house, and you may decide to plan a faraway trip with your boo. Go for it!

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