Gemini Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 30th

gemini mar 30You may hear big news about a friendship or long-term project this week, as the new moon on Sunday ushers in new beginnings to this sector. Unfortunately, Monday is a rocky day, one that could see you fight with a friend as you try to recoup a loan from them. Alternatively,  your income may suffer a blow, or you could learn that you have to spend a lot of unexpected money on project. Tuesday may bring a twist, as the Sun conjuncts Uranus, and a friend or associate may give you news that is completely out of the blue. Unfortunately, Wednesday could strain your pocketbook again, as the Sun crosses Pluto, and you might hear distressing news about a partner’s income or your own investments. Thursday gives you a burst of energy, making you determined to overcome whatever is going on. Things shape up by Friday, when Venus in fellow air sign Aquarius makes a positive connection to the third air sign, Libra, giving love and travel matters a boost. You may plan a trip with your sweetie or do work on a creative writing project. Saturday, Venus moves into your career house, bringing blessings and good luck to this area of life for the whole rest of the month.

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