Leo Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 30th

leo mar 30Sunday may sweep a new travel or learning opportunity into your life, as there’s a new moon in this sector, refreshing it for the year. Unfortunately, on Monday a trip could go terribly wrong, as Jupiter is cross with your ruler, the Sun. A writing or broadcasting project could hit a snag, or your travel plans could be delayed. Tuesday may bring an unexpected twist as well, as the Sun now hits Uranus and either saves the day or brings more distressing news. Wednesday could find you feeling ill, or perhaps suffering a temporary setback at the office. By Thursday, you’ll want to tear off your suit and go party with friends, no matter how big a blow that will send to your bank account. Things look up by Friday, when Venus makes a positive connection to the north node, and you may make a commitment in love or business. Contracts are favored today, as is a trip out of town with your boo. Saturday, Venus moves into your sexy 8th house, and things may get a little spicy at Chez Leo for the rest of the month. This could also spell good news for your bank account.

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