Daily Horoscopes- Week of April 6

daily april 6Hi readers- unfortunately I wrote so much for April that I injured my thumb! I am taking this week off of daily horoscopes so that it can recover.

Luckily, this week is fairly tame. Just watch out for Monday, April 7th, when Mars in Libra will oppose the Sun in Aries. You can re-read your monthly horoscope for a refresher on that influence.

Also, Pisces should be in for a treat on Friday, April 11th, when Venus conjuncts your ruler, Neptune, in your own sign. Romance rules for you on this day!

Next week should be a spicy one, so I’m hoping to recover by then.

Thanks for understanding. ~ positively astrology

4 comments on “Daily Horoscopes- Week of April 6

  1. Take care of your precious thumb. Our thumbs are our “rocks.”

    Sheila Haouchine
    Brooklyn, New York

  2. Agnes (Libra) says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery soon!

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