July Horoscope Scorpio

scorpio julySummary: A month focused on love and travel, although any trips taken could be interrupted by work or illness. Mid-month, you may be offered an important contract. The end of the month sees a new moon in your career sector come hand in hand with good-luck Jupiter. An important promotion or achievement may soon follow.

Extended Horoscope: June saw you focused on your finances, and it seems this is still very much on your mind. Luckily on the very first day of the month, Mercury goes direct in this sector, so if you’ve been feeling like your spending is out of whack or your money matters are in flux, you should begin to gain clarity now.

In fact, you may hear good money news on July 4th, as the interplay between Mercury and the North Node indicate that you could net some funds from the sale of a product, project, or stock, or come into some kind of inheritance! Happy 4th of July, indeed! An even better day for your bank account is July 6th, when Venus in your finance sector  smooches Uranus in your work and health house, and you may get an unexpected bonus! If you are having any kind of medical procedure done, this is a great day for that as well.

July 13th may also prove to be a day to remember, as Mars conjuncts the North Node in your house of endings, and you could let go of something in your life. It seems this release has been a long-time coming, but don’t fret, as these two planets will be blessed with the protection of beneficial Venus in your money and transformation sector. By letting go, you seem to be opening yourself up in some way-  and you may even benefit financially, sexually, or mentally.

Backing up a little bit, the new moon on June 27th blew a breath of fresh air into your travel sector, and you may soon be planning or going on a fun trip with a romantic partner. It’s also possible that creative or educational projects get injected with new life.

Your focus will turn even more closely to travel, spirituality, and higher thinking, as more planets crowd into Cancer throughout the month. Mercury joins on July 13th, while Venus does so on July 18th. And as I’m sure you remember, Jupiter has been this sector since July 2013, making a lovely trine to your Sun!

Watch July 8th and July 24th as days when travel and education matters shine, as the Sun and Mercury send beautiful beams to Saturn in your own sign of Scorpio. More good news may follow on July 19th and  July 24th, when Mercury and then Venus smooch Neptune in your fun and love sector, amping the romance factor up to the max!

Do be careful for some overlapping challenges on these days however, as it’s possible that work or health will interfere with your plans. This is due to the Sun and Mercury’s irritation with Uranus on July 8th and July 24th. It seems that work or illness with get in the way of travel or romance plans, and it’s also possible that writing, education, publishing or broadcasting projects will encounter obstacles. July 15th and July 18th are two more troublesome days, when the Sun will be angry with planets in your closure sector, again bringing challenges to writing, travel, or higher thinking endeavors. You may even struggle with your own belief system or religion at this time.

In addition, we have your ruler, the mighty Pluto, in your communication sector facing off against several planets in Cancer throughout the month, which could bring tension to travel, transportation, and communication issues. You are likely to feel this influence most on July 4th, when the Sun will oppose Pluto; on July 21st, when Mercury will oppose Pluto, and on July 27th, when Venus will oppose Pluto. Avoid travel and commitments on these days.

A travel, transportation, writing or communication issue may come to a head on July 12th, when a full moon occurs in this sector and comes hand in hand with Saturn in your own sign. You may be offered an important contract, or perhaps hear big news about a sibling or vehicle. A few days later, on July 20th Saturn will go direct in your sign of Scorpio, and personal plans and projects may speed up at this time.

Again, it seems your work and health will prove troublesome however, as the full moon angers Uranus in in this sector. Uranus will actually turn retrograde (I know- it never ends!) in this same sector or work and health on July 21st, so you may review this area of life and make changes over the next five months. Expect big news on this front in October with the Aries lunar eclipse.

In fact, you may like what you hear on the work front, given that good-luck Jupiter is set to enter Leo and your 10th house of career on July 16th. You’ve been busting your butt on the job lately, and the Universe is getting ready to reward you for all your hard work! Expect major developments in this area of life between now and Summer 2015- promotions, press, success- reach for the sky and it could be yours!

Watch July 25th as a day when big career news could appear, as the Sun will conjunct Jupiter in this same 10th house. Then, on July 26th, a gorgeous new moon appears in Leo that’s hand in hand with Jupiter, setting a wonderful tone for professional endeavors for an entire year!

Just be careful, as Mars will square the pair from your own sign of Scorpio, indicating that it won’t always be smooth sailing. Watch that you don’t rub people the wrong way or run yourself into the ground with work.

This is because on July 26th, Mars enters your sign of Scorpio, joining our buddy Saturn who’s been there since October 2012. You seem to be in the midst of making major changes in your life, and Mars’ entry into your sign will give you the strength to do some seriously heavy lifting. Watch August 25th as a day for sudden big news in your life, when these two powerful planets collide. This may be the day your career path dramatically changes.

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