Leo August Horoscope

Leo August HoroscopeSummary: While you may hear good news regarding personal initiatives and partnerships this month, try not to let housing or family drama weigh you down. The end of the month turns your focus to the ways you earn money, and you may even find a new source of income flowing your way.

Extended Horoscope: It seems the new moon that occurred last month saw you launch a brand new project or initiative, as the sun, moon, and Jupiter all aligned in your own sign of Leo!

On August 1st, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in your sign, and the pair square Mars in your housing and family sector. While it seems you may hear good news about a personal endeavor, whatever comes up could rub a family member the wrong way or affect your housing situation. Luckily, on this same day, Venus in your closure house will trine Saturn in your home sector, suggesting that home and family needs will be well taken care of in the end.

Then, on August 7th, Mars in your home sector reaches out to Neptune in your financing house, suggesting you could make some money from the sale of a house or a familial gift. It’s also possible you put money down on a new house, or that a home loan comes through.

On August 8th, it’s your ruler, the Sun’s, turn to conjunct Mercury in your sign of Leo, and the nice angle of Uranus in your travel and higher thinking sector indicates that you may soon go on a fun foreign trip or decide to embark on a new course of study. Unfortunately, the pair will also square Saturn in your housing sector on this day, once again indicating that your home life could suffer, or your living situation could be affected.

A partnership matter will culminate with the full moon in Aquarius on August 10th, and it could result in mixed emotions. The lovely angle of Uranus and the North Node suggest that you may partner up on a writing, speaking, or publishing project, and you may even get to travel either locally or abroad.

Unfortunately Saturn will again be angry over in your home sector, suggesting housing or family obligations will weigh you down. Additionally, Mercury will oppose the moon from your own sign, suggesting that your needs could be at odds with a partner’s.

Luckily, your needs will be blessed on August 17th, a gem of a day when the two most loving planets, Jupiter and Venus, meet up in your sign of Leo, bringing luck and fortune to your endeavors!

One day to watch out for is August 18th, when Neptune in your finance sector will face off against Mercury in your income sector. A financial issue may come to light, and the line between your income and your debts could be blurred.

Another iffy day falls on August 25th, when 5 planets align in an explosive combination! The good news is that Mars will conjunct Saturn in your housing and family sector, and the pair will reach out happily to Mercury in your income sector. It seems you could buy or sell a house at this time, or perhaps receive money from your family, or from work performed on or from the home. With Venus in your sign smooching Uranus in your travel and higher thinking house on the same day, you may even use the money for a fun foreign trip abroad!

The problem is that over the next few days (August 26th and August 27th), Saturn and then Mars in your home sector will square Venus in your sign, suggesting that housing and family matters will weigh you down.

As if that weren’t enough planetary action, August 25th also sees a new moon in your money sector, indicating that you may soon get a raise or new source of income. Neptune’s opposition to the moon indicates some confusion and fuzziness however, so do make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into.

The month ends on a positive note, as Venus in your sign of Leo reaches out happily to the fated North Node in your communication sector on August 28th. A writing or speaking project may come together, or it’s possible you get a new vehicle or go on a fun trip. You could even hear good news about a sibling!

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