Pisces 2017 Horoscope

Pisces 2017 Yearly Horoscope

Summary: Saturn in your career sector all year works with Jupiter and Uranus to bring you financial rewards. A major emphasis on work, health, and daily routines, with two eclipses and the movement of the fated North Node to this sector.

Extended Pisces 2017 Horoscope: What a year you’ve had little fishy- congratulations on making it through the fire!

2016 seems to have brought big changes your way, as Saturn, Neptune (your ruler), the nodes, and Jupiter battled it out in your identity, career, and relationship houses. Being caught in a planetary storm like that couldn’t have been easy, but hopefully it brought some much needed changes to your life!

With task-master planet Saturn still making his way through the top of your chart all year long (and also making a square to your sign if you’re a later-born Pisces), it seems your career will continue to throw you both curveballs and exciting opportunities throughout 2017. Saturn is one tough teacher dude, so you may feel like you’re in a pressure cooker at times, but he also clears a path for major rewards. Whatever you get up to over the next year could pave the way for major success and accolades down the road!

Luckily, you’ve also got good luck Jupiter transiting your 8th house of shared wealth, loans, and bonuses, meaning that you could get a major payoff for your efforts. If you’re an entrepreneur, you could land funding for a company. If you’re an artist or writer, you may make a major sale!

In fact, Jupiter and Saturn will work together in January and late August to bring you money and career rewards!

Adding to your good fortune, Saturn will also be working with another change-making planet, Uranus, in your other money house (your income sector) to doubly ensure you get paid your full worth this year! Look to May and November to make your moves!

While your outlook for money is great, do be careful that you don’t blow your newfound treasure on anything you might regret or can’t ultimately afford. The planets do indicate some expenses coming your way, particularly in February, when Mars will conjunct surprising Uranus in your income house and the pair will oppose Jupiter in your shared accounts sector.

A long-term goal, social event, technology project, or philanthropy endeavor could also prove expensive in March or early August, when mighty Jupiter in your money house angers transformational Pluto in your friendship and goals zone.

July is another expensive month, when Uranus in your money house gets caught in an angry blast from Mars in your love and fun zone.

Eclipses this year fall in your work, health, and closure houses, and the good news is that these are pretty friendly eclipses this year!

February 10th sees a lunar eclipse in your work and health sector making beautiful music with three major heavy hitting planets- Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. This eclipse could help catapult you to the next level career-wise, and possibly shower you with financial rewards too!

The solar eclipse on August 21st in this same sector of work and health has similarly gorgeous aspects, as it will not only invoke Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, but also bring Mars and the fated North Node to the party to help you achieve your money and career goals!

August 7th sees another eclipse- this time lunar- fall in your endings house, and again, this eclipse will reach out happily to Jupiter and Saturn in your money and career zones. Remember, lunar eclipses tend to bring situations to a completion, and solar eclipses see us launch new chapters and initiatives.

In fact, this year also sees the final eclipse of the Pisces/Virgo series, and this eclipse will be a solar eclipse occurring in your sign on February 26th. The eclipse will conjunct Neptune, and sextile Pluto in your friendship and goals house, suggesting that you could launch a new personal project, relationship, long-term plan, social event, philanthropy project, or group project. However, the eclipse will also opppose the North Node in your relationship sector, suggesting that whatever comes up could be at odds with a partner’s needs.

Look for this to come to a head around September 6th, when there’s a corresponding full moon in Pisces.

You’re probably sick of me talking about work and health, but this area of life is further amplified by the movement of the fated North Node into this sector in late April. It seems in 2017 there will be a big emphasis for you on your job, daily routines, and your health or fitness. Luckily, it seems that it will be mostly positive things happening!

As I already mentioned, you have two major and friendly eclipses occurring in this area of life (in February and August). Additionally, the North Node will reach out happily to Venus and Uranus in June, blessing work, money, and health.

September is another gorgeous North Node month, as she’ll send smooches to both Saturn in your career house and Jupiter in your money zone.

The end of the year sees the tide shift to other areas of life, as Jupiter moves into your 9th house of travel and education in November, and Saturn moves into your 11th house of friendships and goals in December.

In fact, December is extra lovely, as good luck Jupiter makes a loving trine with your ruler, Neptune, in your sign. Since both of these planets are your rulers, I think you’ll really love this month! This would be a wonderful time to plan a trip or work on educational or intellectual goals.

Mercury retrogrades this year from

April 9th- May 3rd (in Taurus/Aries, your houses of communication and money),
August 12- Sept 5th (in Virgo, your relationship house), and
December 3rd- 22nd (Sagittarius, your career sector)

Since Mercury rules both your relationship sector and your home zone, you may rethink and review these areas of life during those times as well.

Venus retrogrades from

March 4th-April 15th (in Aries/Pisces- your money and identity houses)

Venus rules both your communication sector and your shared money house.

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