Libra June Horoscope 2014

libra juneSummary: A month focused on travel, education, finances and spirituality. Mid-month, you could be presented with a beneficial contract, or perhaps hear big news about a sibling or writing project. The end of the month could launch you into a whole new career dimension, when there’s a gorgeous new moon in your professional sector.

Extended Horoscope: The new moon that occurs on May 28th takes place in your 9th house of travel, indicating that you may soon go on or plan a fun foreign trip. Even better, the the moon is getting a power boost from Mars, currently revving up your energy and drive in your 1st house of self.

It’s also possible that you begin a new course of study or a publishing, broadcasting project of some kind. Just watch out, as Neptune will square from your 6th house of work and health. Work or illness could interfere with a vacation, or a new work project could encounter obstacles.

Watch June 5th and June 18th as days when you could hear good travel or education news. Another great day? June 16th, when the Sun will reach out to the North Node in your own sign, blessing 9th house endeavors.

Mercury goes retrograde in this same travel sector from June 6th to July 1st. Because the retrograde actually starts in your career sector, it seems you may have to go back and re-learn something that will allow you to do your job correctly. Perhaps you need to take a workshop or a training course. You may need to postpone or re-do travel taken for work. If you do travel during this time, make sure you prepare for Plan B as mess-ups are likely.

Your ruler, Venus, spends most of the month in Taurus and your 8th house of finances, giving a boost to this area of life. Watch June 4th and June 8th as days when Venus makes positive connections to Neptune and Pluto, indicating that you could receive a bonus from a work assignment, or perhaps learn of a family inheritance or monetary gift.

One day when money will be not so good is June 12th, when Venus and Saturn will oppose each other in your income and shared money houses. This day may feel especially stern for you, since lovely Venus is your ruler. Watch that you don’t commit to any purchases you can’t afford.

June 12th also sees a full moon in your 3rd house of communication which is reaching out to the beneficial North Node in your own sign. You may be presented with a contract at this time, or perhaps a writing or communication project will culminate now. You may also hear big news about a sibling, or even purchase or sell a vehicle.

Although the moon is mostly friendly, be sure to read over any contracts carefully, as remember you’ve got Venus and Saturn in opposition in your money houses on this day. Additionally, Mercury will still be retrograde at this time, an unfavorable aspect to make an important commitment. Try to hold off signing until after July 1st if you can. Furthermore, two days later, June 14th, sees Mars square Pluto in your housing sector. Watch your temper- especially with family members- on this day, as you may say something you could regret. It’s also possible that a housing issue hits a snag on this day.

Luckily, June 17th is a great money day, as Venus makes waves with healing Jupiter in your career house, suggesting that higher ups have been noticing your heard work and want to pay you for it! Nice!

In fact, your attention turns entirely to your career after June 21st, when the Sun joins Jupiter in this sector. Unfortunately we must get past a hiccup on June 23rd, when Jupiter angers the North Node and a career matter could hit a temporary snag. June 24th is another frustrating day, when Mars and Uranus oppose each other from your 1st and 7th houses, pitting your needs against those of a personal or business partner.

The end of the month shines, as a new moon takes place in your 10th house of career on June 27th, indicating you may begin a prestigious new position! The moon will be nicely aligned with Neptune in your work sector, doubling down on this possibility and ensuring the working conditions will be everything you hoped for. All signs indicate that Jupiter’s transit to this sector is finally paying off!

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