Pisces Yearly Horoscope 2014

Fish Drawing - Avia Venefica

Fish Drawing – Avia Venefica (Photo credit: Avia Venefica)

2014 starts off on a rocky note, with a messy new moon on January 1st in your 11th house of friendship/hopes and dreams. The new moon will conjunct both Pluto and Mercury, and it will square Mars in your 8th house of joint resources, as well as Jupiter in your 5th house of love and creativity. A friendship or long held dream may go through a profound transformation, and it may affect your financial situation.

Luckily, the full moon in your love house in January is supported by Saturn in your 9th house of broad thinking, and any love, travel, or publishing matters will go smoothly.

The new moon in February in your house of endings may bring one chapter of your life to a close, but because Uranus in Aries is supportive, it will all be for the best- you may even get a payout. This idea is further supported by the full moon in your work house in February, to which Mars in your money house is well-angled. You might get a new job with a better salary, or finish a work assignment that pays well.

March is your month to shine. A gorgeous new moon in your first house of self trines Jupiter in your 5th house of love and fame, sextiles Pluto in your house of dreams, AND conjuncts your ruler Neptune in your own sign. This is a heavenly new moon, and indicates that your whole year from birthday to birthday should be sparkling! Shortly after the new moon, Jupiter will go direct in your love and fame house. Jupiter rules your house of career, so you may have found career projects in limbo since November. Things should move more quickly now, especially if you’re in a creative field (which many Pisces are!).

Later in March, a full moon in your 7th house will sextile Saturn in your travel house, indicating that any partnerships- whether in business or love- will go well. This is the time when you could make it official. Perhaps on a vacation with your love?

Go now, cause April kind of sucks, honestly. A messy new moon will appear in your income house and will conjunct Uranus, indicating that whatever comes up will be a surprise. It will square both Jupiter in your creativity house AND Pluto in your hopes and dreams house. You may hit a snag on a career matter, or find yourself with a big expense from a creative project or child. You may even fight with a friend about money. To make matters worse, on the 21st, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, the moon, and Mars will all be in an exact square. This is an explosive position! I have a feeling this more likely to play out dramatically on the world stage as opposed to your personal life, but it’s definitely a day to watch out for.

Luckily, there’s a friendly eclipse in April in Libra (your other money house) that is friendly, so you might get an influx of cash around this time. There’s ALSO a solar eclipse at the end of April in your 3rd house of communication, which is conjunct Mercury and sextile Neptune in your own sign. You may begin a writing project or sign a contract for a project that’s close to your heart.

The big news in 2014 is that Jupiter moves into Leo ( your 6th house of work and health) in July. Currently, Jupiter is in your 5th house of love and creativity, and it’s been there since July of 2013. You may have met a new love, gotten engaged, become pregnant, or found creative projects to have a lucky boost. In general, things probably have felt light and fun.

Now, Jupiter will move into the 6th house, which is also a great position! While it may not sound super sexy, it’s pretty nice (in my opinion!) to have the beneficial planet of Jupiter bless the sector where you spend 8 hours of your day! Between July 2014-July 2015, you may get a better job, upgrade your offices, take on more exciting tasks, or welcome some friendly co-workers. Additionally, this is a great time to lose weight or finally kick that bad habit (smoking, drinking, overeating, undereating- you name it!) for good!

Additionally, the new moon at the end of July in this same sector is conjunct Jupiter, giving you an extra punch of luck for the whole year.

August may be a little stressful, with a full moon in your 12th house of closure and secrets squaring Saturn in your 9th house of publishing/travel/education and opposing Mercury in your 6th house of work and health. You may feel sick around this time, travel could go wrong, or you could find out that a co-worker has been keeping a secret from you. Alternatively, you may end a project or relationship that you’ll be sad to see go. Luckily, Uranus in your income house will sextile, so you may get a little money for your efforts.

In September, Jupiter trines Uranus, and you may get an unexpected raise or bonus. Not too shabby! Adding to your good money news, the lunar eclipse on October 8th occurring in your 2nd house of income will conjunct Uranus AND make a golden triangle with Jupiter in your 6th house and Mars in your 10th house of career! See what I mean about this being a great career year? Aim high and you just might reach your goals.

The solar eclipse at the end of October is a good one too. Occurring in fellow water sign Scorpio (your travel and education house) it’s conjunct Venus, and sextile your ruler Neptune in your own sign. You may begin a writing project, a graduate school application, or even a new life in a different country. All of these these things will be steeped in good fortune.

Adding to the good news- December 24th sees Saturn move out of this same sector of travel and publishing, making matters of this nature so much easier. It’s headed into your house of career, and in 2015 you might finally find yourself in the big leagues, kid. Enjoy!

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