Pisces Horoscope June 2014

pisces juneSummary: A month focused on family, housing matters, and money. With Mercury retrograde in your home sector, be sure to read over any contracts or agreements carefully. Mid-month, an important career milestone may occur for you, and it may come with a nice financial boost. The end of the month turns your focus to romance, fun, and creativity, as a gorgeous new moon appears in this sector holding hands with your ruler, Neptune.

Extended Horoscope: You may be in the process of looking for a new home or taking an important step in your family life. This is due to the new moon taking place on May 28th in Gemini and your house of home and family. Mars will give a friendly wave from your money house, indicating that you may receive funds from your family, or perhaps learn of an inheritance or home loan approval. Just be careful, as the moon will square your ruler, Neptune, in your own sign, indicating that it won’t necessarily come easily.

Luckily, June 4th should be a marvelous day for you, as Venus in your contract sector will reach out to your ruler, blessing you with charisma and luck. June 5th is another great day, as the Sun in your home sector pings Uranus in your income sector, and you may hear good money or family news on this day.

Mercury goes retrograde on June 6th, and will remain that way until July 1st. Boo! Mercury moved into your house of love, creativity, and children in late May, so you may find you need to go over the details of any initiations in these areas. It will then retrograde into Gemini and your home house, switching your focus back to this area of life. You may find you need to look back over a housing agreement or redecorating plan to fix errors. This would not be a great time to begin any home repair projects or sign a new housing agreement, although you may go through with existing plans.

June 8th may bring good news to long-term plans, as Venus pings Pluto in this sector from your money house. You may get the funds to go through with a long-held dream of yours- perhaps a company, website, or celebration with friends.

On June 9th, your ruler, Neptune, goes retrograde for 5 whole months- until November 15th, 2014. During this time, you may make a major change in life, whether personal or professional in nature. Neptune did the same retrograde last year during June-November 2013, so think back to that time for a clue as to what might come up.

A full moon occurs on June 12th in your 10th house of career (21.5 degrees Sagittarius) and a professional achievement may happen for you at this time. You may get a new, more prestigious position, or perhaps get some press for a high profile project. The moon will reach out happily to the North Node (a beneficial point) in Libra and your money house, indicating that a new job may come with an awesome new salary to boot- woo hoo!

While the moon itself appears friendly, there are some other, more distressing aspects occurring at this time. Venus will oppose Saturn in your travel and communication houses, which is not an ideal position for you if you’re supposed to sign a contract. Try to push to another day if you can. Additionally, on June 14th, Mars in your money house will anger Pluto in your long-term goals sector, giving you all the more reason to push any written agreements a few days.

Personally, I like June 16th, when the Sun will reach out to the North Node in your money house. June 17th is another great day to sign a contract, when Venus in your contract house will smooch Jupiter in your love and fun house.

You may hear home news on June 19th, when the Sun conjuncts Mercury in this sector. Soon after that, your focus moves to love, children, and creativity, as the Sun moves on to this area of life on June 21st. Just beware of of June 23rd, when Jupiter in this same sector angers the north node in your money house, and you could learn of a large expense regarding a child, love affair, hobby, or creative project. June 24th could be another tough day for finances, when Mars and Uranus will oppose each other from your financial houses, and the line between money you spend and money you earn becomes blurry.

Luckily, the end of the month is simply divine, as a new moon occurs on June 27th in your love sector which is trine your ruler, Neptune, in your own sign. If you’re single, you may meet a special someone at this time, and if you’re in a relationship, you may begin a fun new chapter- perhaps becoming engaged or deciding to have a child together! On the same day, Mercury will make beautiful music with the North node in your home and money sectors, ensuring any plans are well-funded!

Just keep your eyes open for one little hiccup, as Venus will square your ruler on June 29th, and you could hit a snag on a housing or family issue.

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