Scorpio February 2014 Horoscopes

scorpio februaryThe month opens with a lovely new moon in your home sector supported by Uranus in your 6th house of work and health. You may get the opportunity to work from home, or perhaps your job offers to relocate you. The moon is well-angled, indicating that you’ll be excited about whatever comes up. Additionally, Venus goes direct in your communication sector on the 1st, giving you the go ahead to sign any contracts. Seize any opportunities that come up between February 1st and 6th, but after that hold off. Mercury will be retrograde from Feb 6th to March 1st, mostly in your home sector. Mercury retrograde can conceal information and make for miscommunications, so you don’t want to make any major decisions during this time. If you’re planning to move, go ahead and look at places, but don’t sign a lease until March 1st (unless you take care of it during the first week of february- then you’re good to go!)

Another reason to stay away from the middle of the month? On the 11th, the Sun in your home sector will square Saturn in your sign. You may have trouble with a housing matter- perhaps you put in an application for an apartment only to find out that you didn’t get it. Alternatively, a family member may have bad news. A day with similar aspects as these is the 19th. On this day, Mercury will square Saturn, making it a terrible day to make any commitments regarding housing or family.

Luckily, Valentine’s Day looks lovely, with a full moon in your career sector supported by Mars in your 12th house. Any scorpions who work in a creative or medical field should hear good news around this time. Perhaps you get a promotion or a big new project. Alternatively, a job may come to an end. If you weren’t expecting this or did not want this job to end, don’t fret. Sometimes you have to tear something down to build it back up again. With Saturn traversing your sign this year, you know that all too well! Trust that when the planets are through with you, you’ll emerge on a better path.

A day that should prove quite nice is the 22nd, when the Sun conjuncts Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces. Pisces rules your 5th house of true love, and Neptune is a magical planet, so this is sure to be a special day for you. You may get engaged, discover a pregnancy, or have a creative project come to fruition. Adding to the good news, Venus in your communication house will reach out to Saturn in your sign on the 24th, adding luck in the areas of siblings, communication, writing projects, transportation and nearby travel.

The 25th might prove tough, as Jupiter in your long-distance travel house will square Uranus in your 6th house of work. Work or illness may interfere with travel plans. Alternatively, publishing or broadcasting projects may hit a snag. If you work at a University or higher learner center- or even a yoga studio- you may have problems with projects or co-workers on this day. Luckily, March is looking like a gorgeous month, with lots of activity taking place in your love and fun sectors…this will surely take your mind off of any work problems!

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