January 2014 Monthly Horoscopes- Aquarius

aquarius januaryThe beginning of the month sees you in turtle mode, Aquarius- remaining in your shell, being with just your thoughts or a close loved one, and perhaps finishing up projects. Enjoy the quiet while you’ve got it, because the end of the month brings your coming out party- your own personal new year! The beginning of January could bring frustrations. You have a build-up of planets in your 12th house of closure, creativity, and retreat, indicating that you may be letting go of the old, in order to make way for the new. Because the new moon on the 1st is in harsh angle to Mars, Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter, you may be dealing with transportation problems, work problems, or perhaps even a sibling problem. Contracts and writing projects may hit snags. Travel would not be advisable at this time! Right after that, both Mercury and the Sun will oppose Jupiter in Cancer (your 6th house of work and health). You may be dealing with an underhanded co-worker, or a secret that brings you distress could be illuminated regarding a work project. Luckily, the 11th should prove to be a fine day, when Venus conjuncts the Sun and sextiles Saturn in your career house. Whatever comes up should be good for your career. There’s a chance you could hear bad news on this day (conjunctions can bring surprises), but I suspect that whatever you hear will be best in the long run. The 16th sees a full moon in Cancer and your 6th house of work and health sextile Saturn in your career house. A work project may come to an end or culminate at this time. You may start a new job, leave an old job, or get a new co-worker or assistant. Watch your health, as illness may come to bloom during a full moon in this sector. Here’s where we get to the good news, as the planets begin to migrate into your sign and infuse you with energy! Mercury moves into Aquarius on the 12th, and the Sun moves in on the 21st! On the 17th, Mercury sextiles Uranus in your third house of contracts, and the Sun will do the same on the 29th. Uranus is your ruler, so you may hear good news on these days. Sign any contracts or get to work on any writing projects- if you’re a reporter, this is a fine aspect- you may get a big scoop! Alternatively, you may hear big news from a sibling, or get a new car. The new moon on January 30th is beautifully angled to your ruler Uranus, continuing these lovely aspects for at least two weeks, and even for the full year. Happy new year to you! Just be careful- the end of the month sees Jupiter in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn, so you may still have some messy work or health stuff to deal with. Do some yoga, eat your vitamins, and try to keep your cool at work. We want you healthy and happy for your big birthday month!

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