July Horoscope Aries

Aries July HoroscopeSummary: The beginning of the month sees you focused on home and family, and you may even move or complete a housing project. Mid-month, a career matter comes to a head, possibly netting you some funds in the process. The end of the month turns your focus to love, fun, and children, as Jupiter enters this sector for the next year.

Extended Horoscope: July 1st sees Mercury go direct in your communication sector, so if you’ve been stuck in the mud on any writing projects or negotiating a contract, clarity will now resume. Travel and transportation plans will speed up as well.

In fact, an agreement to partner up in love or business may come your way on July 4th, when Mercury pings the North Node in your two commitment sectors. Happy 4th of July, indeed! July 13th may bring even better news to partnership matters, as Mars conjuncts the North Node in this house, and the pair reach out to Venus in your communication house. You may may a deeper commitment in love or business, or perhaps go on a fun trip with your boo.

July 6th is another great daywhen Venus smooches Uranus in your own sign of Aries. This is a great day to sign a contract, make a commitment, or go on a trip. Alternatively, you could purchase a vehicle or hear good news about a sibling.

Switching gears a bit, the beautiful new moon on June 27th occurred in your housing sector and came arm in arm with Neptune in your closure house. You may soon move, complete a housing or family project, or say goodbye to a family member, and if so, it appears to be a positive development.

Your focus turns even more closely to housing and family matters as planets migrate into Cancer throughout the month. Mercury joins on July 13th, while Venus does so on July 18th. And as I’m sure you remember, Jupiter has been in this sector since July 2013!

July 8th and July 24th may bring good home news your way, as the Sun and then Mercury in this sector send beautiful beams to Saturn in your money house. You could get approved for a home loan, or get a financial gift from your family. More positive news may follow on July 19th and July 24th, when Mercury and then Venus smooch Neptune in your closure house.

Do be careful for some overlapping challenges on these days however, as the Sun and Mercury irritate Uranus in your own sign on July 8th and July 24th. Developments may interfere with existing personal plans, or affect your autonomy in some way.

July 15th and July 18th are two more troublesome days, when the Sun will be angry with planets in your partnership sector. You could argue with your boo about a housing or family development, or alternatively argue with your family about your boo!

In addition, we have the mighty Pluto in your career sector facing off against several planets in your home sector throughout the month. It’s possible that housing developments will interfere with career plans, or a career development interferes with housing plans! You are likely to feel this influence most on July 4th, when the Sun will oppose Pluto; on July 21st, when Mercury will oppose Pluto, and on July 27th, when Venus will oppose Pluto.

In fact, it seems a career matter will come to a head on July 12th, when a full moon occurs in this sector and comes hand in hand with Saturn in your money and transformation house. You may get a bonus at work, or perhaps receive funding for a professional endeavor. It’s also possible that your spouse comes into some money.

Again, it seems that whatever comes up will be challenging however, as the full moon angers Uranus in your own sign of Aries. Perhaps a housing or career development means you must uproot the life you have built for yourself. Uranus will actually turn retrograde (I know- it never ends!) in this same sector of endings on July 21st, indicating that over the next five months your identity may undergo a profound transformation. In fact, big news may come your way in October with the Aries lunar eclipse, and it could involve a a love affair, pregnancy, or creative project!

That’s because the biggest news this month- heck, this whole year!- is good-luck Jupiter’s move into Leo and your 5th house of children, romance, and leisure on July 16th. Between now and Summer 2015, you may have a baby, fall in love, or give birth to a creative project of some kind. In general, it seems you’re about to have some real fun!

Watch July 25th as a day when you could get good news regarding one of these areas, as the Sun will conjunct Jupiter in Leo at 3 degrees. Then, on July 26th, a gorgeous new moon appears in this sector that’s hand in hand with Jupiter, setting a wonderful tone for romance, children, and fun for the whole year! If you’re not trying to have a baby at this time, take the necessary precautions, cause you’re going to be a fertile mertyl!

Just be careful, as Mars will square the pair from your finance sector, indicating that whatever comes up could prove to be very expensive!

With Mars entering Scorpio on July 26th, he joins our buddy Saturn who’s been there since October 2012. This is an odd pairing, given that Mars likes to speed things up and Saturn likes to put on the pressure. You may be spending a lot of money and going into debt, or dealing with a partner’s fluctuating income! Watch out for August 25th, when these two powerful planets collide. Because Venus in your fun and love sector at that time will square the pair, it seems likely to be an expensive day.

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Aries June Horoscope 2014

aries juneSummary: A month focused on commitment, travel, and partnerships. Mid-month, a foreign trip or education matter could come together. The end of the month turns your focus to housing and family matters, and you may be preparing to say goodbye to your current residence.

Extended Horoscope: A new moon occurs on May 28th in your communication and contracts house, suggesting that you may soon make an important agreement or sign a contract. The fact that the moon reaches out happily to Mars in your other commitment house- the 7th house or partnerships- doubles down on this possibility. It’s also possible that you buy or sell a vehicle, go on a nearby trip, begin a writing or communications project, or hear big news about a sibling.

The moon will unfortunately anger Neptune in your 12th house of closure and secrets, so be sure to read over any contracts carefully. It’s possible that a vehicle could have problems, or you could argue with a sibling.

Watch June 5th as the day when a contract or offer could appear. Another day when news could pop up is June 19th, when the Sun conjuncts Mercury.

Try to take care of things before June 6th, as Mercury will retrograde in this sector June 6th-July 1st. Mercury retrograde is never a good time to make a commitment, sign a contract, or make important initiations.

A travel or education matter may come to a head on June 12th, when a full moon occurs in Sagittarius and your 9th house. This moon will reach out to the beneficial North Node in your partnership house, suggesting that love and travel go hand in hand at this time. It’s also possible that you partner up on a writing, publishing, or academic project.

Unfortunately, whatever comes up may put a dent in your bank account, as Venus and Saturn will oppose each other in your financial sectors. Then, two days later, on June 14th, your ruler, Mars, will anger Pluto suggesting that career matters could get in the way of personal plans.

Luckily, Venus graces your income sector for most of the month, and makes a positive connection with Neptune on June 4th. June 8th could also bring good money news, as Venus reaches out to Pluto in your career sector.

June 17th is even better, when Venus smooches Jupiter in your home sector, and you may learn you have the money to upgrade your living situation. In fact, your focus turns entirely to housing and family matters when the Sun enters this sector on June 21st. 

Unfortunately, there are a few hiccups to get around. On June 23rd, Jupiter will anger the North Node, and you could argue with a partner over a housing or family issue. It’s also possible that you argue with your family over your partner, or perhaps your relationship with your realtor, landlord, or contractor goes south.

Then, on June 24th, your ruler, Mars, will oppose Uranus in your self and partnership houses, indicating more strife in a close relationship. All should be smoothed over by June 27th, when Mercury in your communication sector reaches out happily to the North Node in your relationships house.

On June 27th, a gorgeous new moon occurs in your housing and family sector, indicating that you may soon be preparing to move, redecorate your house, or make an addition to your family. This moon comes hand in hand with Neptune in your closure house, indicating that you will be very ready to move on to the next phase of your life! This moon will set the tone for housing and family matters for the whole year…Enjoy!

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Aries Daily Horoscope- Week of May 11th

quillSunday, May 11th could bring a secret out into the open, or you may put your foot in your mouth, as Mercury fights with Neptune on this day. Alternatively, travel could go awry or you could suffer a mechanical breakdown of some kind. Adding to the stress, Venus and Mars will oppose each other from your self and partner houses, indicating that things could get tense with a personal or business partner.

Luckily, Monday, May 12th should be better, as Mercury in your communication sector reaches out to Mars in your partnership house, giving you the power to smooth things over. This is a much better day to travel, write, or sign any agreements.

A full moon occurs on Wednesday, May 14th in your money sector, indicating that you may either earn a significant sum, or spend one. Saturn’s presence to the full moon indicates that whatever comes up will be in place for a very long time, but also that it could feel difficult at the outset. Luckily, Jupiter will be supporting you from your home sector, suggesting that you could receive an inheritance or home loan, or the money you spend could benefit your house or a family member. Unfortunately, career matters may prove troublesome on this day, as your ruler, Venus, in your sign angers Pluto in your house of fame and profession. You may argue with an employer or find a work project goes awry at this time.

Luckily, on ThursdayMay 15th, Venus will conjunct Uranus in your sign, and the pair will reach out to Mercury in your communication sector. A sudden agreement may come up, and if so, you have the go ahead to sign, as it seems to be a good opportunity. You may also hear sudden news about a sibling or car, or go on an unexpected trip. Fun!

Friday, May 16th, and Saturday, May 17th see you focused on housing and family, as Jupiter in your home sector blows a kiss to healing Chiron in your closure house all weekend! If you’re moving or saying goodbye to a family member, this is a positive energy. It’s also a great time to spend a quiet weekend at home reading, gardening, cooking, or watching movies!

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Aries May Horoscope 2014

plant-cherryblossomsSummary: A month focused on money and career. Mid-month, you may get jarring financial news, or on the flip side, learn of an inheritance or bonus. The end of the month could bring an important contract or commitment, perhaps made in love or business.

Extended Horoscope: The solar eclipse on April 28th occurred in your income sector, and reached out happily to both your closure and your career sectors, indicating that you may soon accept a new job with an awesome new salary, perhaps even in a medical, institutional, or creative field. This may take up to 6 months to play out, and could culminate around the full moon in this sector in November.

May 5th will be beautiful as well, as the Sun in your money house pings Jupiter in your home house. Family matters will go swimmingly on this day, and you may even put some of your money into buying or redecorating a home.

Watch out for May 2nd, when Mercury and Saturn will oppose each other in your money houses. The line between yours and partner’s financial contributions may be blurry or come up for review, or perhaps you find you spend more than you make. This influence will be similar on May 10th, when it will be the Sun’s turn to oppose Saturn.

Venus enters your sign on May 3rd, making for a great time to update your look or charm the pants of that special someone. Just watch out for May 11th, when Venus will oppose your ruler, Mars, and you may argue with a business or personal partner. On this same day, Mercury will anger Neptune, and a secret could come out that upsets you. Alternatively, you could put your foot in your mouth, or encounter problems while in the car or traveling locally. Do not sign any contracts on this day.

Luckily, May 12th should be lovely, as Mercury will smooch Mars, and you may make a great commitment in love or business. This is a much better day to sign a contract or take a trip.

May 14th brings a full moon to your 8th house of shared finances and transformation, which is closely conjunct to Saturn. Saturn is the planet of tests and limitations, so this may be a difficult time for you. You could learn of a large expense you owe, or perhaps find you need to undergo a surgery. Of course, it’s always possible you inherit a sum of money, and you may even be able to rid yourself of a toxic or one-sided romance at this time. The 8th house is where you dig deeply into your own psyche, so dig in and see what you find! Complicating matters on this day is the fact that Venus in your sign angers Pluto in your career house. You may fight with your employer or encounter a career snag, or you could even argue with a spouse.

Luckily, on May 24th, Jupiter will ping Saturn in your 8th house, and money may come to you just when you need it. You may even get an inheritance, or a home loan could come through. Alternatively, you may put a down payment on a home, or put money into fixing up your existing place.

May 15th is another great day, when Venus will conjunct Uranus in your sign, and the pair will reach out to Mercury in your communication and contract house. You may sign a beneficial new contract, get a new car, or hear good news about a sibling. This is also a great time to take a quick trip out of town- it may even end up being quite romantic!

A day to watch out for May 18th, when Venus will anger Jupiter in your home and family sector. Housing plans may go awry, or you could argue with a family member.

Luckily, on May 19th, you ruler, Mars, finally goes direct after being retrograde since early March! Mars is currently in your partnership sector, so if you’ve felt stuck in the mud in this arena, you may soon gain more clarity! Partnership matters will speed up, as will personal projects!

The month changes tone after May 21st, when the Sun moves into Gemini and your 3rd house of communication, travel, and contracts. In fact, a new moon occurs in this sector on May 28th. The moon will be arm in arm with Mars in your partnership sector, indicating you may be making a big commitment at this time! You may sign on the dotted line with a new employer or business partner, or perhaps even make a commitment in love, maybe getting engaged or married! Just be careful, as the moon will square Neptune in your closure sector. Read the fine print carefully, and prepare for Plan B in case your travel plans go wrong!

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Aries Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 30th

aries mar 30With a new moon in your sign on Sunday, you seem to be launching new beginnings this week, and this will mark the start of your brand new personal birthday year. Unfortunately, things get off to a rocky start, as Monday sees the Sun anger Jupiter, and housing or family matters may not go according to plan. Tuesday could bring an unexpected twist to the matter, as the Sun now conjuncts Uranus, and new information could make your head spin. Perhaps you get a personal opportunity that disrupts a planned move or ruffles the feathers of one of your parents. Wednesday brings more drama, as the Sun now crosses Pluto, and you could fight with your employer or encounter a speed bump on the job. This would not be the day to have an employee review, so fake sick if you have to! Thursday your mind may be spinning as you rush to catch up on emails and errands that you’ve neglected all week while sorting out the more important aspects of your life. Things shape up by Friday, when Venus reaches out lovingly to the North Node and you may make a deeper commitment to a partner. This is a lovely aspect for a date with your boo, so be sure to take advantage of the fact that it’s a Friday and plan something special. If you’re partnering up in business, you are favored as well. Saturday, Venus moves into Pisces and your 12th house of endings, and love may be private or low-key for the rest of the month. If you’re working on any creative projects, this is a good time to seclude yourself and create away. If you are ending a chapter of your life, you are protected.

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Aries Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 23rd

aries mar 23Sunday, March 23: Lucky Aries! A few days ago, the Sun began to make its way through your sign, marking your own personal new year! It is a good time of year to initiate personal projects, relationships, and goals. Today might be a tough one for your career however, as the Sun squares the Moon in this sector. It seems that career news could be discouraging, or perhaps professional obligations get in the way of personal plans. Although this is a passing influence, the planets will brew up more trouble in this sector by the end of the month, so take whatever comes up seriously.

Monday, March 24: It seems you’ve been going through major career changes ever since 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn. You may have totally transformed your job, career, or even life path, as Pluto is known to tear everything up from the inside out, much like a bulldozer. Today, the Moon joins Pluto (as it does once a month), bringing this part of your life to the front of your mind. There’s a chance that career matters will have you worried or stressed, but this influence also offers you the opportunity to make great strides in your work. Harness this powerful energy to make any positive changes you need.

Tuesday, March 25th: Today is a great day for friendship and long-term plans, as the Moon in your 11th house waves hello to the Sun in your sign. You may feel good about any progress you’re making towards your life goals, or you may simply enjoy the fact that you have a good support system in your life. Make good use of this energy by grabbing some pals and doing a fun activity together tonight.

Wednesday, March 26th: Today is a lovely day, as Mercury in your 12th house of closure trines Jupiter in your 4th house of home. You may sign a lease for a new apartment or perhaps make an offer on a house. The energy is just right to sign on the dotted line, so go ahead. If you’ve been meaning to reach out to a family member, today would be a great day to do so. I bet it would make their day.

Thursday, March 27th: Career matters get a boost today, a welcome relief after any tensions from earlier in the week. Mercury in your 12th house now reaches out lovingly to Pluto in your 10th house of career, favoring any rams in creative, medical, or institutional fields. This aspect could also signify the end of a work project, job, or profession, but if this is the case it appears to be for the best. The Universe wants you to clear out the old, so that you can make room for new beginnings in your life.

Friday, March 28th: With the Moon conjunct Mercury in your 12th house of closure, you may be deep in your own thoughts. This is great if you’re creative, or working hard on a behind-the-scenes project that has yet to launch. You seem to be full of good ideas, and the work you do now will benefit you when it comes time to make your launch. If you’re a writer, you must use this energy to put pen to paper. Just be careful that you don’t get too wrapped up in any self-defeating thoughts if they come your way, as indulging in those won’t do you any good. Also, there’s a chance that a secret or piece of hidden information comes out today that could upset you. Try to keep your emotions (aka legendary temper) in check. If you sleep on it, you may just find you won’t care that much tomorrow.

Saturday, March 29th: Today, Venus, currently gliding through your 11th house of hopes and dreams, makes a lovely trine to your ruler, Mars, in your 7th house of partnerships. This could mean big news for a long-term goals, as you may possible bring on a business partner or decide to work for someone else. If you’re dating, you may now make a serious commitment to your love, either deciding to become exclusive, or possibly even getting engaged. While this is a lovely aspect, it seems you’ll have some concerns about money, as Venus also squares Saturn in your 8th house of other people’s money. Perhaps you and your business partner are turned down for financing, or can’t agree on how to split your profits. If you’re getting engaged to your boo, you may still have some kinks to work out when it comes to who-pays-for-what.

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Aries Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 16th

aries mar 16Sunday, March 16: A beautiful full moon occurs in your 6th house of work, and it’s hand in hand with Saturn in your house of other people’s money, indicating that you may obtain or begin a brand new job or work assignment at this time. If so, it appears to be well-paid- perhaps you get a signing bonus or raise. Alternatively, you may decide to invest some money in your health, by either joining a gym or going on a healthy meal plan of some kind. If you still need health insurance, now’s a great time to sign up.

Monday, March 17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today, Mercury enters your 12th house of closure and creativity, giving the edge to behind the scenes projects. This is a great time to work on any writing or creative work that needs to be done in solitude. Additionally, today and tomorrow, Mercury reaches out to the North Node in Scorpio and your 8th house of money, indicating that money could be made from whatever you’re working on.

Tuesday, March 18: Venus, currently gliding through your 11th house of hopes and dreams, makes beautiful music with Uranus in your own sign today, a great aspect for any long-term projects or aspirations. Because Venus governs your income house, you may even hear good news in this arena today. Friendships are well-starred as well, and an important person may even come into your life who can help you with career matters.

Wednesday, March 19:  The Moon spends the day in your 8th house of finances and reaches out to Jupiter in your home house, indicating that you may feel you’re on the right track in terms of a housing or home matter. While you may experience brief worries about a friendship or long-term goal, this will only be a passing influence.

Thursday, March 20: The Sun leaves your quiet 12th house of closure and endings and enters your sign today, sure to come as good news for a bright and social sign like yours, dear Aries. You may now begin new initiatives, as this time represents your own personal new year. The next week should be well-starred, but be sure to keep your eyes open, as the new moon in your sign at the end of the month comes flanked with some chaotic aspects, and you may hear unexpected news regarding a home or career matter. Mid-April may bring partnership news as well, and it could throw personal plans for a loop.

Friday, March 21: Mercury conjuncts Neptune in your house of closure and secrets today, which could mean great news if you work in a creative or artistic field. Since Mercury rules your work house, you may even see a plum creative assignment pop up. On the other hand, conjunctions can bring unexpected news, and Neptune is known for its deceptive and sneaky ways, so be sure to enter any agreements with your eyes wide open. March 26th would be a much better day to sign a contract if one comes up, as Mercury will trine Jupiter at this time.

Saturday, March 22: The North Node enters Libra and your 7th house of partnerships today, encouraging you to pair up in love or business. If you’re used to going it alone, the universe will now ask you to think about another, and at times over the coming year and a half, you may even encounter setbacks in personal initiatives, as the South Node travels through your sign. Don’t worry too much if the coming month is discouraging, as September will be a lovely time for personal projects and goals. For now, allow yourself to depend on another. To read more about north node astrology, check out my favorite book on the subject, Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul.

 Full Aries March Horoscope

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