July Horoscope Capricorn

july horoscope capricornSummary: A partnership will be front and center all month, and it seems something important to you will culminate mid-month. Whatever comes up could disturb your home or family situation. The end of the month turns your focus to your bank account, as good-luck Jupiter moves into this sector, blessing your finances for a full year!

Extended Horoscope: June saw you focused on work and health matters, and it seems these things are still very much on your mind. Luckily on the very first day of the month, Mercury goes direct in this sector, so if you’ve been feeling fuzzy about a new job, co-worker, or health problem, things should begin to straighten out now.

In fact, while many people (in America) will be partying over July 4th, it seems you’ll be celebrating a career victory of some kind. Happy 4th of July, indeed! This is due to the interplay between Mercury in your work house and the North Node in your career sector. When the news is this good, you won’t mind working over a holiday! Same goes for July 6th, when Venus smooches Uranus, doubling the chances that you’ll like what you hear on the job.

An even better day for a professional win is July 13th, a gem of a day when Mars will conjunct the North Node in your career house, and both will reach out to Venus in your work sector. The North Node in this sector is pushing you to great career heights, and it’s possible that you hear great news about a new job or work project at this time, and maybe even get a little press!

Backing up a little bit, the new moon on June 27th blew a fresh breath of air into your partnership sector, and it seems you may have decided to make a deeper commitment to a love or business relationship. You may decide to become exclusive or engaged to your boo, or perhaps sign on the dotted line with a business partner or employer.

Your focus will turn even more closely to this area of life as more planets crowd into Cancer throughout the month. Mercury joins on July 13th, while Venus does so on July 18th. And as I’m sure you remember, Jupiter has been this sector since July 2013!

Watch July 8th and July 24th as days when partnerships shine, as the Sun and Mercury send beautiful beams to your ruler, Saturn, in your 11th house of long-term goals. More good news may follow on July 19th and  July 24th, when Mercury and then Venus smooch Neptune in your communication house, bringing together your two commitment sectors. These are also great days to take a trip with your love!

It’s possible that whatever comes up will disturb your housing or family situation, as the Sun and Mercury irritate Uranus on July 8th and July 24th. Perhaps your partner wants to move and you don’t, or vice versa. It’s also possible you feel stuck in the middle of your family and your spouse. July 15th and July 18th are two more troublesome days, when the Sun will be angry with planets in your career house, indicating that you could feel caught in the middle of the needs of your career and the needs of your partner.

This does not appear to be a new theme in your life, as you’ve been grappling with issues surrounding home, career, and partnership for a while now. With mighty Pluto tearing through your own sign, forcing you to constantly re-invent yourself since 2008, of course you’re going to send some ripples through the rest of your life. This month, it seems your needs will put against a partner’s in a big way, as Pluto faces off against several planets throughout the month. While it’s likely you’ll be enjoying renewed vigor with a partner, it may be that sometimes you feel your individual needs get pushed to the side. You are likely to feel this influence most on July 4th, when the Sun will oppose Pluto; on July 21st, when Mercury will oppose Pluto, and on July 27th, when Venus will oppose Pluto.

Luckily, your needs will be front and center on July 12th, when a full moon occurs in your own sign of Capricorn and comes hand in hand with your ruler, Saturn, in your sector of long-term goals. Something important to you will culminate, whether it’s related to a job, relationship or some other kind of personal goal. Even better, a few days later, on July 20th, your ruler, Saturn, will go direct in this same sector of long-term goals, and it will seem your life is finally back on track! Scorpio also rules your house of friendships, so if you’ve gotten off track with a pal or been separated from your clique for some reason, life should soon be back to normal.

Again, it seems your housing situation or family life will be disrupted however, as the full moon angers Uranus in in this sector. Uranus will actually turn retrograde (I know- it never ends!) in your home sector on July 21st, and it seems you may review your living situation to make sure it jives with your current needs.

The crazy, wonderful, big, awesome news this month- heck, this year!- is Jupiter’s move into Leo and your 8th house of joint money on July 16th. You may find yourself on the receiving end of a large sum of cash, perhaps from a partner’s income, an inheritance, or investment earnings. If you’re trying to raise funding for a company or project, this is your year. This house also rules surgery and transformation, so it may be that you undergo a medical procedure at some point over the next year or transform your life in a big, positive, way. You may even find your libido is off the charts!

Watch July 25th as a day when money could shine, as the Sun will conjunct Jupiter in this same house of finances. Then, on July 26th, a gorgeous new moon appears in Leo that’s hand in hand with Jupiter, setting a wonderful tone for money and change for the whole year- from now until Summer 2015!

Just be careful, as Mars will square the pair from the cusp of your 11th house, indicating that whatever wins you get will be hard fought. You may lose some friends along the way, or it’s possible that new developments throw existing plans off track.

Also on July 26th, Mars enters Scorpio and your 11th house of friendships and long-term goals, joining our buddy (and your ruler) Saturn who’s been there since October 2012. Your social life will be amped up to the max, so get ready to party! Watch August 25th as a day when you could hear explosive news from a friend as these two powerful planets meet up.

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Capricorn June Horoscope 2014

cap juneSummary: A month focused on work and career. You may be offered a new job or change the responsibilities at your current one. Mid-month, it seems a chapter of your life will come to an end. The end of the month turns your focus to relationships, and it seems you may decide to make a comitment to a love or business partner.

Extended Horoscope: The new moon on May 28th occurs in your work house, indicating you may begin a new job or work assignment, or perhaps gain a coworker or assistant. The fact that the moon is kissing Mars in your career house indicates this will be a nice step up for you in your profession. Just read the fine print of any contracts or agreements carefully, as Neptune’s angle to the moon gives some cause for concern. It’s possible that this new job requires a lot of travel, which you may not be looking for.

One day that should prove excellent for work matters is June 5th, when the Sun smooches Uranus in your house of home. It seems that home and work needs are in alignment at this time- you may even get to work from home on this day! Another great day for work is June 16th, when the Sun in your work house holds hands with the friendly North Node in your career sector. All signs point to a big win for you on this day!

You could encounter some confusion on the job, however, when Mercury goes retrograde in this sector from June 6th to July 1st. If you started a new job or assignment earlier in the month, it could be that you are now going over processes and learning the ropes. Alternatively, it could be that you work with your current employer to redefine the terms of your job or processes. Things should be a little easier when Venus enters this sector on June 23rd and begins to smooth out any obstacles. Venus’s arrival to this sector is also great news for your health- just make sure to schedule any elective surgery or dental work for after July 1st, when Mercury goes direct.

Love is still looking good this month, especially on June 4th, when Venus pings Neptune, and you may hear sweet nothings from your paramour. This is also a great day to take a trip with your boo, or to work on a creative project. Love also shines on June 8th, when it’s Pluto’s turn to ping Venus, setting the mood for romance, fun, and love. If you’re single, these are two great days to get out on the town- you never know who you’ll meet!

A full moon occurs on June 12th in your secretive 12th house. This may mark the ending of a chapter in your life, and it seems it may be career related. This is due to the friendly position of the North Node in your career house. It’s also possible you get a job, particulary if it’s in a creative, medical, or institutional field. It seems to me that if you were offered a job early in the month, now is when you may give notice to your current one.

Just keep your eyes on the ball, as Saturn and Venus will directly oppose each other on this same day. You may feel torn between having fun and fulfilling your obligations, or perhaps even between your friends and your honey. Just a few days later, on June 14th, Mars will square Pluto from your career house, further indicating that career may trump pleasure at this time.

Additionally, on June 23rd, Jupiter will anger the North Node, and you may disagree with an employer or business partner. June 24th is not much better, as Mars and Uranus will oppose each other in your home and career sectors, pitting these two areas of life against each other. Later, on June 29th, Venus will square Neptune in your communication sector, indicating you may argue with a co-worker or a contract could go awry. While you may be taking a big career step at this time, all signs indicate that it certainly won’t be easy!

Luckily, June 17th brings one of the most romantic days of the month! Venus in your love house will reach out happily to Jupiter in your partnership house, indicating you may make it official with your love. This is a great time for a date night, and if you’re trying to have a baby, this is a great time to give it a whirl!

In fact, on June 21st, your focus will shift entirely to your partner, as the Sun enters Cancer and your 7th house of relationships. The new moon in this sector occurs on June 27th, and my is a beauty! The moon will be arm in arm with Neptune in your commitment sector, indicating you may soon be taking it to the next level with your boo. This also applies to Cappys who are considering going into business with a partner. Enjoy!

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Capricorn May Horoscope 2014

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope- Week of May 11th

Sunday, May 11th could bring difficulties to a work project, as Mercury in this sector angers Neptune in your communication and contract house. This would not be a good time to travel for work or sign a contract. Adding to your troubles, Venus and Mars will oppose each other from your home and career sectors, pitting these two areas of life against each other! It seems you’re so busy with work that you maybe neglecting your personal life.

Luckily, Monday, May 12th, should bring some relief, as Mercury in your work sector reaches out to Mars in your career sector, and you’re able to turn an assignment back around in your favor.

A full moon occurs on Wednesday, May 14th in your friendship and long-term goals sector, indicating that something important to you will come to fruition at this time. With Jupiter close by from your partnership sector, you may make it official with a personal or business partner. Your ruler, Saturn’s, presence to the full moon indicates that whatever comes up may be in place for a very long time.  Your home life may be disrupted however, as this day also sees Venus in your home sector anger Pluto in your own sign.

Luckily, on ThursdayMay 15th, Venus will conjunct Uranus in your home and family sector, and the pair will reach out to Mercury in your work house. You may get a sudden relocation opportunity for work, or perhaps find you can work from home to accommodate your personal needs.

Friday, May 16th, and Saturday, May 17th see you focused on another, as Jupiter in your relationship sector blows a kiss to healing Chiron in your commitment house all weekend long! Enjoy!

Capricorn May Horoscope 2014

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Capricorn May 2014 Horoscope

capricorn maySummary: A month focused on play, romance, and children. Mid-month, a long-held dream could culminate, or a friend could come out with some big news. The end of the month sees you getting down to business, as the new moon might sweep a plum new assignment or job opportunity into your world.

Extended Horoscope: What a month of fun and play for you, dear Cappy! The solar eclipse on April 28th lights up your 5th house of romance, creativity, and children, possibly sweeping a new love interest, creative project, or baby announcement into your life. The eclipse is conjunct Mercury, and holding hands with Neptune in your contract and commitment sector, indicating that you may even be gearing up to partner in love or business. If you’re a writer or work in communications, it could be that you have a great new assignment at this time.

Just watch out for May 2nd, when Mercury will oppose your ruler, Saturn, in your house of friendship and goals. It seems that personal projects may be at war with group collaborations at this time, and you may even be having trouble balancing a love relationship with your friendships. Alternatively, a creative project or baby announcement may throw a wrench into your existing long-term goals. On May 10th, a similar influence will occur, as the Sun will then oppose Saturn.

Luckily, May 5th is a great day, as the Sun in your love and fun house will reach out to Jupiter in your house of partnerships. This is an excellent day for romance, and you may even make a deeper commitment to your love at this time- perhaps even discussing the possibility of having a child! Alternatively, you may partner up on a creative project, perhaps taking on a writing partner or agent.

On May 7th, Mercury moves into Gemini and your 6th house of work projects, giving you the mental capacity to get.stuff.done. You may also put your energy into drawing up a fitness or nutrition plan, designed to get you into tip top shape. Just watch out for May 11th, when Mercury will square Neptune in your communication house, and you may argue with a co-worker or perhaps flub a work presentation. Today would not be the time to sign a contract or travel for work, and for pete’s sake be careful on the road! Also on this day, Venus will oppose Mars in your home and career sectors, and as a cardinal sign, you will be caught right in the crosshairs! You may find it tough to balance the needs of your home with the needs of your professional duties at this time. Luckily, the following day, May 12th, Mercury will make a fine aspect to Mars in your career sector, and things should turn back around in your favor.

A full moon occurs on May 14th in Scorpio and your 11th house of friendships and long-term plans. You may hear news about a pal, or about a goal close to your heart- perhaps a career path, relationship milestone, or personal endeavor. The thing about this moon is that it’s very close to Saturn- your ruler- indicating that whatever comes up is steeped in Saturn’s seriousness. This could be a good thing, as Saturn gives stability to whatever it touches, and could indicate that whatever comes up will benefit you for a long time to come. However, Saturn is also know to test us and tear down anything that is not working, so there’s a possibility that you will get jarring news at this time. Furthermore, Venus in your home sector will square Pluto in your sign on the same day as the full moon, indicating that housing or family matters may prove to be an obstacle for you at this time.

Luckily, May 15th is looking mighty fine, as Venus conjuncts Uranus in your home sector, perhaps offering a solution to your problem. Additionally, the pair will smile at Mercury in your work and health house, suggesting that work and home needs are in alignment.

A day to watch out for regarding home matters is May 18th, as Venus and Jupiter will be angry at each other, and you may fight with a partner about a housing or family issue. Luckily, partnership matters will be divine on May 24th, when Jupiter reaches out to Saturn in your partnership and goals sectors, and you may take a big step with your one and only, or perhaps enter into business with a pal or employer!

In fact, career matters will move rapidly after May 19th, when Mars goes direct in this sector. If you’ve been in talks to change your career path, or add or change responsibilities, talks will speed up at this time.

In addition, we have the Sun moving into Gemini and your 6th house of work and health on May 21st, and a beautiful new moon in this sector on May 28th. The moon will be hand in hand with Mars in your career house, indicating that you may have a plum new assignment headed your way- you may even start a brand new job with a new title to boot! Lucky you!

The only hiccup to watch out for is the fact that the new moon will come square to Neptune in your 3rd house of communication and contracts. Usually I would say this is a poor time to sign a contract, but I’d hate for you to turn down a good opportunity that comes your way, especially knowing how important your work is to you! I’d say just make sure you keep your eyes open, and perhaps get a lawyer to look over any paperwork. It could be that this job has a lot of local travel, which could prove annoying to you. Another possibility is that the technology or communication systems are not what you’re used to, or you bat heads with a co-worker or boss. You will have to wait and see!

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Capricorn Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 30

cap mar 30Sunday sees a new moon that could usher in a new housing opportunity for you this week, but act carefully, as it may end up being more trouble than it’s worth. While it may seem exciting, on Monday it could ruffle the feathers of your partner, who has no interest in changing the status quo. Tuesday may even bring an unexpected twist to the matter, as the Sun conjuncts Uranus in Aries and your 4th house of home. By Wednesday, you may have serious reservations of your own, as the Sun squares Pluto in your own sign, and the housing opportunity doesn’t look quite as good as it used to. Thursday, your mind switches over to work matters, and you may stress out about a writing or communication project, or illness could threaten to interfere with a fun trip. Luckily, Friday brings good career news, as Venus in your income house makes a positive connection to your career sector. Saturday, Venus enters your transportation and communication house, giving you the go ahead to sign any documents! Additionally, any trips taken this weekend will be lovely and romantic!

Capricorn April Horoscope


Capricorn April Horoscope 2014

cap aprilSummary: The beginning of the month may bring family or housing drama to the surface, which could interfere with partnership plans. Good career news may culminate with the lunar eclipse mid-month, but it could be hard to appreciate with all the drama going on at home. The end of the month brings a wonderfully fresh start to matters of the heart, with a lovely solar eclipse in your 5th house of romance, fun, and children.

Extended Horoscope: Hope you have on your helmet dear Cappy, ’cause April may prove to be a tough one for you. Planets in your home, self, career, and partnership sectors are at war this month, and because those represent the angles of your chart, you will almost surely be affected, especially if you were born between March 27th and January 9th, or have any planets or cusps between 4 and 18 degrees Capricorn, Libra, Aries, or Cancer. If you don’t know your chart, check it out here. Be sure to take note of your rising sign, as you must always read your horoscope for both your Sun and rising sign!

March 30th brings the first whiff of trouble, as a new moon occurs in your 4th house of home that’s conjunct Uranus, indicating that some news may come up out of the blue regarding a housing or family matter. Because this new moon is harshly angled to Jupiter in your partnership sector and Pluto in your own sign, it seems that a business or personal partner will be part of the equation as well. You may fight with your partner or about a home or family situation, or perhaps family obligations get in the way of something you had planned with your boo. Alternatively, your partner could receive some jarring news that necessitates putting a hold on any home plans.

This may play out over a couple days, as the Sun encounters a series of squares, conjunctions, and oppositions; on March 31st, the Sun will square Jupiter; on April 1st the Sun conjuncts Uranus; and April 2nd the Sun squares Pluto. You may be finding it hard to balance the needs of your home, your partner, and your career, the latter of which seems to be on fire these days with Mars energizing your professional pursuits.

In fact, a big career matter may come to a head on April 15th, when a lunar eclipse lights up this sector. I feel that you will hear good news, as the eclipse will conjunct the North Node, a point that is known to bring luck to the house it transits. You may get a new job or a promotion at an existing job, or land a high profile project or client, perhaps even getting some press or acclaim for your efforts. This is especially true if you were born between January 12th and January 22nd. Of course, there’s always the chance that you will see a job come to an end, but if so it appears to be for the best.

Unfortunately, it appears that any good career news may be tempered by stresses going on at home, as right around eclipse time Mercury will perform the same series of terrible aspects that the Sun just did…doh! On April 13, Mercury in your home sector will square Jupiter in your partnership sector; on April 14, it will conjunct Uranus and square Pluto in your own sign, and on April 15th, it will oppose Mars in your career sector. It seems you may be caught in the middle of a tug-of-war between family and work!

This will all come to a head around April 21st, when there’s a four way square between planets in your self, home, partnership, and career sectors. This could manifest a few different ways…you could begin or end a personal or business relationship that necessitates a move to another residence. Perhaps it’s your significant other who gets an opportunity that necessitates a move. Alternatively, a family or housing matter could interfere with your own career plans, and you may have to make a sacrifice of some kind. Think back to matters that came up in early January 2014, and last October, as there were similar aspects in the sky back then.

How about we move on to some good news, shall we? On April 7th, Venus will move into Pisces and your 3rd house of communication and transportation, and on April 11th Venus will conjunct Neptune in this sector. This is great news if you’re going on a trip or upgrading a vehicle.

April 17th should be simply divine, when Venus trines Jupiter in Cancer and your 7th house of partnerships, as well as Pluto in your own sign! If you’re dating, you may decide to become exclusive at this time, and if you’ve been dating a while, you may even become engaged! Coupled up caps should be sure to use this beneficial energy for a quick jaunt out of town, or even just a long, heartfelt conversation with your honey. If romance is not in the picture, you may be presented with a contract for a business partnership, and if so, you should definitely agree to it! These aspects are too good not to.

Another great day for you is April 24th, when Venus will reach out happily to your ruler, Saturn, in your 11th house of hopes and dreams. This is also a great day for you to become engaged or committed, or even just to do something special with your one and only. If you’re not dating, maybe try organizing a weekend trip with a group of friends…at the very least, you’ll have a great time, and there’s even a chance sparks could fly with a friend!

In fact, romance is sure to be on your brain in a big way after April 20th, when the Sun enters Taurus and your 5th house of fun, love, and children. There’s even a beautiful solar eclipse in this sector on April 28th, that comes flanked with some gorgeous aspects! It’s conjunct Mercury, trine Pluto in your own sign, and sextile Neptune in your 3rd house of contracts and communication. It seems sometime soon- either around this time or sometime during the next 6 months- you may begin a new chapter in your love life- perhaps making a commitment to someone, or even just going on more dates with different people. There’s also the chance that you begin a creative project, and if so, it is very well-starred for you! If you’re trying to make a baby, this is wonderful time as well, so get to work! You may hear good news before October!

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Capricorn Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 23rd

cap 26Sunday, March 23: The Sun is lighting up your housing sector now, and you may be looking for a new place to live, or perhaps considering a renovation or home design project. Today, the Sun will square the Moon, and you may feel discouraged about the way things are shaping up. Perhaps you can’t find an acceptable place to live, or you’re not happy with your contractor or interior designer. Alternatively, you could argue with a family member. Although this is a passing influence, the planets will soon brew up more trouble in this area,  so pay attention to whatever comes up.

Monday, March 24: If you’re going through any personal changes, today they may be in the forefront of your mind. As the Moon conjuncts Pluto in your sign, you may feel powerful emotions about any changes going on in your life. Although change can be overwhelming, you know that it is necessary for you to grow. Harness the power that today’s energy brings and use it to push through any fears you have.

Tuesday, March 25th: Today should smooth over any housing troubles from earlier in the week, as the Sun in your housing sector makes sweet harmony with the Moon in your income house. Family matters should go well, and you may even get a little money from a family member, or from work performed from or on the home. If nothing else, it seems that you’re feeling good about both your home and the life you have built for yourself, so savor it!

Wednesday, March 26th: Mercury in your communication sector trines Jupiter in your 7th house of partnerships today, making this a fine time to sign a contract or make a commitment in love or business. You may even go on a short trip with your boo. This would certainly be a great time for it, as Mercury won’t reach out this well again to Jupiter until August!

Thursday, March 27th: Today is another great day for communications and contracts, as Mercury in this sector will sextile Pluto in your own sign. Any agreements made today for personal endeavors are well starred- especially agreements about communications or transportation.

Friday, March 28th: With the Moon conjunct Mercury in your third house of communication, it seems your imagination is on fire! If you’re a writer, put pen to paper, cause you just might have ideas flying at you left and right. It seems you know just what to say and do today, and you may even find yourself blasting through all of those unread emails and errands you’ve been putting off (finally!). The only downside of this influence is that your attention span is not great, so anything that needs intense concentration is best left for another day.

Saturday, March 29th: With Venus in your income sector trine Mars in your career house, today may bring stellar news regarding career and salary. Perhaps you get a raise or earn a big commission on a sale or project. Be careful however, as it seems that whatever you earn may have to turn around and pay for an unexpected expense that crops up! This is because Venus also will square Saturn in your 11th house. Alternatively, you may find with a friend about money, or perhaps hit a financial snag in a long-term project.

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Capricorn Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 16th

capricorn mar 16Sunday, March 16: If you’ve been working on a publishing or broadcasting project, planning a big trip, or dealing with a foreign person or place, today may be the day that everything come together. This is due to the full moon which occurs today in your 9th house of broad horizons. Because the moon is so nicely angled to Saturn in your 11th house, it seems  that this may be a long-held goal of yours.

Monday, March 17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Mercury enters your third house of travel and communication today, giving a boost to contracts and writing projects. Mercury also reaches out to the North Node in Scorpio and your house of friendship, making this a fine time to take a trip with friends, or perhaps write a letter or email to an old buddy. Why not grab a group of pals and go to a pub tonight to celebrate the holiday? Your aspects indicate great fun and conversation.

Tuesday, March 18: If you’ve been looking for a new place to live or considering redecorating your home, today may bring wonderful news, as Venus in your income sector trines Uranus in your 4th house of home. You may find that you have the money to buy or rent the perfect spot, or perhaps do renovations on an existing home. Perhaps it’s something as simple as buying a new set of towels that you love. Alternatively, you may learn of a generous inheritance or gift from a family member.

Wednesday, March 19:  The Moon in your house of hopes and dreams waves hello to beneficial Jupiter in your 7th house of partnerhship projects today, and you may be feeling good about your future with a certain someone. You may have some slight reservations about how much that future will cost you financially, but this will be a passing worry.

Thursday, March 20: The Sun leaves your communication house and enters your 4th house of home, so it seems your focus is shifting to this area. Proceed carefully, as the end of the month brings turbulence to this area. Something unexpected may pop up with your career that throws your home plans for a loop. Don’t get yourself into anything that you can’t get out of.

Friday, March 21:  Mercury conjuncts Neptune in your communication house today, and if you’re a writer, this would be the day to put pen to paper- you don’t want any of those great ideas to pass you by. If you’re in a creative field, a contract may present itself to you, and if so, it seems that it would be a good opportunity. If you’re not in a creative field, be sure to read over any contracts or offers carefully, as Neptune can hide details. You wouldn’t want any surprises later!

Saturday, March 22: The North Node enters Libra and your career sector today, and between now and October 2015, the Universe will push you to push yourself in this area. In fact, you may even suffer setbacks on the home front, as the north node encourages you to focus on your career. This should come easily to a Capricorn, as your sign is absolutely built for the executive ranks, and in fact, the 10th house is the house your sign rules. Now’s the time when you may experience great rewards in your profession. To read more about north node astrology, check out Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul.

 Full Capricorn March Horoscope

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