Taurus May Horoscope 2014

taurus maySummary: A month focused on personal beginnings, travel, and long-term plans. Mid-month holds a strong full moon, which could break or solidify a close business or personal relationship. The end of the month turns your focus to money and work, and you may get a raise or unexpected job offer.

Extended Horoscope: The solar eclipse of April 28th occurred in YOUR sign, dear Bull, indicating that you are starting a new chapter of your life! The eclipse was conjunct Mercury, ruler of your income house and your love and fun house, and also reaching out happily to both your house of long-term plans AND your travel and education house! You may be preparing to take an important trip, or perhaps you will soon start university or graduate school. It’s also possible that you are working on a creative writing project, going on a trip with a lover, or even having a child!

This could play out over the next 6 months, perhaps even culminating in November, when there’s a full moon in your sign. This month, watch for May 5th, a beautiful day, when the Sun in your sign reaches out to Jupiter in your commitment and communication house. This is a lovely day to sign any contracts that come up. You may also hear good news about a vehicle, sibling, or writing project.

May 2nd will be a day to watch out for, however, as on this day Mercury and Saturn will oppose each other in your self and partner houses. You may argue with a spouse or business partner, or hear something about a partner that you don’t like. May 10th will bring a similar influence, when it’s the Sun’s turn to oppose Saturn. This may all be building up to something bigger around the full moon (which I’ll get to in a minute!) so be sure to take it seriously.

On May 3rd, your ruler, Venus, moves into your 12th house of closure, and you may find yourself a little more quiet and introspective than usual. On May 7th, Mercury will move into your income house, indicating that your brain will work to devise ways to increase your salary. Watch out for May 11th, when both Venus and Mercury will be anger other planets. Venus will oppose Mars, and you may have trouble on the job- perhaps with co-worker, underling, or work assignment. You may also feel ill or discover some kind of health problem. At the same time, Mercury will anger Neptune, and you may hear discouraging news about your income, or about the financial health of a long-term goal of yours.

Luckily, May 12th will be gorgeous, as Mercury will reach out to Mars, and you’ll find a solution. You may even end up with nice monetary surprise!

A full moon occurs on May 14th in your house of partnerships, and it could end up being difficult. This is because it’s conjunct Saturn, planet of tests and limitations. It’s possible that a relationship falls apart at this time. It could be a romantic partner, employer, or business partner. If there have been any cracks in this relationship, they will now bust wide open. On the other hand, Saturn can also indicate stability and strength, so if you are becoming more serious in a relationship, Saturn’s involvement will ensure its longevity. If Saturn finds no weaknesses to illuminate, your union will be stronger than ever! On the same day, your ruler, Venus, in your closure sector will anger Pluto in your 9th house of travel and education, so expect travel and writing projects to go awry.

Luckily, on May 24th, Jupiter will reach out lovingly to Saturn, bringing beneficial energy to your two commitment houses. You might now have the words to smooth over a tense situation with a partner. Some of you may even make a deep commitment to a new or existing partner! This applies to both love and business partnerships.

On May 15th, your ruler, Venus, will conjunct Uranus in your endings house, and both will reach out to Mercury in your income house! You may get a nice sum of money from the sale of a product, company, or possession (or perhaps a severance), and if you work in a creative, medical, or institutional field, you may get a raise!

Watch out for May 18th, when your ruler, Venus, will anger Jupiter in your communication house. You may put your foot in your mouth, or encounter trouble with a vehicle. Travel plans could go awry, and it would not be a good time to sign a contract or make an agreement.

May 19th, Mars will go direct in your work and health house. If plans have stalled in either of these areas, or if you’ve felt stuck in the mud on the job or in a health plan, things will speed up quickly now.

You will turn your focus over to money matters on May 21st, when the Sun enters this area of life for you. A new moon occurs in this sector on May 28th, indicating you may find yourself with a new source of income! Because the new moon is making good waves with Mars in your work sector, it’s likely that a raise or even a new job is on its way to you. Just be careful, as the new moon will square Neptune in your friendship and long-term goals house. It could be that you have to compete for this job with a friend, or perhaps it’s an unexpected offer that disrupts existing life goals you had. Be sure that any new job you take is in line with your life path!

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