November 2013 Monthly Horoscopes- Taurus, Gemini, Cancer


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You’re a loyal partner, Bull, and this month has you totally focused on your significant other as the Sun joins Mercury and Saturn in this sector. You may have found partnership matters to be a little serious since last October when Saturn entered this house- you might have gotten engaged or married, or alternatively broken things off with a longtime partner. If none of this has happened yet, the eclipse occurring on the 3rd might usher things along. The eclipse will be nicely angled to Mars in your house of true love and creativity, and also Pluto in your house of travel and broad horizons. You might get engaged or married, or even find yourself (or your partner) pregnant or about to have a baby. Alternatively, if things just aren’t working out between you and your boo, you may takes steps to end the relationship. If you’re unattached, you might enter into a new partnership agreement for work, perhaps with a foreign company, or you might get a publisher or agent for your novel or screenplay. Whatever it is, save any key initiatives for the 12th, when Mercury will no longer be retrograde, and the Sun will trine Jupiter in your 3rd house of contracts. Jupiter goes retrograde in your communication sector on the 7th, and you may find you have to review paperwork or communication projects with a fine toothed comb. This influence will last several months, and any work you revise will be for the best. Your ruler, Venus, spends the month in your house of travel, and you may find love while on vacation- whether it’s with a new beau or an existing paramour. On the 15th, Venus will conjunct Pluto in this sector, and you may hear unexpected news- probably something good. Venus also rules your 6th house, so you could discover something surprising about a work or health issue. Unfortunately, Uranus will be squaring the pair from your 12th house, so things might be challenging. Moving on, something close to you will culminate this month on the 17th, when there’s a full moon in your sign. Jupiter in your 3rd house will be nicely angled, so you should hear good news. 2 days later, on the 19th, Mars in your creativity and true love house will ping Jupiter in the 3rd, adding to the dose of good luck. On the 23rd, your ruler Venus will sextile Saturn in your 7th, and any trips you take with a partner should be extra romantic. Why not skip the family thing this year and go on a romantic trip for two? Or at least book a hotel room instead of staying in your kid brother’s old bedroom at your mom’s. Sounds like a great way to spend Thanksgiving to me!

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No rest for the weary, huh Gemini? With the Sun, Mercury and Saturn all crowding  your 6th house of work and health, you appear to be working overtime! The new moon eclipse on the 3rd suggests a new beginning on the work front. You may be starting a new job, getting a new office space, landing a big new client, or perhaps hiring a new assistant or underling. Alternatively, you could start a new health routine or give up a bad habit. The eclipse will be nicely angled to Mars in your 4th house of home and Pluto in your 8th house of other people’s money, suggesting that these key areas of your life- work, home, health and money- will be in sync. I’ll take that combo any day! Try to hold off on any new initiatives until November 11th when Mercury goes direct. This is welcome news to you, since Mercury is your ruler, and its retrograde may have made you feel a little upside down and scattered over the last few weeks. Even better, on the 12th, the Sun in your 6th house will trine Jupiter in your 2nd house of income. You may get a big raise or find your business is bringing in the big bucks! Holla! One day to watch out for is November 6- the Sun will conjunct Saturn and you may feel frustrated at the office or with a co-worker on this day. On the 8th, Venus in your house of other people’s money will trine Neptune in your house of career, and you may hear news about a bonus or commission. This month is really look up for you! Just watch out for the 15th, when Venus will conjunct Pluto in this same 8th house. News should be good, since Venus is a healing planet, however Uranus is squaring the pair from your 11th house of friendship and longterm projects. You may have beef with a friend, or perhaps you have to re-jigger the budget on a creative project. The full moon in Taurus on the 17th falls in your 12th house of endings and closure and is nicely angled to Jupiter in your 2nd house of income. This could mean a number of things- a project could come to an end, and you could see a payout. Alternatively, you could cut a toxic person out of your life, and find your self-esteem returning in full force as a result. A secret you or someone close has been hiding might come out in the open, or perhaps you’re just finishing up some behind the scenes work in preparation for a big reveal next month. 2 days later, Mars in your 4th house will sextile Jupiter in your 2nd, and you may either come into an inheritance or find that a family member receives a windfall. On the 21st, your ruler Mercury pings Pluto in your house of commission and bonuses- another good day for funding or business revamps. Watch out for the 25th, when the Sun moves into your 7th house of partnerships and squares Neptune in your 10th house of career. Because you’re a mutable sign, and the Sun and Neptune are also currently in mutable signs, you’re more likely to feel this influence than the other signs (along with your cousins Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo). You may hit a snag with a business partner, or perhaps argue with a significant other over marriage. Eesh. I say pour everyone an extra glass of wine and kiss and make up so you can enjoy Thanksgiving without a hitch!

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This is already your year, Cancer, and this month sees the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn all angled beautifully in fellow water sign Scorpio in your 5th house of fun, creativity, children, and true love. If you’re single, this is the best time to circulate, as you’re most likely to meet a fun romantic partner during this time! The new moon solar eclipse on the 3rd in Scorpio may introduce a new love interest into your life. The eclipse is sextile Mars in your 3rd house of local travel, and Pluto in your 7th house of partnerships, meaning you may meet your next girlfriend or boyfriend at the supermarket! If you’re already attached, you may plan a romantic trip with lover, or you may even discover you’re expecting a baby! Wowza! Eclipses can take 6 months to culminate, so keep your eyes open- you may have big news next spring! If you’re not feeling the love, you may start a new creative project- possibly with another person- and it would be steeped in good luck as well. You are ruled by the moon, so you feel the power of eclipses even more than most! Mercury goes direct on the 11th, and the Sun trines Jupiter in your sign on the 12th, so these would be good days to initiate anything. Venus spends the month in your partnership sign, indicating that things are going well in your relationships. On the 15th, Venus will conjunct Pluto and you may have big news- perhaps you get engaged or married on this date! Uranus will be squaring the pair from your 10th house of career, so hopefully work obligations don’t spoil your fun. The full moon in Taurus on the 17th falls in your 11th house of friendships and hopes and dreams, and Jupiter in your 1st house is angled beautifully. Something very important to you seems to be coming to a head. 2 days later, Mars in your 3rd house of communications and contracts will sextile Jupiter in your sign- this is a a great day to sign on the dotted line. Perhaps you’ll have some big news to share with the fam over Thanksgiving!

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