Libra Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 30th

libra mar 30Sunday ushers in new beginnings to a business or personal relationship, and it seems your focus will be all about your other half. Unfortunately, things may not go according to plan on Monday, when you could fight with a partner about a career matter, or even fight with your employer or business partner about the direction of your company. Tuesday may bring a twist, as your partner may pull something totally unexpected out of their hat. This could have to do with a housing or family matter, as Wednesday sees stressful aspects in this area of life. You may be ready to throw in the towel by Thursday, and just go on a faraway trip! You have always wanted to see Tahiti…maybe now’s a good time to plan that trip. Things will shape up by Friday, when Venus makes a positive connection between your sign and your romance and children house. This is a great day to kiss and make-up with your honey. You may even discuss having a child! If you’re single, go check out a bar or dance club. You just might meet a new special someone. Saturday, Venus moves into your work sector, giving this area of life extra goodness and luck. If you’re single, try to keep your eyes off any office hunks or babes. Your energy will be electric, and you know what they say about ****ing where you eat.

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