Sagittarius August Horoscope

Sagittarius AugustSummary: Travel and intellectual pursuits may bring mixed blessings this month, as you get both good news and challenges or delays. The end of the month could bring an exciting career opportunity, although it may be at odds with housing or family obligations.

Extended Horoscope: The new moon that occurred last month may have brought foreign people or places into your life, and it’s even possible you decided to go back to school, begin a spiritual or religious study, or work on a publishing or broadcasting project.

On August 1st, Mercury conjuncts your ruler, Jupiter, in this same sector, and the pair square Mars in your closure and secrets sector. While it seems you’ll hear good news about travel or intellectual pursuits, there’s also some indication that you’ll hear information that upsets you, or that travel will encounter delays. Luckily, on this same day, Venus in your finances house will trine Saturn in your closure sector, suggesting you get an influx of cash to soften the blow.

Then, on August 7th, Mars in your closure sector reaches out to Neptune in your home house, blessing any housing or family initiatives with good energy.

On August 8th, it’s the Sun’s turn to conjunct Mercury in your travel and higher thinking house, and the nice angle of Uranus in your fun and love sector indicates that you may go on a romantic trip with your honey, or take your children somewhere fun. This influence is also great for any endeavors that require vision and creativity, such as a writing project or a company. Unfortunately, the pair will also square Saturn in your closure sector on this day, indicating that there may be quite a few challenges involved in any travel, education, or publishing projects.

You could be presented with an agreement with the full moon in your communication sector on August 10th. This moon will bring mixed emotions. The lovely angle of Uranus and the North Node suggest that this could be a good long-term move for you, and that whatever it is will be fun, creative, or romantic. Perhaps you go on a trip with your boo, work on a creative writing project, start a company, or take a major life step with your honey.

Unfortunately Saturn will again be angry over in your closure house, indicating that the terms may not be what you were hoping for. Additionally, Mercury will oppose the moon from your foreign travel and higher thinking sector, suggesting travel, communication, and contracts will encounter snafus.

Luckily, travel and intellectual pursuits will be lovely by August 17th, a gem of a day when the two most loving planets, Jupiter and Venus, meet up in Leo. Since Jupiter is your ruler, you get a double dose of good luck!

One day to watch out for is August 18th, when Neptune in your home sector will face off against Mercury in your career house. It seems housing or family needs will be at odds with the needs of your career at this time, or vice versa.

Another iffy day falls on August 25th, when 5 planets align in an explosive combination! The good news is that Mars will conjunct Saturn in your closure sector, and the pair will reach out happily to Mercury in your career sector. It seems you may end a job or marriage at this time, but if so it appears to be a happy resolution. With Venus smooching Uranus on the same day, it appears you may use your time off to work on a creative project or go on a fun trip.

The problem is that over the next few days (August 26th and August 27th), Saturn and then Mars in your closure sector will square Venus in your travel and education house, so it seems that whatever comes up could rock your belief system in some way. It’s also possible that you encounter delays to any travel or publishing projects.

As if that weren’t enough planetary action, August 25th also sees a new moon in your career sector, further indicating a new professional direction for you. Neptune’s opposition to the moon indicates that a new opportunity may affect your housing or family situation, so it seems you’ll have to decide if it’s worth it.

The month ends on a positive note, as Venus in your travel sector reaches out happily to the fated North Node in your house of hopes and dreams on August 28th. If you haven’t done any traveling yet, this is a  great time to do so!

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