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Cancer HoroscopeCancer Horoscope June 2017

Summary Cancer Horoscope: The first few weeks of the month could see you quieter than usual, as planets fill your closure zone. A work or health issue could culminate with the full moon on June 9th. The end of the month turns your attention to personal needs, and sees a new moon in your sign of Cancer!

Extended Cancer Horoscope: May 25th saw a new moon in your 12th house of closure, indicating that you may be closing out a chapter of your life. The good news is that the moon will trine lucky Jupiter in your home house, blessing any home or family initiatives.

It will also reach out happily to Uranus in your career house, and the fated North Node in your salary zone, blessing these areas of life as well.

The less good news is that the moon will square Neptune in your travel house, indicating that whatever comes up could interrupt a planned vacation.

This month will give you many more opportunities to address closure needs. Look to June 3rd, 13th, 16th, 18th, 19th, and 20th to make your moves.

I would avoid June 4th and 13th, when planets in your 12th house make angry aspects to Neptune in your travel house, again causing problems with travel. Other days to watch out for are June 15th, 18th, and 20th. I realize some of these days overlap with the “good days” advice…overlapping days mean there are both good and negative aspects going on.

A work or health-related matter may culminate close to June 9th, with the full moon in Sagittarius. This moon is mixed; on the one hand, it will trine lucky Jupiter and surprising Uranus in your home and career houses, suggesting that you get a new job or promotion. The moon will also reach out happily to the North Node in your salary house, suggesting a pay increase.

However, the moon will conjunct stern Saturn, which offers mixed signals; on the one hand, Saturn provides strength and durability, but on the other, he can throw us tests and limitations. Neptune will also square the moon from your travel house, again suggesting interference with travel.

Some good days to work towards work and health goals are June 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

As the month progresses, planets will migrate into your sign of Cancer. Good days to address personal needs are June 21st, 25th, and 27th.

Days I would avoid for 1st house matters are June 24th, 27th, 28th, and 29th.

June 23rd actually sees a new moon in Cancer and your sign, acting as your own personal new year! The moon will conjunct Mercury and Mars, giving you motivation to pursue new initiatives. It will make a very loose square to Jupiter in your home zone, indicating that you might have to overcome some housing or family obstacles.

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Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope May 2017

Summary Cancer Horoscope: A full moon in your 5th house on May 10th could bring a romance, child-related matter, or creative project to a head. The new moon in Gemini on May 25th might prompt you to close out a chapter of your life.

Extended Cancer Horoscope: A beautiful new moon in your 11th house of friends and goals on April 26th could have swept in a new social event or group project. The moon reached out happily to Neptune in your travel zone, along with the fated North Node in your communication house, suggesting that you could have gone on a fun trip with friends.

This month, you continue to have good friendship vibes on May 3rd, 9th, 28th, and 31st.

Then, May 10th sees a full moon in your love zone, suggesting that a romantic, creative, or child-related matter will come to a head.

Again the moon will reach out happily to Neptune in your travel house and sextile Pluto in your relationship zone. However it will square the North Node in your salary house.

While you could hear good news, it’s possible that whatever comes up is expensive.

May 10th also sees Mercury conjunct surprising Uranus in your career sector, suggesting that you could hear surprising career news today. Some good days to address professional needs are May 11th, 14th, and 19th.

However, career could prove difficult on May 19th and May 25th.

This month also sees motivator Mars zoom through your closure sector, which could prompt you to close out habits, relationships, or situations that are no longer working out in your favor. May 12th, 30th, and 31st are all good days to close out toxic situations. I’d stay away from May 11th and 29th, when Mars makes angrier aspects, and you may have some difficulties.

In fact, a new moon occurs in your 12th house of closure on May 25th. While this moon will make a fabulous angle to happy Jupiter in your home zone, it will be angry with Neptune in your travel zone.
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  1. Misty dickerson says:

    Thank you. Susan miller is on the way out!

  2. michelle marchand says:

    susan miller isn’t even close to how close your scopes are every month. thank you michelle(Cancer)

  3. john says:

    Hi Susan.

    Need to know if I will get a job soon …I have resigned in my organization. Will the Month of May be good for me I was born on 13 July 1985

    • positivelyastro says:

      Hi John- my name isn’t Susan, but it’s possible you will get a job around the full moon in your job sector this month or next. You also have a really good career aspects around the full moon in Aries on October 15th! Read your horoscope for your rising sign as well. Your natal Uranus is currently under stress from Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune, so whichever house Uranus is located in for you will be challenging at this time.

      • John says:

        Thanks you very much for a wonderful news.., i did try getting into new Jobs while i attend the job interview, so far found no luck..,

        i know there is still time for me to find out job in my sectors.

        Please let me know the stress i am going through when it can come to an end.

  4. Nanda says:

    Thank you. I want to know about my studies. I am pursuing phd extension period will be finish on next January. Can I complete this year. My date of birth is July 4th, 1976. 11.15 pm

  5. Lexxi says:

    Hmmm babies and a new job is all my cancer self has on the brain recently 🙂

  6. Honey says:

    Greetings … I just wana know that can my romantic life will come out of crises and tensions this month??? As i am in stress since march of this year,can we will b together once aagain??? My dob is 6th july 1981

  7. Kay says:

    Hi, will i find anothet job before the end of july? Iv resigned at my current job. My birthday is 20 July 1987

  8. Andrea says:

    Hi Susan , I am planning to travel in August but I might have to cancel because of job or health issues. I was born in 24th of June. Do you see anything what is more likely to disturb my travel plan? I still don’t know should I travel or just leave it for now. Thank you

    • positivelyastro says:

      Hi Andrea! My name isn’t Susan- think you have me confused with someone else. Indeed it looks like there are some days where travel and work could be an issue for Cancers in August. Check your horoscope for the dates!

  9. Helen says:

    Do I get student visa to Canada?? I’m waiting for the CIC to take the decision.i was born in 11/07/1987

  10. Soumaydeep Biswas says:

    My name is Soumyadeep Biswas
    DOB- 13 July 1992
    Birth Time : 04:23 a.m
    Birth City: Kolkata, India
    I have been looking for a new job as I am frustrated with my present job. Can you please let me know when will I get a new job.
    It’s been 1year that I have been looking for a job change.

    • positivelyastro says:

      I like the Aries full moon for you on October 15th! Try to send your resume out a bunch before then. The new moon in Sagittarius on November 29th could also sweep a new job your way. But you have to actively search!

  11. Charan Singh says:

    Hi my name is Charan singh and I am trying to get job abroad from last one year. Last month I have applied for PR visa to Quebec.when I get the PR or even I get PR or not. My DOB is 21/02/1977 and birth time is 4:35pm city sirsa, Provence Haryana, India.

  12. anindam says:

    Hi i am Anindam, I am stuck with no job growth in last 3 years in my current company despite of all the hard and smart work , and desperately looking a better opportunity with a better package. when will i get a better profile with a better package. My birthday is 20th july 1975 @ 4:30 pm

    • positivelyastro says:

      Hi Anindam- did anything work out for you with the full moon in Aries this month? If not I love the aspects in December for you!

  13. dianne says:

    will get a job soon or fulltime job

  14. T.N says:

    July 13, 1978
    Location: my tho (tien giang), Vietnam
    Any info would greatly be appreciated. I’m at a crossroad and can’t seem to figure things out.

  15. Tina says:

    Hi PA. Stumbled on this website and am now an avid follower. I may be presented with a job offer soon but getting it would require that I submit documentation on Oct 16th that I am not too happy to submit. I have been unemployed for almost a year and am very nervous about what may transpire. Will I pass muster and get the job, or won’t I?
    Born 06/24/81 in Texas at 11:23AM.
    Thank you so much!

    • positivelyastro says:

      It’s hard to say since the moon at this time is mixed. It does seem that a professional issue will come to a head for you….Saturn is very nicely placed too. Saturn in your 6th house the last year is probably why it’s been hard for you to find work, but for this moon Saturn’s presence is a positive sign. If it doesn’t work out this month, I love December for you. Keep sending out the resume. Good luck.

  16. Manjula Sheth says:

    My birthdate is 15th July 1988. When shall I conceive?

  17. Vikram Pathak says:

    For how many days effect of full moon in 10th house of aries will last.

  18. Lexxi says:

    I’m trying very hard to get pregnant again after a major loss in August

  19. Lexxi says:

    What month is best for pregnancy for cancers? If you had to say?

    • positivelyastro says:

      The new moon this coming Sunday is beautiful for cancers! New moon in your 5th house of children makes a beautiful trine to your sign.

  20. anitha says:

    do i get my student visa to canada? i am born on july 15 ,1992 at 2.20 pm in india?

    • positivelyastro says:

      I cannot say as I’m not a psychic, but there is a full moon in Cancer on your natal 9th house cusp on January 12th. It appears to bring a foreign-related matter to a head. The moon will trine Mars in your solar 9th house (pisces) which is good.

  21. Swarnali Roy says:

    My bithdate is 15th July,1988. From many days I am trying to conceive but due to various problems of my partner we were unable to attempt. When will I successfully conceive?

  22. hi,can u pls shed some light on career matter of cancer 2017.going throgh rough patch due to satun in work sector

  23. Vikram says:

    Hi can pls. can u tell effect of saturn on cancer in next quarter

  24. Vikram says:

    Hi pls pls shedbsome light on career aspect of cancer.youvr aware of issues going on.

  25. Denisha says:

    thank for all the readings I have done. love it

  26. Mace says:

    I’m born July 15, 1975, 11:45 pm in Quezon City Philippines. I’m planning to take a licensure exam this year. When is the auspicious date for this? The following are the schedules: July 18, July 19, or October 25.

  27. P2 says:


  28. P2 says:


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