Taurus Yearly Horoscope 2014

Drawing of mummified bull, drawing from a book...

Drawing of mummified bull, drawing from a book published in 1890. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your namesake is the mighty bull, and you sure seem to be proving your strength and resilience these days! Saturn’s opposition to your sun has been putting the pressure on all things “partner” since October 2012. Some of you are getting serious with partners- perhaps getting married and settling down. Others are trending quite the opposite, and may be breaking up or seriously reevaluating your relationship. Still some might be encountering opposition from a business partner, or finding their obligations to be a little heavy right now.

April born Taurus’s have already seen the fire and emerged from the ashes newly wizened (phew!), but early- to-mid-May babies are in the thick of it right now. Taurus’s born after May 15th will feel Saturn’s pull the most in 2014, but no one should fret! Saturn only shows us what we need to do to be happy, and his transit will leave us all the better in the long run, despite any pressure we feel now. This influence¬†will continue all the way through 2014, before leaving for the next house to punish! And then it will come back for a liiiittle bit in 2015. But then it will be gone for good!

Let’s break it down by month, shall we?

January sees a funky new moon in your 9th house of travel squaring Mars in your house of work and Uranus in your 12th house of secrets. Expect travel, work, or any projects having to do with broadcasting or publishing to be wonky this month- perhaps a co-worker lets a secret slip out that affects your travel plans, or you discover someone at work trying to sabotage you! Alternatively, you may discover a medical or dental issue or get sick while traveling. Get sleep and take care of yourself! I would postpone any operations this month (if you can- don’t postpone anything time sensitive of course!).

February is looking much better, with a new moon in your career house supported by Uranus. You may get a sudden job opportunity or promotion, and this is especially true if you work in a creative field, or a medical or institutional one. Home matters are looking solid too, with the full moon in the sector supported by Mars. You may get a job working from home, or perhaps you’ll begin work in real estate or home construction.

March is also lovely, with the new moon in your 11th house of hopes and dreams trine Jupiter in your third house of communication. You may sign an important contract or begin your dream business. The moon will also conjunct Neptune and sextile Pluto in your travel house, so any plans revolving around travel or the arts will go well. This month also sees a full moon in your 5th house of true love sextile Saturn in your 7th house of partnerships. You may make it official with your sweetie around this time, or perhaps discover you (or your partner) is pregnant! Alternatively, you may take on a creative partnership- perhaps a writing partner, agent, or manager.

March also sees the north node move into Libra and your house of work. You seem to be on fire at the office- tons of meetings, projects, emails- lots going on! The universe wants you to focus on this part of your life until fall of 2015, so keep it up!

April is gonna be rough for everyone. There’s a messy new moon ¬†in your 12th house, and this is an admittedly unpleasant place for it to be. All month, Pluto, the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Uranus, and Jupiter will be squaring each other, and new information regarding a work or travel project may come up. I don’t think you’ll like it. April also brings an eclipse to your work sector, and you may get a new job, leave a current job, lose an assistant or co-worker, or discover a medical issue.

Don’t fret- there’s yet ANOTHER eclipse this month, this time solar, occurring in your own sign which suggests you’re starting a new path or project of some kind. This eclipse will conjunct Mercury, which rules both your income house and your house of children and creativity. You may decide to have a child, begin a creative project, or launch a new source of income. The eclipse will sextile Neptune in your 11th house of hopes and dreams, indicating it’s something you’ve always wanted, and will bring you much joy.

Skipping ahead a few months, July sees Jupiter move out of your 3rd house of communication and contracts, and into your 4th house of home. You may buy a new home, or upgrade an existing one with renovations or decorations. A family member may have happy news as well. In general, you’ll find that you enjoy spending time at home with your family, and perhaps even finding yourself acting a little like Martha Stewart! You may try cooking, sewing, interior decorating…you may really get in touch with your more “feminine” side between now and July 2015!

August may see a bit of a career hiccup, when the full moon in this sector opposes Mercury in your 4th house. Saturn will square the pair from your partnership house, indicating that home and career matters will be at odds.

Luckily, September is beautiful, and Jupiter will dance with Uranus in your 12th, and home matters may be all that you dreamed of!

October 8th sees a gorgeous lunar eclipse that makes a golden triangle with Mars in your house of other people’s money, Jupiter in your house of home, and Uranus in your house of endings. You may sell your house and get a big payout, or perhaps find the money you need to buy the house of you dreams! Later that month, a solar eclipse occurs in your house of partnerships. It will conjunct your ruler, Venus, and sextile Neptune in your house of hopes and dreams. You seem to be beginning a new chapter with a partner, and whatever it is will be steeped in good luck! Even better, Saturn will be leaving this sector on Christmas Eve (alas, he’ll be back soon for a short while). All in all- things are looking up!

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