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Cancer HoroscopeCancer Yearly Horoscope 2016

Summary: Lucky Jupiter transits your communication and commitment sector until September 9th, blessing contracts, writing projects, vehicles, short travel, and siblings. After Sept 9th, Jupiter moves into your home zone, giving you the best aspects for housing and family matters that you’ve had in 12 years! Saturn transits your 6th house of work and health all year, suggesting that things on the job could prove difficult or demanding, or that a latent health problem will arise that you need to handle. Eclipses this year fall in your sectors of travel, commitment, home, family, and money.

Extended Cancer Yearly Horoscope 2016: Get ready for ch-ch-ch-changes this year, as Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune work to upend your status quo in a big way in 2016!

With Jupiter in your communication sector all year, you’ve got the best aspects you’ve had for writing projects, vehicles, siblings and contracts in the past 12 years, and you have this protection all the way until September!

Additionally, this year sees Saturn making his way through your 6th house of work and health, suggesting that your job or health will be on your mind in a big way this year.

Saturn in the 6th could see you get a demanding job or assignment, one that requires a lot of effort and nose-to-the-grindstone mentality. At times, this could feel overwhelming, but if you put in the work now you will be rewarded with an easier time on the job in late 2017.

With Saturn in the 6th, it’s also imperative that you keep a close eye on your health. You are more likely to come down with colds or minor illnesses, and it’s even possible that a latent health problem comes to light. I don’t want to scare you, because most of the time this isn’t the case. However, I do want you to be aware that if something is wrong with your body (or teeth), Saturn will root it out of you at this time and force you to address it. Don’t slack on any doctor or dentist appointments! Prevention is key!

In March, a series of dynamic aspects occurs between Jupiter in your communication sector, Saturn in your work and health zone, and Pluto in your partnership house. With Jupiter reaching out to mighty Pluto, you may be offered a beneficial contract on the job. It’s also possible you make a big commitment in love! Holla! However, Jupiter will also anger Saturn, suggesting that whatever comes up could prove to be a LOT of work, or bring the kind of stress that causes your immune system to go down. If you take on a demanding job, be sure to take care of yourself, work out, sleep and take your vitamins! Hard work is important, but so is your health! This same Jupiter/Saturn clash will occur in May as well.

Adding to all of this activity in March, we have two eclipses! The first, a solar eclipse, occurs on March 8th in your travel and education sector of Pisces! You may decide to travel abroad or apply to a higher education program. It’s also possible you become more spiritual or religious. Things seem to culminate by the corresponding lunar eclipse in this same sector on September 16th.

The second eclipse of March, a lunar one, occurs on March 23rd in your home sector. This one will be nicely angled to Mars in your work and health zone, suggesting that you could relocate for a job or other reason. It’s also possible that you buy or sell a home, or hear big news about a family member. In fact, this is the same sector that will be blessed come September, when lucky Jupiter moves on to your home and family zone!

Fantasy planet Neptune has been in your travel and education sector for a few years now, and in June, Neptune will square Saturn in your work and health zone, an aspect that also occurred in November 2015. It’s possible that you will feel stress on the job at this time, or need to deal with a health concern.

In June, lucky Jupiter conjuncts the North Node- a fortunate aspect that only happens about every 6 years! These two beneficial and happy planets meet in your communication sector! Even better, both of these planets will reach out to Pluto in your partnership zone! You could be offered a beneficial pairing at this time, either in business or in your personal life!

A brand new series of eclipses starts up on the Aquarius/Leo axis in August, with a lunar eclipse occurring in your shared finances zone of Aquarius on August 18th. With Uranus friendly to the eclipse from your 10th house of career, it’s possible you get an impressive job offer or bonus at this time. It’s also possible that your spouse comes into some money.

August 22nd could bring big news related to your job or health, when action planet Mars collides with Saturn in this sector.

September sees yet even more eclipses, with a solar eclipse in your communication house on September 1st. Then, the lunar eclipse in your travel and education sector on September 16th will bring to a head whatever matter was started by the solar eclipse in this same sector in March.

Saturn in your work and health zone will be quite active in September, making angry aspects to both the North Node in your communication zone and Neptune in your travel and education sector. It’s possible you argue with a co-worker or assistant at this time, or see work or illness disrupt a vacation.

The North Node and Neptune will oppose each other in November, meaning that Neptune will actually conjunct the unlucky South Node in your travel and education zone. This is not the best time to go on vacation or apply to school.

Jupiter moves out of your communication zone and into your home sector in mid-September. Between now and September 2017, you will have the best energy for housing and family matters that you’ve had in 12 years! It’s possible that you will even be able to purchase a home or redecorate a current house at this time!  If you’ve been having problems with a family member, this will be the perfect opportunity to smooth things over. The new moon on September 30 in your home zone will be in close aspect with Jupiter and the perfect time to make a move.

The last month of the year, December, is one of the most beautiful of all of 2016! Saturn will finally be blessed with some positive aspects, as he gets a smooch from Uranus and Jupiter in your career and home sectors. You could even get a serious promotion or a better home this month! What a way to end out the year! These three planets will work together throughout 2017 to support your career and housing needs, which should make 2017 a really wonderful year.

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