Aquarius February 2014 Horoscope

aquarius februaryOut with the old, in with the new! The universe is smiling upon you, what with the lovely new moon that just took place in your sign, heralding your own personal new year! The moon is supported by your ruler, Uranus, making it all the more special! Adding to the good news, Venus goes direct on the 1st in your 12th house of secrets and closure. You may have been in your head a bit the past few months, doing some mental work or feeling altogether fuzzy on a love situation. Luckily,  things will be more straightforward now, and you’ll know exactly what to do!

Make sure you seize the first week of February, because unfortunately, on the 6th, Mercury will retrograde in your sign (doh!) and things may get fuzzy again. Mercury rules your sectors of love and finance, so watch these areas of life to see what comes up. You may have to review or re-do financial documents such as a home loan or alimony arrangement. Perhaps you go over your tax documents a little early. Also, don’t be surprised if you hear from an ex out of the blue! The 11th will be a tough day, as the Sun in your sign will square Saturn in your career house. Something may come up in your professional life that discourages you, but you’re probably used to that by know, what with Saturn’s lengthy tour of your career house. Luckily, one of your best Aquarius traits is your resourcefulness and inventiveness, so I know you’ll find a workaround.

The 14th is divine,and wouldn’t you know- that’s Valentine’s day! A full moon occurs in your partnership sector, and it’s well-supported by Mars in your travel sector. This would be a good year to take a trip with your one-and-only- who knows, you might even make it official! Aquarian man? Put a ring on your lady’s finger already! Aquarian woman? Heck, it’s 2014…why don’t you swap gender roles, make like Britney, and put a ring on your man? You are after all, the quirkiest sign of the zodiac, and stranger things have happened. Some Aquarians may break up around this time, a difficult situation for everyone. Rest assured that the Universe is simply looking out for you. Sometimes we stay in mediocre relationships because of fear or uncertainty- that’s when the planets come along and say- ummm…I don’t think so!- and bring these situations to a head. If your union is strong, however, the planets won’t be able to find anything- they will move right along. So trust that everything happens for a reason.

On the 15th, the Sun in your sign will trine Mars, and you may get the itch to travel or take a new class. On the 16th, Mercury will follow, indicating mental work of some kind (reading, writing, study). On the 22nd, you may see a payout, as the Sun conjuncts Neptune in your income house. Wouldn’t that be a fine Valentine’s Day gift?

The 25th will be tough, as Jupiter in your work and health house will square your ruler, Uranus, in your 3rd house of communication. Do not sign a contract or begin a new job on this day, as conditions will not be in your favor. You may fight with a co-worker or sibling, or a writing project may hit a speed bump. Speaking of speed bumps- be careful on the road! The 3rd house also rules cars and transportation, and with this house in poor aspect to your health house, we want to keep you nice and safe! We want you in the very best condition to enjoy all the financial goodies headed your way next month!

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