Sagittarius February 2014 Monthly Horoscope

sagittarius februaryAfter a month that may have been peppered with some unpleasant financial surprises, you’ll be pleased to find that money matters begin to straighten out on February 1st. This is due to Venus returning to direct motion in your income sector. Be sure to take advantage of this time, as unfortunately Mercury will retrograde just 6 days later (on Feb 6) and stay that way until March 1st. Doh! Mercury will first move backwards in your 4th house of home, making matters of this nature fuzzy. Then it will retrograde into your 3rd house of communication. Emails could get lost and miscommunications are likely. Double check your work, make sure your car is tuned up, and if you’re traveling, make sure you have a plan B, as travel plans are likely to get screwed up.

The new moon that took place on the last day of January occurs in this same communications house. It will be friendly to Uranus in your 5th house of love and fun, so you may take a trip with a lover or child, or perhaps begin a creative writing assignment. If any kind of contract comes up, be sure to sign it before Mercury goes retrograde on the 6th (or try to wait until March 1st). Any agreements made during the retrograde will likely have to change in the future, as the conditions would not be what you were hoping for or expecting. This would be a great time to look for a new car if you are in the market, but do not purchase anything during the retrograde.

The 11th may prove to be a harsh day, when the Sun in your communication/transportation sector will square Saturn in your 12th house of closure. Be careful on the road, as you may experience car troubles, such as a flat tire or transmission  issue. Alternatively, you may fight with a sibling or inadvertently reveal a friend’s secret. The 18th has similar aspects, when it will be Mercury’s turn to square Saturn.

The full moon that occurs on Valentine’s Day is just lovely, as it takes place in fellow fire sign, Leo, which blends wonderfully with your sign. Additionally, it occurs in your 9th house of travel, the house that your sign happens to rule! One of your best Sagittarius traits is your adventurous spirit, so why not take some sort of adventure this V day? Grab your date and get out of town! The full moon will sextile Mars in your house of hopes and dreams, indicating an extra special time. Single? The 11th house also rules friendship, a wonderful aspect to plan a group outing. Perhaps a vacation with friends is just what the doctor ordered this Valentine’s day! The moon could also manifest in other way; perhaps you find out you got accepted into the grad school or university you applied to, or a writing assignment comes to fruition!

Changing tracks, the 22nd is a wildcard of a day, as the Sun will conjunct Neptune in Pisces and your 4th house of home. Pisces is square to your sign, so you may feel this more than others, but it’s hard to know whether the news will be positive or negative. I feel it could go either way. Perhaps you get great news- a contractor begins work on your dream house, or you find the home of your dreams. Perhaps your parents call with a happy announcement. Neptune is a magical and dreamy planet- right at home in Pisces!- meaning the news could be out of this world amazing! On the other hand, Neptune is also known to be evasive and foggy- it’s the planet of illusion and it can conceal details. This, coupled with the fact that Pisces is square to your sign, gives me pause. However, you have such beautiful aspects in your home sector next month that I can’t imagine the news would be too bad. You’ll just have to wait and see what pops up!

The 24th may bring good financial news, as Venus in your income sector will sextile Scorpio in your 12th house of closure. Unfortunately, the 25th will be tough, as your ruler, Jupiter, in your 8th house of money, death, and transformation squares Uranus in your love house. You may fight with your love about money, or perhaps a child has a big expense. Perhaps you’re no longer getting the bonus you thought was headed your way. Luckily, good luck Jupiter will remain in this financial sector until July, so I suspect you won’t be down on your financial luck for long!

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