July Horoscope Sagittarius

sag julySummary: Money is front and center this month, and it seems you could be on the receiving end of a nice chunk of change. A child or leisure activity could prove expensive however, so you may end up spending whatever you get! The end of the month turns your focus to travel and higher thinking, as good-luck Jupiter moves into this sector to stay for a full year!

Extended Horoscope: June saw you focused on a close personal or business relationship, and it seems this is still very much on your mind. Luckily on the very first day of the month, Mercury goes direct in this sector, so if you’ve been feeling like you and your boo aren’t on the same page lately, things should begin to straighten out now.

In fact, you may want to plan a fun getaway with your honey for July 4th, as the interplay between Mercury and the North Node will bring fabulous vibes to your relationship! Happy 4th of July, indeed! An even more romantic day is July 6th, when Venus in your partnership house smooches Uranus in your romance sector, setting the stage for your own personal fireworks show!

July 13th may prove to be a day to remember as well, as a long-held dream you share with a partner may come true. Mars will conjunct the North Node in your goals house, and both will reach out to Venus in your partners sector. Whether it’s a personal or business relationship, this match seems made to last.

Backing up a little bit, the new moon on June 27th blew a breath of fresh air into your money sector, and it seems you may have had an influx of funds. Because the moon came arm in arm with Neptune in your home sector, it’s possible you received an inheritance or familial gift, or perhaps made money from the sale of a home (or alternatively put money down on a home!).

Your focus will turn even more closely to your bank account as more planets crowd into Cancer throughout the month. Mercury joins on July 13th, while Venus does so on July 18th. And as I’m sure you remember, Jupiter has been blessing this sector since July 2013!

Cancer and your 8th house rule not only your shared finances, but also death, sex, transformation, surgery and the occult. It’s possible that this month may see you through an important surgery, or you could find yourself more than a little lusty at this time! It’s also possible you are going through some profound personal changes at this point in life (“death” for a certain way of life), which is further indicated by Saturn’s position in your endings house.

Watch July 8th and July 24th as days when money matters (or surgery/sex/transformations) shine, as the Sun and Mercury send beautiful beams to Saturn in your closure sector. More good news may follow on July 19th and  July 24th, when Mercury and then Venus smooch Neptune in your home sector, again indicating that money comes from your family or a housing situation.

Do be careful for some overlapping challenges on these days however, as it’s possible that whatever comes up will affect a leisure activity, creative project, love affair, or child of yours, as the Sun and Mercury irritate Uranus on July 8th and July 24th. While you may get some money, it’s possible you have to turn around and spend it on a child or lover. It’s also possible that your boo or kid needs surgery, although I hope that’s not the case! July 15th and July 18th are two more troublesome days, when the Sun will be angry with planets in your friendship and goals house, indicating that a long-term goal could be more expensive than you anticipated, or that you could argue with a friend over money.

It seems you will be forced to confront your financial situation in a big way this month, as you take a good look at money that you earn and money that you spend. Mighty Pluto has been tearing through your income house since 2008, bringing major ups and downs to your own personal income- that is, money that you earn, not money that is gifted to you or gotten through a partner. Both of these types of money will come sharply into focus this month- and possibly compete against one another- as Pluto faces off against several planets in Cancer throughout the month. You could have a conversation with a partner about who contributes what, or you may find that your income isn’t covering your expenses. Alternatively, you could receive a financial offer that comes with harsh strings attached. You are likely to feel this influence most on July 4th, when the Sun will oppose Pluto; on July 21st, when Mercury will oppose Pluto, and on July 27th, when Venus will oppose Pluto.

Luckily, you may hear fabulous news about your income on July 12th, when a full moon occurs in this sector and comes hand in hand with Saturn in your closure sector. You may receive a nice payout for finishing a project or selling a product, project, or company, or perhaps get a new source of income from a job in a medical or creative field. Even better, a few days later, on July 20th Saturn will go direct in this same sector of endings, and you will be better able to close out this chapter of your life.

Again, it seems a love affair or child issue will be disrupted, as the full moon angers Uranus in in this sector. Uranus will actually turn retrograde (I know- it never ends!) in this same sector of love, children, and creativity on July 21st, so you may review this area of life and make changes.

The crazy, wonderful, big, awesome news this month- heck, this year!- is your ruler, Jupiter’s, move into Leo and your 9th house of travel and education on July 16th. The 9th house rules vision (of the intellectual variety), learning, and higher thinking- hence its association with travel and education- and wouldn’t you know, it’s also the house your sign of Sagittarius happens to rule! You may go on some amazing trips over the next year, begin a graduate program, or perhaps become involved in religion, philosophy, or spirituality in some way. If you work in publishing, broadcasting, or any industry where you use your intellect to reach a broad amount of people, you are also favored.

Watch July 25th as a day when any of these issues could shine, as the Sun will conjunct Jupiter in this same 9th house. Then, on July 26th, a gorgeous new moon appears in Leo that’s hand in hand with Jupiter, setting a wonderful tone for travel, learning, and thinking until Summer 2015! Your eyes may be opened to a whole new way of life over the coming year!

Just be careful, as Mars will square the pair from the cusp of your closure house, indicating that it won’t always be easy sailing. You may encounter challenges to your belief system at this time that could rock you, and it’s possible that travel could come with some difficulties.

Also on July 26th, Mars enters Scorpio and your 12th house of endings and closure, joining our buddy Saturn who’s been there since October 2012. This is not the easiest position for Saturn (or Mars for that matter!) as it seems possible you’ve been wrestling with some personal demons over the past few years- perhaps even dealing with a health issue for yourself or a loved one. It’s possible you’ve had to own up and overcome some toxic habits or people, and you may have even spent some time in a hospital, rehab, or prison (the 12th house rules institutions). Watch August 25th as a day when you could hear sudden news that had been hidden from you, as these two powerful planets collide and one of these demons could rear their ugly heads.

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Sagittarius June Horoscope 2014

sag juneSummary: A month focused on relationships and long-term plans. Mid-month, a goal close to your heart could culminate with the full moon in your sign. Finances are up and down all month, but the new moon at the end of the month could see a home loan or family inheritance pull through.

Extended Horoscope: The new moon on May 28th occurs in Gemini and your 7th house of relationships, indicating new beginnings in this area of life. The moon is reaching out happily to Mars in your sector of long-term goals, suggesting that you may be preparing to take a big new step with a partner- perhaps becoming exclusive, moving in together, or even becoming engaged. It’s also possible that you partner up on a business venture- perhaps something to do with technology, or maybe on an idea you came up with alongside a friend. Whatever comes up seems to disrupt your home life in some way, as the moon is square Neptune in this sector. Perhaps your partner or a job needs you to move against your wishes.

June 5th is an especially good day for relationships, as the Sun in this sector pings Uranus in your love house. If you’re single, this is a great time to go out and try to meet someone, and if you’re already in a relationship, you may feel a breathe of romance injected into your life at this time. You may even discuss having a baby!

The big news for June is Mercury’s retrograde from June 6th to July 1st. Mercury begins in your 8th house of shared resources before moving backward through your relationship house. If you need to discuss financial issues with your boo before taking a big step, this may be the time to do so.

Additionally, it seems something really important to you is coming to fruition on June 12th, when there’s a full moon in your sign. The moon will reach out to the North Node in your long-term goals house, suggesting that whatever comes up will be in place for a very long time. Think back to any beginnings initiated around your birthday, as what was started then may reach a climax now.

While the moon itself is friendly, there is some turbulence in the air going on at this time. Venus will oppose Saturn in your work and closure sectors, indicating that work and health could be areas of stress for you. Be sure to eat your veggies, work out, and wash your hands. Also beware of underhanded co-workers who may try to deceive you. Two days later, on June 14th, Mars will square Pluto in your friendship and income sectors, suggesting that a long-term plan or social engagement could be expensive for you!

Luckily, a day that’s sure to shine for you is June 17th, when Venus reaches out happily to your ruler, Jupiter, in your money house. It’s possible that you get a bonus at this time to save the day- lucky you! This is also a good time to heal an illness, but if you can wait to schedule surgery until after July 1st, that is advisable. We always want to avoid going under the knife when Mercury is retrograde, as Mercury rules doctors. That is unless your doctor says you need the surgery immediately, then please follow his or her orders.

Other good work and health days include June 4th and June 8th– days when Venus will work with Neptune and Pluto to see that you are happy and healthy in your job and paid well for your time.

Some days that are not so good are June 23rd and June 24th. On the 23rd, your ruler, Jupiter, will anger the North Node, and a long-term goal could hit a financing snag. On the 24th, Mars will oppose Uranus in your love and friendship houses, pitting these areas of life against each other. It seems duties and obligations could get in the way of personal plans, or your boo could get jealous of all the time you’re spending with your friends.

On June 21st, your focus turns to financial matters, as the Sun enters Cancer and your 8th house of shared resources. The new moon in this sector occurs on June 27th, and is making beautiful harmony with Neptune in your 4th house of home. It seems you may apply for a home loan at this time, or even put a down payment on a house. It’s also possible that you receive an inheritance or familial cash gift, or recover peacefully from surgery at this time. Watch June 28th as a day when news could come, as the Sun reaches out to Neptune.

Partnership matters continue to get a boost after June 23rd, as Venus makes its way into this sector to inject romance into your love life. Just watch out for June 29th, as Venus angers Neptune, and a home or family issue could cause tension.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope- Week of May 11th

Sunday, May 11th could bring difficulties to home and partnership matters, as Mercury angers Neptune in these sectors for you. You may argue with a partner about a housing or family issue, or perhaps argue with your family about your partner. Adding to your troubles, Venus and Mars will oppose each other from your love and friendship sectors, pitting these two areas of life against each other! It seems you’re so busy with social plans and group collaborations, that your boo just might get a little jealous!

Luckily, Monday, May 12th, should bring some relief, as Mercury in your partnership sector reaches out to Mars in your long-term goals house, turning things around in your favor.

A full moon occurs on Wednesday, May 14th in your closure house, indicating that something is coming to an end. Saturn’s presence to the full moon indicates that it could be a difficult time, but luckily your ruler, Jupiter, will be supporting you from the sidelines. If you are going in for surgery or you’re hospitalized for any reason, Jupiter in your 8th house is one of the very best positions you can have. Unfortunately, this day may surprise you with an expense of some kind, perhaps for a child or lover, as Venus angers Pluto in your income sector.

Luckily, on ThursdayMay 15th, Venus will conjunct Uranus in your romance, fun, and children sector, and the pair will reach out to Mercury in your partnership house. What a day for love! You may meet a special someone out of the blue, get a surprise commitment from an existing love, or even discover a pregnancy! This aspect could also indicate that you partner up on a creative project of some kind.

Friday, May 16th, and Saturday, May 17th see you focused on money and family, as Jupiter in your money sector blows a kiss to healing Chiron in your house of home all weekend long! You may just get a surprise bonus of some kind. Enjoy!

Sagittarius May Horoscope 2014

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Sagittarius May 2014 Horoscope

sag maySummary: A month focused on work, health and money. Mid-month, a chapter of your life may come to an end, and it could feel more serious than it needs to. The end of the month changes focus to your partnerships, and aspects indicate that you may be preparing to make a deeper commitment in love or business.

Extended Horoscope: The solar eclipse on April 28th occurs in your 6th house, suggesting that you are entering a whole new chapter in regards to your job or health routine. The eclipse is conjunct Mercury, ruler of your career, indicating that a new job could come with a better title. It’s also kissing Pluto in your income sector, indicating that a raise may be headed your way! Nice! The eclipse is also reaching out to Neptune in your home sector, indicating that a new position could come with a great relocation opportunity, or perhaps this new job will see you working comfortably from home. If a new job or work assignment isn’t on the table, it could be that you are taking the steps to get in better shape- perhaps joining a gym, starting a diet or fitness routine, or taking steps to heal a malady.

Watch out for May 2nd, as on this day, Mercury in your work and health sector will oppose Saturn in your closure sector. You may argue with a co-worker or encounter a setback on a project or at a new job. Guard your health on this day as well. This aspect will be similar on May 10th, when it will be the Sun’s turn to oppose Saturn. Whatever is building up may come to a head around the full moon on May 14th, which I’ll get to in a minute.

First, I want to tell you that work and money matters are positively starred on May 3rd, when the Sun reaches out to Pluto in your income house. May 5th is another great day for your finances, as the Sun now reaches out to your ruler, Jupiter, in your bonus house! Why not spend your money on your boo this month? Once Venus moves into Aries and your 5th house of love and creativity on May 3rd, romance will be sparkling. If you’re single, treat yourself to a night on the town. You never know who you’ll meet!

A sticky day for love matters will be May 11th. Mercury will fight with Neptune in your partnership and home sectors, indicating that you may argue with your boo about a housing or family issue. On this same day, Venus in your love and fun house will oppose Mars in your long-term goals house, so you may feel as if you’re not on the same page as your one and only. You may even feel that a romance is taking you away from other projects in your life, or perhaps those projects are taking you away from your honey! Luckily, on May 12th, Mercury will reach out to Mars in your 11th house of hopes and dreams, making for a day built for romance and happiness!

Now, let’s get to that full moon I was discussing, which occurs in your 12th house of endings and closure on May 14th and is conjunct Saturn. Saturn is the planet of tests and limitations, and the 12th house is not the easiest placement for him, or for a full moon. Full moons can bring endings, and given that this one occurs in your house of endings, it seems likely that a chapter of your life is coming to an end. Saturn rules your 2nd house, which rules both income and family lineage. Saturn also rules your 3rd house, which manages vehicles, siblings, writing projects, and contracts. It could be that a source of income is ending, or perhaps a family member is moving away. Maybe you even sell a car. Saturn can bring tough lessons, but can also indicate stability and long-lastingness. However, Venus will square Pluto on this day in your love and income sectors, heightening the drama. You are likely to feel this full moon if your birthday is close to December 19th.

The good news is that May 15th looks fabulous. Venus will conjunct Uranus in your love sector, and the pair will reach out to Mercury in your partnership sector. You may make a commitment in love, perhaps even deciding to have a child or discovering a pregnancy. If romance isn’t in the picture, you may take on a creative partner of some kind, like a writing partner or agent. Just watch out that romance or a creative project doesn’t drain your bank account, as May 18th brings an aspect that indicates this is likely (Venus squares your ruler, Jupiter).

On May 19th, Mars finally goes direct after being retrograde in your house of long-term projects and friendships since early March. You may find it easier to move forward with long-term plans, and any friendships that have stalled or hit roadblocks will be easier to resolve at this time. In fact, you may find you have so many social engagements to attend that you don’t know if you can keep up!

May 24th brings a lovely aspect, as your ruler, Jupiter, in your money and transformation house reaches out to Saturn in your closure house. If you experienced any stress as a result of the full moon, you may now find healing.

On May 21st, the Sun moves into Gemini and your house of partnerships, turning your focus to a romantic or business partner. In fact,a new moon occurs in this sector on May 28th, indicating you may be starting a whole new chapter with this person- perhaps becoming engaged or starting a business. The new moon will reach out lovingly to Mars in your long-term goals sector, doubling down on this possibility and giving extra oomph to new initiations. Just keep your eyes open, as the new moon will square Neptune in your home sector, indicating that either your family will disapprove of this development, or perhaps your home life will become disrupted in some way.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 30th

sag mar 30A new moon occurs on Sunday in your 5th house of love, children, and romance, but any information that comes up may not be what you want to hear. This is because Monday, the Sun in this sector will square your ruler, Jupiter,  and you could learn of a large expense that relates to a child or love affair. Alternatively, the sale of a creative project may fall through. Tuesday could bring even more drama, as the Sun conjuncts Uranus on this day. On the one hand, you could find unexpected love, but on the other hand, a lover or child may have an unpleasant surprise for you. You could even discover a pregnancy! Wednesday your income could suffer a blow. This may leave you feeling understandably annoyed by Thursday, but try not to take it out on your partner, as you’ll have the tendency to do so today. Things look up by Friday, when there’s a positive connection between your communication and friendship houses. This is a great weekend to go on a trip with friends- you’re sure to have a fun time. It’s also a fine day to sign a contract. Saturday, Venus enters your home sector, giving you the itch to upgrade your digs. You have the go ahead to renovate, redecorate, and re-arrange, so get to pinteresting some big ideas! If you need to look for a new housing situation altogether, this would be a fine time to start.

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Sagittarius April Horoscope 2014

sag aprilSummary: An unexpected expense may pop up regarding a romance, child, or creative project early in the month. Mid-month, a long-term goal may come to fruition with the lunar eclipse in Libra. The end of the month sees positive beginnings in work and health matters, as a lovely solar eclipse takes place in Taurus. You may even get a raise.

Extended Horoscope: This month holds difficult aspects for all the signs, so you may want to hold on to your hat! Things start out with a chaotic new moon in your 5th house of love and children on March 30th. The new moon will conjunct Uranus, indicating that news may come up out of the blue regarding a romance, child, or creative project. Because the moon will square your ruler, Jupiter, in your 8th house of finances and Pluto in your 2nd house of income, I fear that you may hear some upsetting financial news. This will play out over the last few days of March and first few days of April, as the Sun officially squares Jupiter on March 31st, conjuncts Uranus on April 1st, and squares Pluto on April 2nd.

It seems that a child or love affair may warrant a large expense, or perhaps funding for a creative project falls through. Additionally, any plans which require you to be the “star of the show” will go off the rails, unfortunately, as it seems the universe is pushing you to be “one of the crowd” right now. In fact, there’s a lunar eclipse in Libra and your 11th house of group collaborations on April 15th, that is arm in arm with the lucky North Node in this same sector. Group collaborations are favored now, and a dream close to your heart may come true. Alternatively, you may hear very good news from a friend or mentor in your life.

I feel this will be good news, due to the North Node’s vicinity, however, also during this time, Mercury will be performing the same series of squares that the Sun just did, so it’s likely that it will be hard to enjoy any good news over the sound of Mercury’s wrath. On April 13th, Mercury will square Jupiter (your ruler), on April 14th it will conjunct Uranus and square Pluto, and on April 15th it will oppose the Sun in your 5th house of romance and fun. It seems you’re being pulled between your own creative endeavors and group collaborations. Between fun and duty. Maybe even between romance and friendship. And it seems your finances are tied into all of that as well.

All of this may come to a head on April 21st, when Mars in your 11th house of long-term goals and friendship is pulled into a 4-way square with Jupiter and Pluto in your financial houses and Uranus in your love and children house. Think back to issues that came up in early January 2014, as well as last October. There was similar turbulence in the sky at that time, so whatever comes up now may be related to that, especially if you have a planet or cusp near 13 degrees Capricorn, Libra, Aries, or Cancer. If you don’t know your chart, check it out here. Be sure to take note of your rising sign, as you must always read your horoscope for both your Sun and rising sign!

Moving on to some good news, Venus moves into Pisces and your 4th house of home on April 7th, bringing some good energy to this area of life. Now is a great time to re-decorate, or possibly even renovate or re-paint your home. On April 11th, Venus conjuncts Neptune in this sector, and you may hear good home news regarding a family or housing matter. Even better, April 17th sees Venus trine your ruler, Jupiter, in your house of other people’s money, and you may get approved for a home loan or learn of an inheritance or trust fund in your name. April 24th is another great day, when Venus will then reach out lovingly to Saturn in your 12th house of endings. If you are selling a home or saying goodbye to a family member, it is sure to be a good send off.

Additionally, work matters seem to be looking up, as the Sun moves into your 6th house of work and health on April 20th and conjuncts Mercury on April 24th. If you are presented with a contract for a new job or work assignment, this is a great day to sign! Even better, there’s a gorgeous solar eclipse in this sector on April 28th, that’s conjunct mercury, sextile Neptune in your home sector, and trine Pluto in your income house! You may begin a job or work assignment that nets you a nice salary and also jives with your home needs. Can’t get much better than that!

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 23rd

sag 23Sunday, March 23: The Sun is now lighting up your sector of fun, love, and children, and you may feel extra sparkle in your life at this time. Aries is a fellow fire sign like Sagittarius, so the Sun’s transit here makes your fire burn more brightly. Watch that all this fun and love doesn’t burn a hole in your pocketbook, however, as today the Sun will square the Moon, and you may be discouraged about money matters. It seems that an expense may come up regarding a child or hobby, or perhaps a love affair is costing you a pretty penny (those romantic dinners don’t pay for themselves!). Although this is a passing influence, the planets will brew up more trouble in these sectors by the end of the month,  so pay attention to whatever comes up.

Monday, March 24: Your income and self-worth comes up for inspection today, as the Moon conjuncts Pluto in this sector. You may be in the midst of transforming the way you earn money, and if so, today’s energy gives you the emotional heft to push through any changes. Although money may come and go over the next month, with Jupiter (your ruler) blessing your 8th house of finances until July, you have protection.

Tuesday, March 25th: Today is a fine day for romance, as the Sun in this sector makes sweet harmony with the Moon. If you can get away for the night, you have good energy to take a short trip with a loved one or child. Alternatively, you may use this energy to complete a creative writing project, or make a commitment in love or creativity. At the very least, you’ll find that communications with loved ones go smoothly and your mood will be pleasant.

Wednesday, March 26th: If you need to put the final touches on any kind of housing matter, today is the perfect day to do so, as Mercury in your home sector trines Jupiter in your 8th house of other people’s money. A home loan may come through, or perhaps you sign a lease for a new apartment. You may even learn of a family inheritance or trust fund in your name.

Thursday, March 27th: Money and housing matters continue to be well-starred today, as Mercury in your home sector now reaches out happily to Pluto in your income sector. It seems that income and family are intertwined now, or at the very least they are working in harmony. If you need money for a new housing situation, today may bring good news.

Friday, March 28th: With the Moon conjunct Mercury in your 4th house of home, emotions may run high about a family or housing matter. You may feel a desire to “talk out” any issues with family member, or if you’re re-decorating,  you may find yourself with a ton of ideas about what you want to do. This is a great day to brainstorm, as you could be full of inspiration. Just take care to keep your emotions in check- you don’t want to say anything to a family member that you may regret!

Saturday, March 29th: With Venus in your 3rd house of communications making a fine aspect to Mars in your friendship house, you may find this to be a great day to spend with friends. Alternatively, talks may go well regarding a long-term project or goal, and you may even be presented with a contract. Today would not be a good day to commit to anything, however, as Venus also will square Saturn in your 12th house of closure. Information could come out that upsets you today, or travel could go awry. Tomorrow’s new moon may stir up it’s own trouble as well, so best keep it close to home.

Full Sagittarius March Horoscope

Sagittarius Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 16th

sag mar 16Sunday, March 16: A career matter may come to a head today, and all signs point to good news for you my friend! You may get a new job, a new promotion, or find yourself in the spotlight in some way. The beautiful angle of Saturn ensures that this will be a positive development in your life, and also indicates that the position may be creative in nature. Those who work in a medical or institutional field are also favored.

Monday, March 17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Mercury enters your fourth house of home today, and you may find yourself working from home more for the next few weeks. Alternatively, you may be drawing up plans for a home renovation, or perhaps working on some kind of housing contract. Mercury also reaches out to the North Node in Scorpio and your 12th house of closure, indicating that you may be preparing to sell your home.

Tuesday, March 18: Venus in your 3rd house of communication trines Uranus in your 5th house of love, fun, and children today, indicating a fine time for romance. If you’re able to take a short trip with your beau, you should, but at the very least, make use of this energy and spend the evening chatting over a bottle of wine. You may also hear good news regarding a child or creative project.

Wednesday, March 19:  The Moon in your 12th house of secrets and closure today may see you a little introspective and quiet. This is a good time to work on creative projects and relax. You may hear good news about a financial matter, although aspects also indicate a communication snafu of some kind. Lay low, take a bath, and take care of yourself. Friday the moon will be in your sign, and you can come out of your shell.

Thursday, March 20: The Sun leaves your housing sector and enters your 5th house of romance, creativity, and children, an aspect that is usually met with much joy and fun. While indeed things may go swimmingly for the next week or so, proceed carefully, as the end of the month brings turbulence to this area. Something unexpected may pop up with your finances that throws leisure plans for a loop. Don’t commit yourself to any unnecessary expenses at this time.

Friday, March 21: Mercury conjuncts Neptune in your home house today, which could bring confusion to a housing contract. If you’re supposed to sign a lease on the dotted line today, I would hold off. March 26th is a much safer bet. If you’re buying a piece of art or working on a creative project from home however, today may bring good news.

Saturday, March 22: The North Node enters Libra and your 11th house of friendship today, and between now and October 2015, the Universe will push you to be a team player. Group collaborations are favored for you at this time, so if you’re usually angling for attention or trying to be the star of the show, you may experience setbacks.  To read more about north node astrology, check out Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul.

 Full Sagittarius March Horoscope

Sagittarius Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 9th-15th

sag march 9Sunday, March 9th: If a health issue came up recently, don’t ignore it. With Saturn retrograde in your 12th house, you may need to do some work to get yourself healthy again. This is a good time to go see your doctors, eat clean, and try to rid yourself of any unhealthy habits.

Monday, March 10th: Mercury in your communication house squares Saturn in your secrets house today, indicating that you may inadvertently reveal a secret, or perhaps an upsetting piece of information comes to light. Try to keep your tongue in check today, and be careful on the road, as this aspect could also indicate problems with transportation.

Tuesday, March 11th: The moon spends the day in your 8th house of money, death, and taxes, causing you to feel more introspective today. With the moon conjuncting Jupiter and then reaching out to your home house, you may hear good news about a home loan or inheritance. You may still need to sort out the details about a romantic or child situation however, and that appears to be nagging at you.

Wednesday, March 12th: With Saturn retrograde in your 12th house, you may be thinking about a toxic situation in your life and trying to figure out how to get out of it. It seems a a project, job, or relationship is causing you mental strife. Saturn will not return to direct motion until July 20th, so use the next few months to determine the best way to move forward, up and out of this situation. You may eventually decide to cut out this person or situation, effectively ending a chapter of your life.

Thursday, March 13th: The Sun in your house of home reaches out to Saturn in your 12th house, indicating good news when it comes to a housing or family matter. You may be preparing to move, and if so, you seem ready to say goodbye to your old place.

Friday, March 14th: Mercury in your communication house trines Mars in your friendship house, indicating that a fun trip with friends could be just what the doctor ordered this weekend. If you’re a writer, use this aspect to put pen to paper, as you may find yourself full of ideas and motivation. If you’re not a writer, this is a great day to catch up with some old friends by email or phone.

Saturday, March 15th: After a busy few months of putting the pieces together on a long-term dream, it seems the pace has stalled a little. This is due to Mars’ retrograde in your 11th house of friendship and dreams. Take advantage of the slowdown to fine tune the building blocks of your goals and make sure whatever you’re building has a strong foundation.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscopes- Week of March 2, 2014

sag march 2Sunday 3/2– You may hear jarring financial news that throws you for a loop. Curb your socializing so you can pad that bank account and save some cash.

Monday 3/3– If you’re selling or buying a house, today might be the day you get or make an offer. Alternatively, a work-from-home opportunity may appear.

Tuesday 3/4–  Healing Chiron conjuncts the Sun in your family sector, smoothing over any difficulties you may have had in this area lately. Take a moment to give thanks for your familial blessings.

Wednesday 3/5– Home and work needs are in alignment today. Why not take advantage of the energy and work from home?

Thursday 3/6–  Jupiter goes direct in your joint money house, and you may hear good financial news surrounding stocks, loans, or inheritances.

Friday 3/7– Venus enters your 3rd house. This is a great time to take a short trip out of town with your love or purchase a new vehicle. You may meet a potential love interest at the supermarket or post office, so be sure to look your best!

Saturday 3/8– If you’re a writer, use the energy of Mercury traversing your 3rd house and put pen to paper. If you’re not a writer per se, this is a good time to catch up on emails or other correspondence.

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